Bad behavior of Samsung Series 5 5600?


I bought a new Samsung LED Smart TV Series 5 5600(UA40ES5600) last week. Unpacked it today and powered up.

The problem is, the screen goes blank after about 10 or 15 seconds of turning on. I can hear the sound, I can change the channel, I can do everything, everything is operational but the screen is blank. After turning off and on again the screen comes up, and then after the same interval(probably 10 to 15 seconds) the screen turns itself off.

Here's the sequence, power on, 10 to 15 seconds pass, screen goes blank or off. Power off, power on, 10 to 15 seconds, screen goes blank/off.

Note that everything is functional when the screen goes off and stays blank, I can change the channel, I can increase/decrease the volume, I can go to the menu and move around but the screen remains blank/off until I power off and on again. Its like the free-listen mode where the screen remains off but you hear the sound, but in this case its happening automatically and there is no free-listen function/button on the remote control and it is happening automatically.

This is really frustrating. I turned off every timer(Sleep, power saving,protection etc).. but still the problem continues. I did a factory reset as well but the problem still persists. I even unplugged everything and kept it like that for 30 seconds and then on again but still the problem persists.

I wonder if there is some hidden timer that is triggering this. The manual says that there is a setting that turns off the screen to save power keeping everything else functional and will turn the display back on again if I press any button except the volume button but pressing every button the remote controller has doesn't bring the screen back on when it goes dead. The TV itself takes about 3 to 4 seconds to go from the samsung logo to working condition and the menu takes some more seconds to navigate so I am running out of time before I get to change or checkout the eco settings that might be causing this.

I am out of my wits and I just want to know if there is anything else I can do before I go call samsung(which I don't want because we have a very bad reputation here that they will replace the whole motherboard or power board even if its not required and I brought back the TV from my vacation to UA so taking it back there is like paying for a brand new one.)


Tech spec:

Samsung LED Smart TV
Series 5 5600

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Reporting: Bad behavior of Samsung Series 5 5600?
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Shipping and such can cause issues.
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New discovery

Thanks for your reply. The video was funny but it was not my case.

I gave a through check and there were no scratches or dents on both the box and the TV itself.

I also discovered this morning when the day got a bit cloudy and I was listening to music with my screen being
blank as usual. But when the light level outside got low I was surprised to notice that the display was on!

When the light level is low(fairly dark) in the room I can see people moving in the display.
I covered the display and found that indeed the display was on but the brightness or backlight
despite being set to 15 each, was extremely dark. So the case stands this, the display is on but either
the backlight auto turns-off itself or the brightness is plunging to extremely low value(near off) for some unknown reason.

I also found that when I press the "info" button there is somekind of dial showing a charging battery with 2/3rd the dial labelled "LED" being green and rest labelled "Conventional TV" being dark brown. If I leave the TV plugged in but off then battery seems to fill up and the pointer rises and moves more towards the "Conventional TV" label.
What battery is this, is beyond me since the TV is plugged directly into the wall socket.

Anyways I'll try doing a firmware update and see what happens, a friend of mine suggested that his TV(another samsung) had an issue of auto powering itself off at random times which got solved once he updated the firmware.

Lets hope for the best..
Thanks again. Happy

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