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Backlight / Inverter Issues

by Kastytis1 / September 16, 2009 3:40 PM PDT

I've got an LN-T4065F that's approximately 2 years old and appears to be suffering from (hopefully) a failed backlight inverter board or (less hopefully) failed backlight. The symptom is the same as many others I've read in this forum: audio and no picture (under any circumstances, no menu, nothing). Picture can be seen somewhat if artificially lit using strong flashlight.

I've started this thread as it seems an inordinate number of people experience this problem with their very new Samsung televisions. These are expensive purchases and I have an expectation for much better reliability than this. This is the first television I've ever purchased that has required repair after such a short lifespan (far and away).

Can anyone comment if this is simply normal for LED TV's? If you've experienced this problem what was the resolution (especially if out of warranty)? What was the cost?

Has anyone repaired this themselves? Do you have any tips regarding replacement of the inverter board (anyone have a step-by-step posted). I've not been able to find answers to these types of questions doing some obvious Google searches (if I've missed something, please let me know).

I've contacted Samsung and been provided a claim # and told the issue will be investigated and perhaps I'll receive a more favorable repair cost (I think this is what was being offered). I was told to expect a call in 2-3 days. It appears I will have to re-initiate contact myself, as this is now the 4th day.

Samsung, if you're listening I'm still very much inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt in supporting your product and customer and I'll very happily post my positive experiences here and give praise where due. However, if this ends poorly for me (i.e. expensive repair), I'll certainly take an opportunity to inform the public of my experiences which don't at all appear to be an isolated incident.

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Backlight / Inverter Issues
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / September 17, 2009 12:49 AM PDT


I'm sorry to hear about this.

What's your claim number? I'll see what I can do to assist. Unfortunately, since I'm not a member of the service department, I can't suggest or promise anything, but I'll be happy to see what can be done.


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by Kastytis1 / September 21, 2009 6:36 AM PDT

Thanks Anthony. Claim is 3000533796. I appreciate anything you can do to help me resolve this.

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by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / September 25, 2009 9:28 AM PDT
In reply to: Appreciated


No worries, have sent in another request this evening.


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Customer Service
by Kastytis1 / September 28, 2009 9:23 AM PDT
In reply to: Appreciated

Thanks again Anthony. I do appreciate your offer of assistance, but honestly your company's customer service department is working massively against you. I can't understand their logic. They've made a bad situation worse by stringing me along for no apparent reason.

Please consider this as customer service feedback. I see by your posts that you're doing a great job trying to help your company's customers. It's a shame the rest of customer service is ruining it for you.

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Samsung contact #2
by Kastytis1 / September 18, 2009 7:39 AM PDT

I've called Samsung back and had the issue escalated (I guess) to the Executive Customer Relations department. They requested a purchase receipt which I immediately emailed. The rep went away for a few minutes to get the email but came back and apologized the she was unable to receive email on her side. She told me she'd call back after getting the email. Stay tuned...

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Please resend email
by henballs / September 18, 2009 8:07 AM PDT
In reply to: Samsung contact #2

Days later, oh I still didn't get the email, please resend.

Hopefully they won't string you along for that long. They know there are tons of people with the same issue and trying to figure out how they will minimize their cost! Best of luck to you.

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have a look at your power supply board...
by gonefishin09 / September 18, 2009 1:13 PM PDT

I had very similar symptoms to yours, and also originally thought it was likely a failed inverter board, but it turned out to be bad capacitors on the power supply board (which apparently is a widespread issue affecting many models of Samsung TV. You can find lots of info if you search for "Samsung capacitors") I managed to fix mine for about $10. see my play by play here:

So I'd suggest you grab your Philips screwdriver and take the back off the set, and have a look at the power supply to see if you might be able to fix your problem at low cost.

To remove back, I put the TV face down on a blanket then removed all screws around the perimeter of the case, and one screw next to the AV connections, then lifted the back of the case straight up. I think you can remove the back of the case without laying it down if it is on it's stand, but mine was hanging on the wall w/o stand so that wasn't an option. Then there is another metal mesh cover that has to come off to see the power supply board and check out the capacitors. Definitely worth the time to have a look yourself if only to help diagnose the problem. If it IS the capacitors, you could fix it yourself, or take just the power supply board to any electronics repair place for a quick and low cost fix vs. getting a Samsung tech to visit your house.

One post I found useful with photos and good description is here:

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Samsung "Executive Customer Relations" is a is...
by Joetorious / September 21, 2009 6:05 AM PDT

...Case Management.

I called Samsung's ECR dept last Tuesday and submitted my purchase receipt at the same time. Still no call. Very inept customer service.

I almost hate watching NFL football because I have to see a sickening Samsung TV every commercial break.

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by Kastytis1 / September 21, 2009 6:34 AM PDT

Many thanks for this input! I'll have a look at things as suggested and post my findings.

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Samsung Executive Customer Relations Dead End
by Kastytis1 / September 28, 2009 9:14 AM PDT

I finally got around to calling back "Executive Customer Relations" (the last call left things with my having sent my purchase receipt and the rep being unable to get their email). After getting to a rep it was necessary to catch them up on where things stood (always a very bad sign when the customer has to drive the call). I was put on hold for a while, the receipt email was apparently found, and I was informed that after reviewing the receipt Samsung would not be able to help.


I explained that I'm only pursuing this (and spending my valuable time) based on Samsung's previous statements about providing me subsidized repair costs (or something???). I've provided the purchase date (and the fact the 1 year warranty is ended) since the first 5 minutes of the first call. So rather than just having an unhappy customer, Samsung has no succeeded in massively wasting my time by stringing me along with phone calls and jumping through hoops (ie sending my receipt). Did they need my receipt to ensure that I wasn't mistaken and actually was under warranty???? Amazing...

I'll now try to repair myself if it can be done for a reasonable cost. If it's too much, I'll simply replace with a different brand. Just the hassle of all of this is worth something and I'm completely over Samsung. Both products and company. I'll waive anyone else off at least their televisions if I'm ever able.

I'll post the details of what failed and the repair in case it helps someone else.

My guess is that capacitors have failed as several others have found. This would fit the symptoms and the summer humidity would correlate with the suspected cause of the capacitor failures. (However, if this product can't handle southern Cal humidity, everyone's screwed!)

Think I'll go post a negative Amazon review now...!!!

@Joetorious: You're very right, Samsung customer service is inept!

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Class action lawsuit?
by henballs / September 28, 2009 10:59 AM PDT

Does anybody knows what it takes to start a class action lawsuit? This is ridiculous for all of their tv sets to break down around the 2 year mark. And the consumer should not be responsible for buying and replacing one of their defective boards, even if it is out of the one year warranty. They must know that they are using defective parts and their customer service should not strings people along in hopes of us giving up on the issue.

Sign me up for the class action lawsuit and hopefully this will get their attention.

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Class Acrion Law Suit
by waldwolf / October 18, 2009 10:29 AM PDT
In reply to: Class action lawsuit?

First, a law suit has to be filed by one or more parties. The definition of a class action law suit is basically:

" A class action suit may occur when many different people combine their similar complaints. This saves court time and allows a single judge to hear all the concerns at the same time, and come to one settlement for all parties. If the court agrees to certify the complaints as a class action, all class members should have equal say and rights to any monies or remedies ordered by the court."


If you (and or other product owners) can prove that a component of a product (ie: a power supply) is defective, and the manufacturer has been made aware of said defect, but the manufacturer has made little or no attempt to correct the design of the offending component(s), then there is a very good liklehood the court would find in favor of the plaintiff(s).

(Courts in general look very poorly upon companies who DO NOT make any reasionable attenpt to fix a problem or hazard that will harm or adversely effects their customer(s).)

Suggest you check out the folloing:

Read "Samsung" on Pg.2 of following:

Go to/read following website:

File a complaint here:

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I don't know but i do know they were sued and lost
by parkand34th / May 1, 2013 1:15 PM PDT
In reply to: Class action lawsuit?

it had to do with faulty capacitors.... several models were fitted with faulty capacitors which melted and bursts, causing bad power boards..

they refunded me $400 dollars for service i had to have done..

look it up... maybe your model is in there

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I'm only slightly less displeased as you
by Joetorious / September 29, 2009 11:05 AM PDT

I called ECS/R and they referred me to Case Management. After Case Management failed to call within the promised time frame, I called ECS/R again. Finally, I was able to speak with someone willing work with a customer (though in a limited capacity).

I was given a choice between an extended warranty on parts or labor. The diagnosis (which cost $100) was that the LCD control board had gone bad. The repairman said he had seen and fixed the problem before. Sure enough, that turned out to be the culprit and the TV - for now - is working properly.

In the end, it cost me ~ $240 ($100 diagnostic and $136 for the new LCD control board). Samsung footed the bill for the additional service charge ($150). The last Samsung rep with whom I spoke (not the one that actually had a brain) tried to position the offer to cover labor as though I was "lucky" that they'd go out of the way to be so benevolent. Somehow I don't feel lucky in that regard.

Anyway, good luck. At the very least Samsung should offer to take care of the part(s) or labor. You just have to be persistent and "lucky" enough to catch the right ECS/R rep.

@henballs Let me know if you ever pursue that CA LS. I'll gladly join in.

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Samsung lnt4661xf piece of junk!
by lallbritten / October 18, 2009 3:54 AM PDT

Just wondering if the capacitors were the problem. I have a Samsung lnt4661fx that has the problem of sound, but no picture. It first happened at 10 months old, but it came back on after I unhooked everything and then reconnected it. The problem did not reoccur until the tv was 20 months old. It came back on after leaving it unplugged for about 4 hours. It worked 3 months and then again it happened, worked 2 weeks and again it happened, and then 1 week. I can not get it to come back on. Of course, if I had realized it was broke the first time and did not think it was just my cable, it would have been under warranty, but now TV is nearly 2 years old and out of warranty. I push the button and it chimes as if it is going to come on. The screen lights up, then gets a little dimmer and then goes black. I hear sound perfectly and can change channels etc. no problem. The blue source also does not show in the upper left hand corner. Just wondering if you were able to fix your TV and how expensive it was. I have been researching new TVs and see that other companies have this same problem. Can't believe that our 27 inch crt in garage is nearing the 20 year mark and we have never had any problems with that.

Thanks for any help you are able to provide

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More Backlight/Inverter Issues
by mattexas / February 17, 2010 5:29 AM PST

I also have a LN-T4065F, purchased Sep 2007. When I turned it on yesterday morning, I had several sets of dark bands on the screen - not single lines and not just a single band but 2 to 4 sets of overlapping bands from top to bottom and all the way across the screen. After 2-4 minutes, I heard a "pop" (like when one gets a static shock) and the bands were gone - picture back to its greatlooking self. I tested my analog set, to see if this was a comcast cable problem or something else. Did not see this on the other set. When I got home from work, I turned on samsung to see if the morning was just a glitch or something else. Bands were back - same thing, after a few minutes bands disappear and picture is normal. Picture is visible even when bands are present. Set is out of manufacturer's warranty but I have extended thru retailer. Called and set appointment for mid next week. Then started to poke around trying to find out something about what could be wrong. I do not have buzz or hum sounds, or cases of the set turning itself on or off or having audio and no video. I only suspect it to be a backlight issue because I found an example of what Samsung says the screen looks like if you have a backlight failure - and the picture is still there but the bands run across some portion of the screen. One thing I have noticed the last few days - is resolution does not seem to hold smooth when viewing very fast action events (Olympic downhill). Did not notice this for SuperBowl action shots.

Does anyone think me on the right track or is my problem something else? Thanks for any input.

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More Backlight/Inverter Issues
by Sidney_s / February 28, 2010 1:12 AM PST


Could ypu please share what was the solution in your case.

I have a different problem but suspect that it has the same culprit as yours have (I suspect this is the T-con board failure.

Thanks a lot.

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More Backlight/Inverter Issues
by mattexas / February 28, 2010 10:33 PM PST

Well - not sure the problem has been solved, but had the GEEK Squad out last week and had them replace all capacitors (the 10's - 3 of the 4 were starting to expand). They were replaced with 25's. Could not get the tv to perform its malady when service tech was there - BUT had the same issue twice again after capacitors changed - very next power on and the one after that - then not again since. So we shall see. Tell me, what is the T-Con board? BTW - I gave wrong model - I am not T4065, but T4071 (1st generation 120/25,000:1).

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More Backlight/Inverter Issues
by Sidney_s / March 1, 2010 3:06 AM PST


That's unfortunate, it looks like you have another problem.

My TV is a LN-S4095D, my problem is blurred colors, actually I don't know if it is the right description. An example is like in a cloud you have a stain like redish or pinkish color over the withe, or any solid color stained with other color over.

The T-con board or LCD control board, is the board located on top center on the back of the panel and I quoted the T-con board because I read here in a thread that for a similar problem (not exactly the same)and the solution was to exchange this board.

I am not a TV tech, thus I don't know what this board does, but I guess it converts the digital signals from the Main Processor board in electrical comand on the pixels array to generate the image.

Let me know how it goes with yours please, I still didn't decide if I will try to fix this.

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by mattexas / March 19, 2010 3:52 AM PDT

Heard from the Geek Squad again. They went to Samsung tech when the capacitor replacement didn't solve the problem. They are coming next week to replace the "panel". That would be the board everything is run from. I was told Samsung says this is the best remedy for the problem. We will see and I will follow up after their visit.

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TV turning off and back on by itself
by dholmes10 / March 25, 2010 1:10 PM PDT

Does anyone know if this would be caused by a bad panel? I got Samsung to extend the warranty by 6 months for my two year old 40". The shop said that the panel was going bad and needed replacing. I never had any problems with the screen (no lines or bands). I'm suspecting since Samsung is paying for the repair, the service shop went ahead and replaced a more expensive part to recoup their on-site costs (they came out two times).

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More Backlight/Inverter Issues
by mattexas / April 26, 2010 5:45 AM PDT

And so the saga continues... For anyone interested in following my issue - with the bands across my screen, etc - the Geek Squad did return after replacing the capacitors to replace the panel. I thought this was the control panel - it was in fact the screen itself. This did not remedy the situtation. They came out for a 3rd time and replaced the main board - that other one - not the one with the capacitors on it. The Tech said they see this alot (not just on Samsungs but ALL the flat panels) and thinks it is due to poor quality on the solder joints on the boards themselves. Longer story short - the TV is still doing the same thing - So they were never able to solve the problem. I have an extended warranty which includes a "no lemon" clause - if they can't fix it in 3 tries, they give up. So the next step is for me to go into the store and pick out a new comparable Samsung. If I can find any additional info out, I will certainly pass it along.

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HDTV LN-T4069F - have Audio but no picture
by Rayzelcg / July 16, 2010 11:25 AM PDT

Your not alone! I thought Samsung was a good HDTV but I was wrong. I bought my HDTV LN-T4069F last June of 2008 and now its already broken! I was so very disappointed! Bought the HDTV for $1,700 and now my I got robbed by Samsung! I also use the TV in a very limited time because my babying it. I rather buy a new HDTV than repairing it because it cost to much $300! I'm thinking to switch to Sony again. If Samsung can repair my HDTV for free. I will be happy to give them another chance.

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Sorry to say, your issues are not Samsung related;

Or restricted to Samsung perhaps I should say.

As someone who has worked in the computer industry since 1997, and seen the rise and existence of LCD screens since their beginning; I can tell you that the three issues mentioned here are common in ALL LCD SCREENS. No matter make, model or device. Failing capacitors, backlights and inverter boards are common in everything from smartphones to laptops, LCD computer monitors and TV's. The parts are made cheaply to keep the cost down to what consumers want to pay in the units, and the parts have a high fail rate. Understand the technology you buy folks. Don't point fingers for things that aren't relevant. Samsung's failure to provide good repair/replacement - that you can be mad at them for..

However those issues have the same chance of occurring no matter what the brand name on your LCD screen. Keep that in mind.

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Most all the issues ae Samsung related from my point of view
by Navalretguy / February 2, 2013 11:06 AM PST

My 3 year old LN40A650 Samsung is doing the same as all the Samsung LCD TV's that fade on one side.

1. Korean made TV.
2. LCD panel delaminates on one side due to age causing less light to pass through the liquid crystals.
3. By holding the top right or which ever side is dimming, press the corner of the screen and the picture will return to normal. What you are doing is causing the diodes to fire by making good contact. on the edge of the screen.
4. Fix? Keep pressing the corner of the screen and when you are fed up, buy a new TV.

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Backlight system failed after less than 3 years Samsung 46"
by smartoldman / November 17, 2016 9:50 PM PST

I've gotten the same runaround from Samsung. They deserve to be sued by class action for their failed designs and lack of backup. I could have written the above analysis -- got the same, call you in two days, that was 3 weeks ago. They have no intent of doing anything to back up their products. Their cellphones burn up, the replacements burn up, their washing machines fail miserably, and their TV's are poorly designed and fail way too soon. I intend to do every thing I can to stop people from buying their miserably designed products.


For your information, only one LED light is out, out of about 60 across the set, but if one goes out, your set is kaput, because you no longer have a picture! The sets could be designed so when a light goes out, all the rest continue to burn, and your set still works!

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