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Back up those windows drivers

Nov 30, 2005 1:11AM PST

No matter what version windows you have....

I have had this program downloaded but never installed for quite a long time already....I asked a friend of mine the other day to use the program to back up her computer drivers using it so we could determine how exactly it works, and if the results were what I hoped for, she could then burn the folder to a cd. The reason I had her do this was because she had put in a new harddrive that I had already installed windows to for her on my system, which meant that it was configured for my own hardware and not hers by the time she got the drive in the mail from me, and once installed, no amount of playing with the drivers including new downloads would work. So I had her hook up her still available old drive, run this program and burn the files to a cd so once the new drive was hooked back up again, those drivers could be used since they worked fine on the old drive.

I was massively impressed with the outcome and saw the real potential for having all working drivers available for any new installations for anybody in that kind of situation of having to format the drive and starting over.

The program lets you either use the default location for the folder, or you can choose your own folder on another partition as I did. You click the 'look for ALL drivers' which will include any non-MS types, a list pops up in the window, you click Select All Drivers, and then click Back Up Drivers. It takes all of about five seconds flat. Now open the folder where you saved the drivers and amazingly every single set of drivers (.vxd, .dll, .exe everything) is now in individual SUBFOLDERS for each driver it located and saved...and the subfolders have the realtime name of the device including model numbers if appropriate. And it includes your dial up configuration.

I can't say enough about this simple program....other than WOW.......Her system is a W98SE so I just tested it on my XP-SP2 system and it slammed right in without a hitch.

Now.....the version I have is an older, free type that has now been taken off the internet shelves so to speak because it's now being maintained by another author and you can only get a trial version of it...but the cost for that particular pay-for version has a few key items for only $20 that will make it worth the purchase, in that it has internet ability to check for and download NEWER driver versions that the free older version can't do.

The pay-for version is here (which I'll be getting myself...and I don't impress easily):

The old free one is available at my site here:

It's listed as WinDrivers Backup PE

I know that I'll be using this program from a keychain harddrive on every computer I have to repair, upgrade, or build.....what a life-saver not to mention the time involved with having to search for and download and then install with fingers crossed that you got the right set of drivers each time.


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Verry Helpful!
Nov 30, 2005 1:39AM PST

Thanks a lot for sharing, Toni.

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does this one backup "Raid" controller as well?
Nov 30, 2005 1:47AM PST

Just the quick question as I list above.

Thanx in advance.


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Yes...I also have RAID and SATA controllers
Nov 30, 2005 2:02AM PST

installed as I have four harddrives and two cdrom devices (both burners)....and it brought it everything for those as well.

Like I said, I don't impress easily, but this was a walk in the park in less than 5 seconds flat and now the whole folder can be burned to a cd in case I have to replace a driver or decide to format the drive and not have to locate and download the drivers that are actually working right for me. AND if I DO decide to upgrade/update drivers that turn out not to work like what happened recently with the newer Nvidia drivers, I have the ability to roll back immediately.



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(NT) (NT) Thanx, will try it out
Nov 30, 2005 6:00AM PST
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At last
Nov 30, 2005 7:06AM PST

I downloaded the trial (free) program from your site Toni.

What I like about it is that, "at last", I can now identify all the drivers on my system. I hate updating drivers, and don't do it. I find the process confusing and frustrating because its so difficult to know which ones to update and whether the new ones are going to work or not.

With this program I now have an itemised list in separate folders for each bit of hardware/software that needs drivers.

Not the whole soultion I know, but at least I now have a recognisable list backed up into one place.

Many thanks, a very useful utility.


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The one from my site isn't a trial
Nov 30, 2005 11:08AM PST's the older version that doesn't look for the updates on the net, but the other link to the new site that is keeping the program maintained (and renamed it) has networking abilities so not only does it update the drivers for you from the net, but you can also use it to back up drivers from other computers you have connected on your own network. For only $20, it's well worth the cost, I think.

Now...if there was only another program like the one cnet used to have that also looked for updates for programs we have.........Go!Zilla does it, but it includes that crappy Radiant/Areal spyware, even the retail version that I've got.


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Automatically Update Drivers
Dec 6, 2005 4:11PM PST

Do you mean the old site "Oil Change"? That was an awesome site. It scanned your HD and reviewed every application you had including games, then gave you a list of which ones had more recent patches or fixes and then could usually install them automatically or tell you how to do them yourself.
Every X-mas, they provided free access to getting your drivers updated too. I miss that system.

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That program
Dec 6, 2005 8:38PM PST

I found kind of confusing (I was a real newbie when I found it and then it was gone shortly after that anyhow). CNET used to have its own called CATCHUP and that's the one I used for years until it abruptly closed down as well (I think so many members of ZDNET and CNET were accessing it that it ate up server resources).

Then I discovered that the download accelerator Go!Zilla actually used "Zilla" and would track your downloads that were left in its database at all times unless you deleted them. Not only were you able to open up the database to get a file downloaded again from the same place it came from before in case you deleted yours or it got corrupt, but Zilla would also check for any updates to whatever you used its program for regarding downloads. If you downloaded and you opened Go-Zilla it hunted down any updates for it since the last time you downloaded it and would pop up a screen and ask if you wanted to get the update, keep monitoring, or stop monitoring it. Ones you didn't use anymore, you could just remove from the database so it didn't look for those anymore. It was and still is a really great program for that kind of thing, if ONLY it didn't come with the 'tracking' program called Areal or something like that....but if it DIDN'T come with it, it wouldn't be able to track down the updates (but it also tracked your surfing habits). The retail version that I bought didn't include the ads that you got with the free version, but it still included the Areal program and Ad-Aware and the rest of the spyware programs would nail it every time and want to remove it, which disabled Go!Zilla.

The other download accelerators I've tried over time just wouldn't let you re-download the same file if it was already listed in your database. You had to remove it from the list and then hunt on the net to get it again, which to me was ridiculous since most times you aren't going to remember where you got it from in the first place. Go!Zilla would just whisk you right to the first site if you clicked the file name from the database list of ones it downloaded before for you and grab the file again. A real time saver.

I've rambled into another direction......sorry. LOL


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(NT) (NT) Many thanks Toni, for your assistance and good advice!!
Nov 30, 2005 8:00AM PST
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(NT) (NT) My Thanks Toni, much needed utility, Bill
Nov 30, 2005 8:45PM PST
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Drivers backup software
Dec 1, 2005 10:54PM PST

I had a good experience with software named Driver Genius Pro. I can backup all/selected drivers to used selected destination and gives an option to verify the backup, create zip file or self extractable archive, specify degree of backup compression.

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It wont install for me
Dec 2, 2005 3:34PM PST

When I click on wdrvbck1.exe I get "error extracting
support files-access is denied".

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The account you've logged in with
Dec 2, 2005 9:27PM PST

on your computer appears to not have Administrative rights (permission) to install programs....

So tell us more about your computer and the setup. Did you create a special account for family members in order to prevent them from installing stuff without your permission and forgot to log off that account? Are you on a networked computer either at home or at work and need permission from the Administrator account or a company tech?


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It does install
Dec 2, 2005 11:10PM PST

Just rebooted the computer and it installed OK.
Thanks for the program.

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admin rights
Dec 4, 2005 1:16AM PST

Thank you for the driver backup info, Would you please go into more depth about home networks and admin rights? Sometimes I run into this problem, and don't know exactly how to cure it. Still new to home, networking, but would appreciate any info you have, on this subject. My network consists of 3 computers, Operating systems, of wk2ooo pro, xp home, xp pro, hooked to a belkin wireless pre-n router. At the time of router hook up I use xp home as Host.

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If other people use your networked computers
Dec 4, 2005 1:47AM PST

and you want to make sure they aren't allowed to install programs without your permission/knowledge, you can create new accounts for them...or alter their accounts to have limited access. Then on those systems, you can hide the ADMINISTRATOR account completely so they can't change those settings either.

Look in the Help file for PERMISSIONS and you'll find lots of info about how to do it. It will also affect the Registry so if they try to change settings, they won't get access to that either.

I'm the only user on my system, but I went to change one of the Registry settings a few weeks ago, and when I clicked to Modify something, I got a window saying I didn't have access/permission. Couldn't figure that one out for a little while, until I realized I had to then right click the folder that entry was in and give myself permission to do it. LOL

Fortunately my logon name/account has Admin rights so I didn't have to reboot to the Admin account to make the change, but it was surprising to me that even though I had Admin Rights for that account, it still wouldn't let me in without a struggle. heheheh


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problem solved
Dec 6, 2005 2:44AM PST

Yes, that was the problem I was having with my network. It's funny what a simple right click can do. Ha Thank you for your input it has helped me tremendously! I too, was the only admin and user that's why I found it very confusing that I had to give myself permission.

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It does ALL drivers questions needed...
Dec 3, 2005 10:02PM PST

Simple and quick to use...totally trustworthy.

Toni it's a godsend....

Thank God!!!

I back this up 110%....excuse the pun!!

You just HAVE to use it!!!!

Mad NOT to!!!!

OK enough already, Wink
Hi Toni...

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(NT) (NT) bump
Sep 17, 2006 11:36PM PDT
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Thanks for sharing info
Sep 21, 2006 12:18AM PDT

Brilliant find,This will save so much time on reinstalling systems. Thanks