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(NT) and the point of your post is?
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containers with ?unknown contents? inside.
containers with ?unknown contents? inside. Later investigation revealed those contents to be vitamins.

YES!!!!that would work...I've heard of people having a reaction to Niacin.
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molecular attachment

of toxins to vitamin molecules can create some very deadly poisons.

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That's not the point...

The point is that chemical weapons of mass destruction were found, even if in small amounts. Sarin and mustard gas have also been found. IF Bush had been lying and KNEW or thought there were no WMDs, why on earth would they still be looking for them covertly?

The "Bush lied" meme was bogus.

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why on earth would they still be looking for them covertly?
You tell us.

Some leaders of Asian countries a big on saving face.
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So, in essence, I suppose Bush could have lied

when he said Saddam had no WMD and also lied when he said Saddam didn't have them once they started to be found. Poor guy can't catch a break. He lies no matter what he states. Wink

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I don't think....

he lied.

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He either lied or

he didn't have all the facts.

Which would you want to be remembered for?

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Whether Bush "lied" or not...

Many people, some from within the Bush administration such as Colin Powell for example, felt that the situation in Iraq was mischaracterized.

I find it interesting that illegally procured military records are being gladly used to support Ed's position. Is this a case of making a silk purse out of a sows ear?

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(NT) you believe Sadam should still be in power there?
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(NT) Yes James, he should still be in power. Sheesh.
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which of Sadam's policies did you agree with most?

Any that you felt offended at?

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The one where told the world he had WMD

and he didn't.

That old Sabre Rattler'

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Those tubes

When, I read on this topic, initially it was trying to find WMDs. Then it was trying to find evidence of programs for WMDs. Then it became looking for the ability or idea phase. Nothing was ever found during the 2nd Gulf War to prove Hasdam had anything in operation. What has been concluded, Hasdam wanted that region of the world to believe he did have something going on. But, really nothing was present it was all smoke and mirrors, but this was enough it seems to get the nod as the intellegence was so stretchy and half-baked, the war was started. Plus! Bush was looking for an excuse in order to invade so the cause was WMDs, weak as it was.

The case for those aluminum tubes never was agreed upon as to their actual use. Some said centrifuge nuclear preparation, but many stick by that they were rocket/missle tubes/segments. They fit the dimesions of typical small rockets, Irag build. -----Willy Happy

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But, it seems there WAS something there. Lots of holes in your reasoning.

IF Bush was only using it as an excuse, why did he keep on looking even after everyone had concluded there were no WMDs?

And you are ignoring the fact that everyone else, Clinton, the Brits, etc. also said there were WMDs. It wasn't until afterward that they discovered they never thought they were there. Were they also looking for an excuse?

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look even after everyone had concluded there were no WMDs?

everyone BUT Bush, and he was telling the underlings to keep looking,

Yes Sir, No Sir, Just following orders.

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Fog before the war?

Sorry, I did mispell Hasdam, should be Saddam. Next...

Bush, clearly wanted to find WMDs, any WMDs. I did say, the "2nd Gulf War". The 1st Gulf War impacted or so severely crippled the continued research and/or what had been in place. There is for one clear fact, Saddam, just didn't have the money and whatever future supplies were needed continued to be monitored. That's why the "tubes" got jumped on, but once researched weren't "red flagged", but it was returned to as an item and others of what was to be justification for the war. The White House, just had to have more and continued even after winning the war, to look for WMDs. Records and files found, later concluded that the crippling effect was more enough to stop or at least place only on the drawing boards any program was as far as it got. Thus, in the long run, Saddam strategy, back-fired since after all those records/files couldn't be in inspectors hands to review. There was also flawed intel that got reviewed again and again, what some analysts figured just wasn't true or at least flimsy. The case for the "yellow cake Nigerian ore", this amongst other items fell upon eager hands at the WH, but the intel people felt it wasn't true. Never-the-less that too became part of the reasoning to go to war. Bush, may have good intentions at best, but the solid facts as they became known later, none of this Wiki stuff but the real govt. staff its job was to inform the WH got ignored or coated over. IMHO, there was a wanting to go to war, what that is in its entirely is for history in yrs. to come. -----Willy ):

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