A few questions/options prior to performing a hard reset.

1. Are you listed as connected according to the icon on the top status bar or Dell WLAN utility? If not, your Wifi antenna is malfunctioning. Try performing a soft or hard reset as it's probably a software, rather than hardware, issue.

2. If you are listed as connected, but PIE is giving you the error message, try turning the WiFi off and connecting the Axim to your PC via the sync cable. The PDA will automatically connect to the computer's internet connection. If you are able to view webpages this way, your PDA is having a problem authenticating your WiFi connection.

3. If connecting it to your PC didn't work, try installing a program other than PIE (a pocket instant messenger, for instance). Whether this works or not, you'll probably have to reset the device. However, this will help determine if it was just the specific program or not.

4. Are you using the same network, have you changed the network in any way (new hardware, software, passwords), or have you performed a reset on the X30? If so, go under "configure wireless network," hold down the stylus on the network while WiFi is enabled, and select "remove settings." Then make sure the correct password or network key is entered, if required to access the network.

5. Make sure that the network settings say that it connects you to the internet and not work.

You may also want to download a 3rd party WiFi program to manage your connections, as the built-in manager has a few flaws. This will be fixed in the next version of WindowsMobile (due out next month), although we Axim X30 users will not be receiving the upgrade. Sad

Hopefully one of the above suggestions will correct the problem...has happened to me on numerous occasions, usually forcing me to perform a hard reset and start over. Let me know if it works.


P.S. If you support the X30 receiving an upgrade to WindowsMobile5 (2005), please sign the petition to Dell, found here.