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i've been (my client has been), ONCE AGAIN, jerked around by IPower Web Hosting, the Internet's Worst and Most Full Of Shi* web hosting company.

This time my client's mail server wen't down at 5 pm three days ago. by noon the next day i was on the phone with their "Cust Service" - that means i was on hold for the better part of an hour, and THEN i was on the phone with a person.

After checking into the problem, he came back to me and said, "You're right, the mail server is down. Since it's been down for a while, that tells me that there's they're working on it."

I asked him if they considered notifying their customers of this, as it is that even the smallest host companies do that, and he told me, "They do not offer that service."

These are the kind of experiences you can expect if you give your money to IPower. Even if you JUST register a domain through them, you'll regret it.

Want more stories? just email me.

Want more stories? Out of 177 reviews at the link above, there are 33 people who would recommend them. The rest loudly proclaim IPower's ineptness.

I've emailed the preident, Thomas Gorny at more than 15 times, minimum, and he's never responded.


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ipowerweb - worst of the worst!

I cannot express this good enough,
they have the WORST customer service i have ever encountered in my life.

last night they had a power outage - they said it was "maintanance" although they never notified the customers.

they said they shutdown the servers properly - but they didnt, the servers carshed violently.

they said the servers will be back in 2 hours - it took them more then 12 hours just to turn them on even though i called 6 times.

you ask to speak with the supervisor - he will never give you a call back.

you send an email to the ceo - he will never answer.


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DON'T UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, DEAL WITH IPOWER; They're a bunch of lying, cheating ******** and their alleged customer service is HORRENDOUS!!!!!!!!!!! Approximately a year ago, I come to see that they charged my credit card $190, when the card had been expired for about 2 years by that time. They claimed they'd sent me a letter but I never saw it.

When you get into the chat rooms, they're usually based in India so you get "Mujibar" who says his name is Fred. You explain your situation and after you articulate every detail, he says, "yes, I understand your frustration and apologize for the inconvenience. What is your issue?"

Then when I'm trying to upload various site pages through their servers, my FTP software shows that it's in the correct folder but I still can't see it. After waiting on an average of 15 minutes & having to call in excess of 20 times, they say that everything is fine on their end when I'm seeing blank screens or "forbidden" errors. Then you mysteriously see it appear because there was evidently a toggle switch on their end that they were too lazy to flip. But what do they care, it's not their time or money being wasted.

The last call I thought was a "SNL" skit the ******* was so ********. I told him that I'd just uploaded a regular page, that I had a link to a separate page and it was located in the correct file but I didn't see it. So he's like "ok...ok...give me a minute...(2 minutes go buy where the guy could be pleasuring himself for all I know)...oh, ok, I see now, oh that's not it....oh this is a link" I'm ready to say NO **** *******!!!!! People like you are the reason this country is in such horrible condition.

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In Agreement - Ipowerweb Continues to Get Worse and Worse

I have used Ipowerweb since 1998 - back when the company continually ranked in the Top Ten of Host Providers. All that changed starting in 2006. As I write this, I am awaiting a tech response to a site which has lost all of it's email! Ipowerweb simply moved the customer to a new Control Panel, without notice to me, and the email was NOT moved with it. Hold times for RESELLER SUPPORT are over 30 minutes as I write. An email sent to the Billing Support days ago (with the famous 24 to 48 hour reply time) sits unanswered.

To sum it up: Regular Technical Issues, SLOW Support Response, Billing Errors, Control Panel Issues and Inability to Manage Accounts (such as you can with Lunarpages or 1and1).

Another one (i.e. formerly great host) bites the dust!

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It pays to do research on hosting companies so i'd thought i'd put my 2 cents worth in about Ipower web - USELESS.
I have now been without email for 7 days along with my website which they host being offline.
7 days!! - i'm trying to run a business. After 45 mins on hold last week they told me that they were changing over servers and that the test run worked but when they put it into practice it all went '**** up'.
Now at the beginning of the following week i can't even get hold of them via phone as a message states 'we are unavailable at this time' no doubt because every other poor ******* who has had their service and livlehood messed up have been trying to get hold of them. We can only reach them via email and should expect to hear back within 24 hours.
This is totally unacceptable. Avoid these idiots, morons at all costs

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What F*power said... x4 for 4 of my hosted sites. What reputable company doesn't have a back-out plan? It's called change control Ipower... look into it.

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Ipower webless

I hear you brother. I have been dowm three days - no web-site, no email, NO SUPPORT, not even a warning that they were going to migrate. Any suggestions on a better web host?

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I did some limited research... was hot to get the site and more importantly the email back up and running. Seems like there are always two sides to every host out there... Lots of good reviews and then a few bad ones. In the end I went with Bluehost and the site/email was up and running in 12 hours - It helped that my registrar wasn't Ipow. Kudos to 'domainsite' for quick updates on their dns lookup which helped with the propagation to the web... but I digress. I had 6 or 7 domains total with ipower - looks like just the 'r124' server was the bad one for me - affecting 2 domains. I actually got one of their support techs on live chat yesterday - all the guy did was say he was going to update the 'ticket' I already had opened, and did nothing else. Then asked for a reply. I said that an update to a ticket was not what I was looking for after having my site/email down for 5+ days. The **** gave me the virtual hang-up by ending the chat session. Great support, eh?!
So far so good with bluehost. Their cpanel is waaaaay better than ipow's was, and I have more bandwidth, storage and additional domain possibilities with them.

Good luck with whatever you choose!

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Recent problems with iPower

Like some of the other posters, I have been extremely happy with iPower for many years...until events of this past week which its sounds like some of you are experiencing. Below is my story so far...

1). On Saturday morning, May 12 my web site was unacceptable. I thought nothing of it...thinking maybe some routine maintenance was going on.

2). On Saturday evening, my web site still wasn't up so I contacted iPower support. I was told that there were doign a server migration that "went bad". I asked why users weren't pre-notified of the outage and was told it wasn't planned. I was told full server would be restored in 12 hours.

3). Later that same night, I found my web site was back in service. However, it was an "old copy" of it from April 27th. When I attempted to log into the FTP server in order to bring my site up-to-date, I couldn't log in. Assuming they were close to getting everything back in service, I gave up for the night.

4). On Sunday night, May 13th, my web site was still from April 27th and I still couldn't log into my FTP site to update. I contacted iPower support and got the old "we're still working on the problems, please be patient" story. I was told that service woudl be restored in 24 hours. I asked to be sent detail on why the outage occured, why it wasn't pre-anounced, and contact information for the CEO and other responsible parties. I was ensured the email would be sent to me, but it wasn't.

5). On Monday, May 14th, my web site was site from April 27th and I still couldn't access my FTP to update the site.

6). On Tuesday, May 15th, the same state of affairs continued, so I contacted support a third time. Again I got the "we're working on the problem around the clock, please be patient" and was assured that the problems would be fixed within 24 hours. I once again asked to be emailed information on why the outage occurrd and contact information of the CEO and others to complain. I was told that only the 2nd level analyst had the information and was assured that the information would be emailed to me within two hours. It never was.

7). Now it is Wednesday evening, May 16th and I still can't update my site. I'm debating to even bother contacting support because I can guarantee that I'll be told once again everything will be restored in 24 hours.

This has been a very frustrating time because, like many of you, my web site requires to be available on a 24x7 basis and needs to be updated frequently (many times on a daily basis). I used to be a big fan of iPower, but not after this episode. I've often referred others to iPower as a hosting provided but will discontinue to do so. I will also probably change host providers once my time with iPower runs out.

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Contact Info

Don't hold your breath on the contact info or explanation of why they don't have change control.
I think Ipow is part of/owned by this company:

Do a little digging, should be able to find some contact info from there...

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Ipowerweb has lost our company

We too have been ignored by Ipowerweb. Problem is we paid for something like three years in advance. We shall move to another web host and probably have to take Ipowerweb to small claims court to recover our money. Sombody from that company will have to appear. This should be fun.

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better host

we recently switched from ipowerweb to, and are extremely happy with the move. good servers (fast, reliable), good features, although tech help won't win any awards (took 8 emails and ~24 hrs to convince them there was a tech issue on their end that they needed to if their first response is to NOT read the complaint, and just respond from a script).

but, tech support issues aside, and the fact that we have not had to use tech support much (so far), ixwebhosting was a great choice (they even support PostgreSQL in addition to MySQL!)


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Ipowerweb sucks

My entire site is down this morning. Web, email..everything.
I have had it. Users are call me and asking what the F#@$ is going on and I cant tell them. They have gone from 2nd place to about 8th or 9th. I am switching today, right now.

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These guys are f**king monkeys! - can't even run their business properly. I'm down again plus even their address. I wonder if that's because they don't want their customers (no longer will i be one anymore!!) calling them and calling them stupid asses again for letting this happen. IDIOTS!!!
PS I hope they read this forum!

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Time to bail from them, no resolve to all the filtering of email (I loose 40% thru their useless spam gateway filters) outages all the time, migrations without warning, **** for service....and now, complete outage, no Ipower, no Ipowerweb, none of my 6 hosted domains are funtioning, my web clients are balking, my business (online merchant) is dead in the water as my busy season is ramping up.

I am probably moving to IXwebhosting or LunarPages...moving up to business level...Since I can host all the domains at the one rate, this is so much more cost effective.

I really wanted to pull my stats and page counts before I left, but c'este la vie

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Ipower has my site down

I'm down this morning, too--EVERYTHING. I tried to get Ipower's site up but apparently THEY are down, too. What gives with these people? And I JUST let my account autorenew last month! Not too smart on my part!

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I did try to call them as well...goes right to a message as soon as you get in the door, and the person saying we are having an outage and service will be restored...soon....sounds like they are about to cry....

I am willing to bet if you dont have your websites backed up, say goodbye to them.

BTW also reviewing inmotion for hosting too.

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I just tried to call IPowerweb on their phone number and it has been disconnected, at least the one that is listed in the yellow pages. I also tried their billing number and that too has been disconnected. I suspect that they aren't only down but out of business.

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phones out too?

I tried the main number 888 511 HOST, thats where I got the message...mentioned in ARRRGGG redux, not 30 minutes ago

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Just started getting emails, maybe they paid there bills

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so, what's the best way to change hosting companies?

I too have run into problems with IPower over the past couple of years. But I've never tried to change to something else. it seems like it might be a good time to do so!

I have a few small sights to change over. Can someone suggest the easiest way to do so?



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Yet Another Unsatisfied Customer

I dumped IPowerWeb a few years back. They were expensive, and no better than their competitors.

At the time, tech support was available via email ONLY. Not a single support number was listed on the site. The first time I needed to speak with a live person I had to perform a WhoIs search to look-up IPowerWeb's domain Tech Support number.

At the time they had very little experience. They either had no problem solving skills or very little motivation. Example: They opened a ticket for a security problem. It went unresolved for days until I lost patience and solved the problem myself. My site was down for a week because of a directory configuration error and a simple rights issue.

My advice? Don't waste your time, money or sanity.

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Ipower is very difficult to navigate and use

I have to agree 100%

I've never had any hosting company come even close to being as poorly organized as ipower.

And the worst part is that when I was a newbie a few years back I took advantage of some of their 'specials' - well, I have learned better.... the only specials I'll accept are from GoDaddy and Domainsite (and Registerfly - before they went under - was way better then the headaches I have at ipower.... I have never been able to log in easily... and their support is truely unbearable...
in fact, I'm letting all my domains there expire - which I've got some good ones.... but I'd rather wait a few months and see if they become available again then go through anymore torture.
You cannot change accounts here.... not without payment... and if you enjoy investing in domains, and have a need to process and update domains in bulk, or easily transfer (push to another account) to a new owner... good luck... I have given up... it's not worth the headache... I'll sacrifice the 70 domains I had registered there, and chalk it all up to 'learning the hard way'

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I dropped iPower this past week

After another outage with my iPower hosted web site last week, I finally cut ties with them and cancelled my renewal. I selected as my new web hosting provider and, so far, so good.

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Ipowerweb...also replacement hosts.....

I dropped them too, for the most part.

However, I am not thrilled with the replacement.
I chose lunarpages, business package.
IMO, lots of false advertising.

Advertise 1 dedicated IP, yet they wanted to charge me for it when I said give me the address.

They advertise e-commerce capabilities, citing OScommerce (and other packages) and Shared SSL in the same section. I inquired prior to buying 2 yr contract, and was told by sales (after a 10 minute hold while she conferred with tech support) , no problem, that yes I could use the shared SSL provided.

However the shared SSL doesn't mean ****. I had asked tech support while configuring the e-commerce php files for the SSL URL, and he said yes I could use it, but some people have issues......later, I find from a different tech person, they have the servers configured to not permit A shared SSL to work with php .asp or .net...what is the point then??

Of course, I wound up buying a SSL certificate to make my site work, thieves!

And tech support.....they are knowledgeable, and occasionally fast, WHEN they work. They are only available roughly 9a-11p eastern, frankly, I don't get to maintenance until odd hours, and of course that when you run into issues, when there is no support. Well email support is supposedly 24/7, but I found response time to be in excess of 12 hours, which is horrible in a business environment.

My advice, make sure you have a refund guarantee, at least 60 days, and get your site in place and tested in that time. ( I would have known in time to switch hosts yet again, but tried to outsource configuration work 9 times and they all flaked...arrrggggg...why are people such a-holes?...doing myself with the extra 2 minutes a day I have now...)

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From Terrible to really bad

As I stated before I moved from ipower to lunar....

They are blacklisted everywhere, I cannot mail to yahoo at all (even with spx records added) or msn, hotmail. that rules out what 30% of all email addresses?

Best part, is they never read support tickets, they glance, but dont read, ask for the &%!* you already tell them is not available, and will not provide server4 logs (to troubleshoot e-commerce!)

Priority support is a joke, never less that 24 hour response, I have taught tech support a number of different things any tier 1 support tech MUST know to be effective.

I now change my opinion of them from tolerable to don't bother.

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Not only Idiots but Liars!! What is best way to cancel...

Avoid using Ipowerweb! I had a problem logging on to Vdeck for a couple of days so I chatted online with Ipower support and he blatantly lied and said he was able to log on and told me to try in a couple of day?! Then I read on their blog that they were upgrading Vdeck around the time I was having problems loggin on. So instead of admitting they had server problem, they just lied.

After reading so many horror stories about canceling their service, any suggestions on how to deal with them so the process goes smoothly?

I am so weary of web hosting companies, so shady.....

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Cancelling iPower account

I simply let my account expire with them. It took about 6-7 emails to their billing department telling them that I was not renewing before they ackowledged it. Initially, everytime I did tell them to cancel my account, I kept getting their "generic" emails saying that they would be renewing my account automatically.

As a precaution, I also logged into vDeck and changed my address to a fictious hopes that if they did try to charge my credit card for the renewal, the charge attempt wouldn't go through.

In any case, after dealing with iPower's incompentency over the last six months, I have a "gut" feeling that when I get my next credit card bill, it will show that they did proceed with charging my which time, I will be filing a protest with my credit card company.

Also, I made sure to delete my entire web site from their server prior to the cancellation going into effect...just in case I needed to "prove" or show intention that I was truly no longer using their services.

iPower has really become a nightmare to work with. I really feel sorry for those unknowing folks who sign up for their services today...thinking that they are signing up with a compentant vendor for web hosting services.

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Refused To Cancel Account

I may have set the record on trying to cancel an iPower account. I have been trying for more than two years. Yet, each time I call them, they assure me that the account has been canceled. Thank goodness that the credit card expired or I would be disputing a fraudulent charge.


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Ipower has no reliable central log in control system either

V-Deck is a nightmare (was) everytime I tried to use it I would have to contact them and wait (sometimes a week) for them to 'reset' the password ??? EVERY TIME!!! Plus, once when they 'tried' a centralized log-in system, I was happy (briefly) until they told me it was no longer available... How is someone with 50 + domains supposed to 'manage' them all easily with no centralized log-in system ???? Wow, it took me forever once, trying to make changes - one at a time - and while doing that, I remember their site was SLOW and crashed a few times.... Nothing but major headaches.
But, you know, why make things easy for customers when you can make it hard ??? Avoid this registrar at all costs... Seriously... even if they have a 'special' it's not worth the headaches.

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iPower Web Hosting: Many Good Reviews for Such Bad Service

Below is a copy of an e-mail that I tonight sent to iPower after waiting for nearly an hour for a live Tech Support person to pick up the phone. After nearly an hour, I hung up and e-mailed iPower. Having used them as a web host for over two years, I can say that it is doubtful that I will receive from them a reply via e-mail or via phone. It is therefore most intriguing to me that so many web host reviewers rank this company so high. Over two years ago, it was the number of high ranking reviews that prompted me to choose this company as a web host. In retrospect, it is difficult to now not wonder whether or not certain web host review sites have some sort of personal interest in this company, since their favorable reviews of iPower are so very incongruent with my own experience of them.


For nearly an hour, I have been on hold on the phone, waiting for a live human being from your Tech Support to pick up so that a multitude of questions might be answered for me regarding how to translate all the changes that you made over the past few months. Most importantly, I am utterly baffled with regard to how I might now edit my website's pages in that the only forum for such that I have been able to access is the html editor. This is a real problem, as is being placed on hold on the phone for nearly an hour while waiting to talk with a live human being in your Tech Support division.

One would think that, given all the changes implemented by IPOWER over the past few months, the number of staff available to answer questions IN A TIMELY MANNER would have been increased. Apparently, this has not been the case in that I am realizing tonight that the on hold waiting time is just as long (if not longer) than it has been for the two-plus years that I have used IPOWER as a web host. From the vantage point of business ethics and simple human courtesy, I find this all most interesting (and, of course, utterly frustrating); and, in retrospect, I just cannot seem to figure out why so many web sites rated IPOWER so highly two-plus years ago, since this being on hold on the phone waiting for nearly an hour has been an ongoing problem since I first chose you as a web host two-plus years ago.

Now, while I might not be a BIG customer of yours, I am in fact a customer and did in fact pay for a service. That is, I paid you to be my web host. However, it is difficult for me to view you as such when I cannot access any sort of user-friendly editor in order to make changes to my website. Now, what purpose does a web host then serve if one cannot edit one's web pages? That is, if pages must remain in a stagnant state as a result of the inacessibility of representatives from the web host, what exactly do you do other than provide me with a domain address?

Most unfortunate from my perspective is this: changing my web host from you to some other entity will require a bit of research on my part, which will require time. Meanwhile, out there in cyberspace is my very stagnant website. Meanwhile too, I simply do not have the time to wait any longer for someone from your Tech Support division to pick up the phone. So, I will end this e-mail via asking you to please have someone from your Tech Support division CALL ME SOON. I can be reached at the following number: x-xxx-xxx-xxxx.


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