Hi Swhisenant,

Please check the system Power options. In Windows 7 you could proceed as follows:
1. Click the Windows button.
2. Type "sleep" in the Search programs and files text field.
3. Click the Change when the computer sleeps at the top of the menu.
4. Check whether the Put the computer to sleep time value is as desired.
5. If making any changes, make sure click the Save changes button.

If the computer won't go into the sleep mode after the specific time period, it is possible that there's some activity running. As the issue was noticed after AVG 2013 installation, please check whether there is no AVG scheduled scan running at the time.

If the computer won't go into the sleep mode when expected and AVG seems to be inactive (no scan is running), please provide us with all AVG log files for analysis and mention time when the computer was expected to go to sleep mode (e.g. "at 7:40 PM as the computer was inactive since 7:20 PM and the system is configured to go to sleep after 20 minutes of inactivity").

Thank you.