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AVG 9-Great for slowing down your computer!

Yes,Read the title!
Ever since I reinstalled windows and started using AVG 9(First Free,and then Internet Security),My computer's startup and shutdown times were increased(doubleded!).Basicly,AVG completely slows down my computer,And everytime I play games I keep having VERY bad FPS.
Another problem to mention is that after each boot of the PC,The "System" process uses WAY MORE RAM then it should!
On normal XP,It is suppost to use about 32-128kb,Not more!
Here,with AVG 9,It raises up to 84.5MB!Thats alot for me!
It decreases with time,when I use IE8 and play games(Since the computer transfers the memory from the process to the IE/Game),But after a reboot it comes back up.
I tested these by removing AVG,and installing it back.
By overall,AVG 9 is an excelent protection program,But if this is the price I got to play to stay safe,Then no thank you.I rather change to ESET or Norton and have my PC protected,But working like it should.

I hope you,the AVG team,read this,and put these point to your attention.I was hoping if you can give me some solutions to these problems(If there are any) and maybe fix them in the next updates.

My system info:
OS:Windows XP Professional,Version 2002,SP 3
Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) D CPU 2.80GHz
Memory: 512MB RAM
Hard Drive: 164 GB
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 GT 1024MB

Thank you for your time.

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Could you please tell us what other software is run at computer startup?
Also which process is using most CPU when the computer is slowed down?

Please also tell us what version of AVG do you use(Paid/Free), program version and installed components.

Thank you.

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At computer startup I run:
Nero check,Microsoft itype and ipoint(Wireless keyboard and mouse process that give them special abbilities...),jusched(Something with Java),Zssnp211(My camera process),avgray(AVG...),nwiz(IDK),Nvcpl(?),NvMctray(?),dumprep 0-k(?),avgtray(Again?).
Well,My computer is ALLWAYS slowed down!it works slower than it should.It mostly slows down when I play games.And that is what uses the most CPU(and RAM).
I use AVG internet security 9,Altrough the problem was also noticed in the Free Edition.I upgraded a month ago to IS 9.My AVG is version:9.0.710.

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Re: Ok
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AVG is slowing down my computer too

I switched to the free AVG based on a review in our local Houston paper. But like many others I have encountered what appears to be a serious slow-down in computer performance. This appears to be a fundamental problem, so I don't have any patience with any smokescreen stuff from AVG support (oh, what kind of computer do you have, etc.). From comments I have found, it seems like the AVG software tries to keep a real-time status on installed software, in order to somehow speed up the scans. But at a big cost in performance.
I have 3 GB of RAM, nothing but plain-vanilla MS Office software, and a Pentium 4 3GHz processor, it ain't me, bubba AVG! So just 'fess up to the design mistake and tell us if/when you are going to fix it.

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Could you please tell us which process is taking most of the CPU when the computer is slowed down?

Also, how big are your hard drives?

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AVG-9 slowed down my computer too

Dear Friends,

Go to and you will find that several other users have noticed painful slow computer speed after installing AVG 9.0 and I'm one of them. No matter how much AVG staff tried to resolve this issue by asking about your RAM, HDD, other installation and security features, reading so many complaints including myself its hard to believe that this is just a coincidence.

I think AVG 9.0 is 'too heavy' for current windows xp users with 512-1GB RAM and <2.0 GHz processor.

I've uninstalled AVG 9.0 and went back to avg 8.5. Hopefully normalcy will be restored.

Sacral sacral.

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AVG-9 slowed down my computer too

I was happy with AVG until 8.5
Recently there were messages popping up with AVG to ugrade to v9.
After I did the upgrade, my PC (Pentium4 3.2GHz 1.5G RAM, WinXP SP2) slowed down considerably, apparently for all applications. For example extracting a big compressed file took 5 minutes, compared to less than 10 seconds before. That looks unbelievable, 30 times slower (!), but I reproduced those figures more than once. After uninstalling AVG, my PC runs fine again. I am searchng now for another free antivirus.

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Re: slowed down my computer too


could you please provide us with other running applications (protection, indexing, etc.) which could affect this behavior. What is the size of used hard drive?


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slowed down my computer too


Thank you for considering this issue.

When doing my tests I tried of course to keep the number of running applications to a strict minimum:
- the standard services as configured with a normal WinXP installation,
- plus my firewall: Comodo; this is not the latest version, because with Comodo too I had problems several months ago after upgrading, so I came back to this earlier version.

When monitoring (Windows Task Manager) the system during the slow extraction that I reported in my previous post, CPU usage remained below 10%, and page file usage was also relatively low, around 600MB if I remember well. Generally when uncompressing a large file, my CPU usage climbs to higher values, 30-40%. It looks to me as if the disk access was the limiting factor whan AVG9 was installed.

Hard drives :
two internal (250 + 500Gb), write caching enabled for both.
and one external usb (1Tb), write caching disabled.
Indexing Service is allowed for all disks (Although some people recommend to turn this off, I did not notice a slow down with this feature earlier).

I unplugged the external disk, but the problem was still the same, whether working with files on internal or external disk.

I confirm, everything went fine after uninstalling AVG9.

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ill help

basically all software is gettin more complex so yes if your gonna use avg on a computer with less than 4gb of ram it,ll be slow...........but norton is even slower......and im talking about both paid editions

if you want an antivirus/home security sweat that uses hardly any ram and is in my opinion the most powerful then use eset nod 32

you need an email to get a months trial off there website but if you go to softpedia you can keep installing the trial and download it without an email...........

also if you google nod 32 you,ll usually see sites named somthing like nod32 keys........these sites give keys that you can enter every couple months so you always have the full enter tham after you install the tial..{on the update screen} you can copy.paste from here.......thouh obviously THIS IS ILLEGAL AND I CANNOT SUGGEST IT IM ONLY TELLING PEOPLE SO THEY DONT GET CONFUSED.

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slowed down my computer sistem

Hi Guys,
Well come to forum site. You want an antivirus home security sweat that uses hardly any ram and is in my opinion the most powerful then use est nod have 32 bit and 64 bit.
If you need an email to get a months trial off there website.We have go to soft media you can keep installing the trial and download.I like slowed down my computer.

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Re: slowed down my computer too


Issues with AVG (especially updates) could be caused in some situations by Comodo Firewall and its settings of "process access level", as Comodo is blocking our process to access system folders, if not set up correctly.

I was asking for hard drives due possible slowdown on old (not fast, old architecture, etc.) hard drives, but this is not mentioned situation.

Have you checked the situation when AVG Resident Shield was disabled? If this solved the situation, it would be valuable to see content of "avgrs.log" file of possible reason.

Thank you

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Re: slowed down my computer too

Thanks Ondrej,

I didn't want to reinstall right now AVG9 on my normal working environment.

So for redoing a test with AVG9, I used on my same PC a separate disk partition with a clean Windows installation, i.e. only the original windows XP SP2 installed in a standard way, without patches, no third party applications, no drivers for printer, scanner, etc.
On this environment I did not see the big slowdown issue. There is just a very small slowdown if AVG9 is installed. Extracting for example a large file took 35sec without AVG, and 37sec with AVG.
Comodo installed or not, makes no difference.

I conclude that the performance issue on my normal working system comes from a bad interaction between AVG9 and one of the numerous applications (too many to enumerate here) I have on this system, or post-SP2 Windows patches, or some system configuration. If I have the time, I will investigate by taking into account your recommendations. But I guess finding the culprit could take weeks or months.

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Link Scanner is doing it

I discovered my newly installed Vista was getting download on Verizon over 20 Mbps while my other computer with win2000 was barely getting 2Mbps. After doing all the normal checking of TCP/IP and LAN properties and having little success in achieving same speed as the Vista computer I realized one difference is I hadn't yet loaded an antivirus program on the Vista.

So, I started turning off functions in AVG on the win2000 computer and discovered that Link Scanner was responsible for all the slowdown. Once that part of AVG 8.5 was turned off my internet speed on win2000 computer jumped almost to 20 Mbps for downloads, almost 10 times faster than it had been with Link Scanner enabled.

Go to any speedtest site, such as and see for yourself. Run the test with Link Scanner turned on, then run it again with Link Scanner in AVG turned off.

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More information


Could you please provide us with more information about your system:
- Hardware specification (CPU speed, RAM, HDDs)
- Other software installed and running

Please also tell us program version of AVG you are using.

Also, could you try to install(upgrade to) AVG 9.0 and check if it helps.

Thank you

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answered in other thread.
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that's interesting.

I have both an OEM system builder and Retail Box version of XP on different partitions, upgraded to SP3 and using AVG version 9 and no problems. My problem as noted in another thread has been on win2000 computer with AVG 8.5

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AVG interfering with Windows 10...Long Boot time

I had the same problem. On my own I tried everything. AVG no virus, System Mechanic no problem. reinstalled windows then reinstalled AVG and System Mechanic. Computer slowed down again. Spent 2.5 hours on phone with Lenovo tech. Told me there was problem with AVG interfering with Windows 10. Took forever to delete program.
Reinstalled Windows 10 but didn't install AVG. Works like new. Reinstalled my printer software HP and computer is booting and closing normally.

AVG needs to fix this problem.

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