Try opening Avast using the Icon on the desktop or in the programs file. Click on the chest file to see if you have a virus. If you do delete it. I'm not sure what your error is from.

You have two options.

First you could contact Tech support

Tech Support

If you have any problems with the installation, registration, using or setting the avast! antivirus, you can ask our tech support; we will be happy to help you with your problem.

Alwil Software Forums (


Include the following information in your e-mail, please:

Version (build) of avast! application (e.g. 4.0.211). You can find out the version of your program in the "About avast!..." window.
Version of the operating system you are using (and you have troubles with) - e.g. Windows 2000 Server.
Basic hardware configuration of your computer (CPU, RAM).
Your Internet connection (only if your problems concern on-line updates or electronic mail). The important data are type of connection (dial-up, cable modem, LAN) and network devices (proxy server, firewall, ...).
Name and version of your e-mail client (only if your problems concern working with e-mails).
Text or screenshots of error messages.
Detailed description of how to invoke the error (or at least how you invoked the error - what you were doing when it appeared etc).

Second you could try going to the control panel and uninstall Avast.
Restart your computer and then go to

download and reinstall it again. Then restart your computer.

Special note. If you use Panda's Online scanner, you'll have to put these three exclusions in the settings/exclusions folder






Hope this helps