Repairing a receiver is always an unknown. From personal experience, I found that there is always a fee to look at the receiver, then the cost to repair, if it's repairable. If the repair cost is $200, is it worth to look at a new receiver? The benefit of a new receiver is that you can plug your video components into the receiver with HDMI and one HDMI cable goes to the TV. This is the way of today's receivers. Look for a receiver that has Zone 2. Some of the Denon and Yamaha receivers allow you to use the speaker connections meant for the extra front speakers (many new receivers allow 4 front speakers) and use them for Zone 2, otherwise you need an amp to power Zone 2 speakers. The other good thing about connecting your BR player to a new receiver with HDMI is that you will automatically and easily get DTS-HD audio from the disc. This is the best audio available. You can get a new receiver with Zone 2 for $400 +/-.