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Hope someone can help. I have a Samsung ln32b460b2d LCD television. Works great except that my AV inputs and my component inputs do not seem to be working correctly anymore. I have tried two different DVD players, two different connections, RCA and component and both result with a fuzzy sort of pixalated DVD display. I have my Direct TV and my Roku hooked up through HDMI and I get great sound and picture with both of those. I know that the issue does not lie with the cable or with the DVD units themselves because I have hooked my DVD units to another TV and the work fine. Just for troubleshooting purposes I hooked up my Roku to the inputs in question via RCA and component and I got the same grainy pixalated picture. I had my DVD player hooked to this unit before I moved recently and it worked fine, it seems like ever since Direct TV hooked up my new cable box I have had this issue. I seem to feel that it seems to be some sort of setting within the TV itself....its really driving me crazy!! ANY help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for your time!

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Reporting: AV Inputs / Component Imputs
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AV Inputs / Component Imputs


DVDs are 480 lines of resolution, which is standard definition as far as signals go. The fact that you'd be getting a poorer result on the screen when compared to a HD signal is understandable.

The Roku might have a better display through the component ports if you adjust the output resolution in the menu. I know that component is not the destination in this situation, but to explain: in some cases, devices are designed to default to low resolutions. (for instance, a 720p TV might not accept a 1080p signal, but a 1080p TV would accept a 720p signal, and you could adjust the settings accordingly).

Some DVD players also have the option for 480i and 480p - if you can check and select 480p as your resolution.

I think these are SD-to-HD issues. But that said, you noted that this is recent. Without knowing what happened, I'd need to know what changed to offer any kind of solution.


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AV Inputs / Component Imputs

Thanks for the reply! I understand about it being less than HD, but when I say its poor quality I mean its poor. I guess a better way to describe it is move of like an 8 bit or 16 bit type of display...almost "cartoon" like as far as fuzzy and what not...when I plug the DVD player into my other TV, which is not even an HD tv, the DVD display is still 10x times better than what I am getting on my Samsung. Its very strange. Like I said it worked fine until I moved and the only difference I know of is that Direct TV has came out and installed their service and so I have just recently attempted to hook my surround sound/DVD/Roku etc...I have it hooked up EXACTLY the same way I had it before which is what is really throwing me for a loop!

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AV Inputs / Component Imputs


I'm thinking it could be the cables, but if it works on the other TV, it should be able to work on the B460.

Let's try this from a different approach. Run the "fuzzy" picture on the TV and keep it going. Then using the remote, let's edit the name of the input.

MENU > Input > Edit Name

The options are: VCR / DVD / Cable STB / Satellite STB / PVR STB / AV Receiver / Game / Camcorder / PC / DVI PC / DVI / TV / IPTV / Blu-ray / HD DVD / and DMA

Scroll through those options and watch the picture behind it to see if one of the pre-sets catches the full color spectrum and gives you a clearer picture as you're scrolling through them. If you find one that looks good, select [ENTER] and your input should be set.


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AV Inputs / Component Imputs

Thanks so much for the response...tried your new suggestion and had now luck. Maybe I can help you help me by showing you want I am working with, maybe you will see something "simple"..the first link below shows the "component" outputs for my DVD player

This next link shows how I have the component cables connected to the DVD player

The below link show the "component" input on the back of my Samsung television and displays the component cables connected

Also if you notice on the pic below there is a "monitor out" port on the back of my DVD player as wee, see below

I have tried putting the "Y" "Green" cable in both the port labeled "Y" colored green on the back of the DVD as well as the yellow colored "monitor out", neither both give a less than acceptable display, however I did notice the follow message on the screen when I switch between the two ports:

When I am plugged into the "Y" green colored component port I get a message on the TV that says "720@480@60hz"

When I am plugged into the yellow colored "monitor out" port I get a message that says "720@480i@60hz"

That being said the only way I even get a "decent" pic is if I just plug into the "AV In 2" ports on the side of the television. When I do this it is watchable but is still not even as clear as my display is on my NON LCD/HD Television...just doesnt make sense.

Thanks for your help!!! I hope I didnt get too long winded and/or confusing...I am just trying to provide as much info as possible

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