.AutoUpdates,.NET framework 3.5 "can't" be installed. Why?

Because versions 1 & 2 are corrupted?
Is it safe to assume that and uninstall them from Add/Remove in hopes that the next Automatic Update "can" install 3.5? I'm using XP 32-bit,SP3.

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Reporting: .AutoUpdates,.NET framework 3.5 "can't" be installed. Why?
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It's a common problem.

Did you want to discuss why or proceed with the common cures?

Why was figured out a long time ago and it has nothing to do with corruption but a problem with "assemblies" that are being held by some app. Microsoft has apparently taken the stance it's not caused by their system but other folk's apps.

With that out of the way the common cure is to uninstall .net 3.5 and manually install it.

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But 3.5 Isn't Installed, Except in Automatic Updates' List

Thank you for discussing BOTH aspects of the problem, Bob. "Assemblies", though? Automatic Updates has .NET 3.5 in a list, I'm sure, but it's not showing. You mean on some computers it would be? I'm using Compaq Presario, btw.
This problem has been happening quite a while, so I'm sure McAfee's finding and fixing 3 files with viruses and after that some Trojans isn't causing it, right? Although my System Restore got turned off and I can't go back any farther than the day I found out and restarted it. Thanks a bunch for sharing your expertise. And could I sneak in another question?
Do you know if Asus desktops, weighing only 17 lbs , (so I could take it in for repairs) have everything they're supposed to? Only one store seems to have them, Best Buy.

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Sorry but I had a hard time finding your questions.

The topic is about the .NET update failures and the issue was indeed tracked down to apps. "Assemblies" is a .NET "word" and not in anyone's common vernacular or vocabulary if they don't write code or discuss the cause of the issue.

If you can't uninstall .NET because it's missing, there are cleanup tools for that. Here's the link. has the tool and more information if you truly want to dive into why.

This little problem has been around for over 4 years. Nothing new.


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Reply: Thanks So Much, Bob. I'll Try the Link.

Yes, I truly did want to know Why, saw a little discussion at other forums but nobody had mentioned the Assemblies word, or the link. Thanks again.

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Another possible solution

I used it once in desperation and it did help. The netframework updates are a pain. Bob is right that sometimes you need to remove the offending one and manually reinstall it. I just had the wonderful experience of helping configure a new laptop that had Windows 7 Pro SP1 installed at the factory but wasn't updated past that point. Quite a number of the updates would fail to install repeatedly with netframework being the biggest single offender. I used the update reset tool gradually get the darned project completed. Otherwise I'd have needed to revert to the factory installation and and update the thing a few KBs at a time. Give the tool a try if nothing else works.
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I Believe I Did Mention McAfee Found....

Three or four days ago, maybe even longer, I ran a McAfee FULL scan, and they found 3 files with viruses, and later 6 Trojans. I have a strong hunch all that had something to do with this problem. Previously there were about three .NET framework "versions" or whatever you call them. I've never manually installed one, or even a driver. Saved the "cleanup" post to print out but my printer's not working either, not recognizing the color cartridge, which sometimes happens but eventually fixes itself.

I'd need the printout to follow all the steps, I think. Is your latest link simpler? Other than these two problems, I can use the web just fine. Am I likely to cause further damage?

If you feel I may not be able to do all this, will you give me an opinion on the Asus computer, since my Compaq Presario is 2000 or 2002, and my retired husband is tired of having to carry the heavy tower when it needs repairs. Why do you suppose only one store seems to have it, in SW suburbs of Detroit? Best Buy is the only place I've seen them. Wt. only 17 lbs, you know. I dread having to go to Win 7 and have to learn everything over again,, but this is just driving me nuts. Thanks again.

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Well, AV programs are said to cause MS update issues too

I ran the tool in place or you can download and run it manually but from the MS site is safe. You'll need admin privileges to do this. In my case, I had about 30 failed updates before running the tool. That fixed the issue temporarily but I had to run it again. After that, I did 2 updates at a time until it was complete. This was a brand new Lenovo laptop so should have been virus free. I've never run into this much trouble other than with netframework. There is some software that needs it and will install the version it wants. I could imagine this other source could be messing with MS updates but I don't know for sure other than netframework version have been a pain to keep happy. I wish you luck.

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I Was Going to Say Wish Me Luck, lol...

I've asked Q.'s so many places, can't remember which one said "Can't" (do my detection, for printer driver I think) "at this time" and didn't say why. Maybe I should run McAfee again first before I start trying to run these other three, maybe the last one last, or flip a coin? They say bad things happen in 3's, gotta take my car in for a/c charging tomorrow, Sat., morning, and just returned from buying a brand new color cartridge but it insists I'm installing it incorrectly and I've been using this HP All-in-One, installing cartridges, since 2004. Good thing I have a sense of humor.

I've twice clicked the thumbs up, that your replies are helpful, finally got 1. Ofc Max said if I can't get my USB flash drive working, to Email the article I want printed. Okay, I think McAfee first. Some Emails I'd sent a couple days ago came back to me as Spam. Have a good evening. I'm thankful for CNET, and Thanks again.

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Q. To Both Bob & Steve, & Of Course Anyone Else

The .NET framework CLEANUP TOOL link that sounds to a Sr. Citizen like the EASIEST solution finally says it's only a LAST RESORT, just as I was about to use it. Can I go ahead, since I don't understand the tech jargon, manually installing, etc., as if I've exhausted all the other options? Last night when the McAfee FULL scan finished it was late, so I'm just now getting back to it. This thread didn't come up this morning on my first try, but now it's back.
Thanks for the info that recent viruses could have messed up Automatic Updates. For now I just need a Go Ahead about the first .NET framework cleanup tool. Or maybe should just go ahead since it sounds good. Maybe I'll check Facebook first, to give you guys some time. TIA.

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,NET framework CNET Tool Not Running

The first Links no longer work, at least on my machine, so I did a web search and downloaded CNET's ,NET framework Uninstall Tool and the Setup or Run Icon is on my desktop, but doesn't do anything. (Firefox being my default browser, I have to first Save apps, then click Dwnld again and click Run.) And that brings me to another question I should have already asked anyway.

After everything's Uninstalled/Cleaned Up, how do I ReInstall? Just click the morning's "Updates Are Ready"? Because every time I do that, it finally reports that the 3.5 and another one that goes along with it could not be installed.

I wouldn't have the slightest idea how to "Install Manually". Somebody please clarify? Thanks. Saturday morning. Leslie

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Re: how to install .Net
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Yes, Yes, Yes, Very Helpful, ( If Not Just For Pro's)

I may have to return. Have tried several times, and links say they're just for Networks and IT pro's, but I'm trying these. Thanks.

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Re: pro's

They are also for you. Really. Quite easy to use. Just download and run.


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If I didn't provide the link, here it is

It's referred to as a reset or fix it tool. Run the app in place. By that I mean click on the pop-up and it will search for issues. In my case it noted the Windows update problem and said it fixed it. I presume there's some log or update tracking mechanism that's corrupt or incorrect that gets reset. You've nothing to lose. I'd not normally recommend allowing some site to install an app into memory but was desperate at the time and knew I could recover to square 1 within minutes as I make system images at regular interval when configuring new systems. I tried it and it worked for me. MS is generally reliable as long as someone doesn't spoof their site and bite you.

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