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AutoCad and NanoCad

Jan 15, 2017 1:52AM PST

I have a document with .dwg format on a common resource. Users of this document up to 5 persons in different places. People have different programs. Somewhere AutoCad 11 and 13. Somewhere NanoCad also different versions.
The problem is this: many users report that the file does not open after save the file in NanoCad. NanoCad says "unknown error". AutoCad writes that the file is damaged and everywhere 0. Neither there, nor there it is impossible to restore the file.

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Re: Cad
Jan 15, 2017 2:08AM PST

If different versions of different programs are incompatible as here, the company should standardize on one version of one program.
Let the CIO choose one, than everywhere install that and uninstall all other.

During the implementation, make it read-only for everyone not using that version of that program.

That's simple, isn't it?

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Jan 15, 2017 2:40AM PST

Do you think that then the file will open?

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Jan 15, 2017 2:57AM PST

I tried to open it on different versions of autocad but it doesn't open. now in the future we will definitely work with only one program. but this file seems will not to work. and to restore it somehow possible? there is a lot of useful information for us.

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Answer for Cad
Jan 15, 2017 5:30AM PST

The question arises, how to recover files? And I tell you the path. Next to a broken file should be two files: *.bak and *.original.
It is the same DWG file, but one for a step before preservation, and the second initial which was never edited in NanoCAD. Try to change the extension to DWG and open in nanoCAD or open in any text editor. If they are also zeros, then I recommend you to check carriers for bad-blocks or analyze that can influence files...
If you find that the file is corrupted you can try a repair via, for example, . They say they can handle these kind of files.

Link to recovery service removed by moderator.

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Re: file
Jan 15, 2017 6:23AM PST

If it can't be opened by any version of any program, it's corrupted. Then, if you don't have a backup, consider it as lost, although there's a small possibility it can be recovered by some dedicated recovery program.
Maybe review your backup strategy?

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From memory when we used AutoCad.
Jan 15, 2017 10:28AM PST

AutoCad and other CAD systems let us EXPORT to plain text files for exchange with other CAD systems.

I can't guess how good your IT staff is but it sounds like they could do with more AutoCAD training. Or at least learn to use google.

So without an offer of training, look to what other formats are supported.

If NanoCad corrupts files, your CIO or IT should ban it from the production area until this is resolved.

-> NO production house I know of loses files. They backup what they can't lose.

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Jan 16, 2017 3:35AM PST

Should be built-in way of recovery in NanoCad. File -> Utilities -> Recover Through it tried?

Spam link to repair service removed by moderator, since it was already present in this thread.

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Jan 16, 2017 5:11AM PST

I'm curious to know why you believe Online Service spam? where did you get such conclusions? maybe I don't know something, I ask you to teach me. why do you insult so users?

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Re: NanoCad A
Jan 16, 2017 12:04PM PST

I didn't say that site is spam. I only said I considered your post with the link as spam. That's not especially insulting, since nobody here knows who you are.

Anyway, the OP says he found it and it doesn't work, if I understand his post well. But maybe he says that he didn't yet try it, but will if his own efforts don't work.

Do you think it's insulting if I say that I have the impression that IT dept of his company doesn't meet the highest standards?

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Jan 16, 2017 5:18AM PST

I disagree that this Online Service spam and I want to offer it as one way of solving this problem. so I ask you not to remove the link and let users decide to use it or not. https://****.

I don't know what was presented here still because you removed it.

****Note: URL will be removed as found due to spammers. No need to repost as moderators will just remove link or the entire post.

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Jan 16, 2017 5:36AM PST

boerr, I'm trying to do everything on the instructions and what was advised to me, but still without positive results. I will keep this online service in case I do all that I can. true, it paid but I hope it is worth the money. thank you.