If it is working now then I would put it down to a "Windows thing".

I would be more concerned with the AV and firewall showing as disabled because that could be a sign of virus or other malware infection. Malware will try to disable your security defenses so that it has free use of and reign over your operating system, (OS).

However, to be clear here, the general advice is as follow;

1] Only one firewall should be installed.

2] Only one anti-virus, (AV), should be installed, automatic updating of virus definitions, automatic, (scheduled), daily scans, and always running in the background.

(Having more than one of each these can cause conflicts and performance issues).

3] More than one anti-malware installed. They don't have to be running in the background as your AV is sufficient to do that. They do not have to 'load at startup', and do not have to automatically update their definitions. Just run either once a week to update the definitions then run a full scan.

You have to understand what security utilities you have installed. Many security utilities are now multi-purpose, eg they include a firewall, an AV, and anti-spyware, so you should know what your security applications are capable of.

In your case you have McAfee, (often a multi-purpose utility), Threatfire, (I have no experience of it), Comodo firewall, (multi-purpose?), Malwarebytes Anti-malware, (MBAM), and Spyware Doctor.

We don't like Spyware Doctor. MBAM is good, but you should review the others to see if there is any duplication.

I hope that helps.