Which model do you have? The LEDs tend to have fewer sockets, and no direct analogue audio output - only a digital optical one. You need to check your manual. If there is a separate audio output, it will be marked "Audio Out" and will have either a 3.5mm stereo socket, or a pair of RCA phono sockets marked "L" and "R" - you can get cables for either to connect to the Bose 3.5mm socket.

Otherwise, you may be able to use the SCART socket. The LED uses a proprietary outlet with an adaptor to a SCART plug. I don't know if this supports audio out, but if it does, then you can get SCART adaptors that will give you the RCA phono sockets.

If none of these will work, you might want to consider a receiver with optical input for the TV and a dock for the iPod. There are Home Cinema systems with that capability.

Headphones will not work on this TV without a separate receiver.