audio optical from LG TV not muting or modulating; adapter?

Hello Learned experts.
I am not able to get my new, highly expensive TV to work with my 25 year old Panasonic/ Technics sound system-- correctly.
Sound System: Panasonic / Technics AV receiver, mod DX930

I believe all my setup is correct, gone through it many times.

Problem: OPTICAL cable output generated by TV to receiver appears "dumb" because when using TV remote(programmed for Sound system) it mutes only the TV and modulates ONLY the TV-- not the signal going to the receiver. I am forced to manually adjust sound system at receiver.

Question: If I bought an HDMI / optical adapter and used the TV's HDMI output is there one available that WILL be muted and modulated by the TV or will it just strip off the same optical signal I am getting now? Can you recommend one that works.

Question #2: I figure there is no solution for #1. If so, conclusion is to buy a new Denon receiver to enable newer Sound effects software in use today not around 25 years ago. Suggestions for which Denon sound receiver may be a good choice?

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Reporting: audio optical from LG TV not muting or modulating; adapter?
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Setup correct but the mute so far has to be on the audio dev

The mute is done on the audio device. This is from, to put it in a short answer, how it works today.

Nothing in the user manuals at LG tell us that HDMI OUT (let's be clear here, that would be ARC) says the audio would mute. Time to ask LG directly.

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do not understand your response

The mute is done on the audio device. This is from, to put it in a short answer, how it works today.
both TV and sound system are audio devices, which do you mean? I am using the TV's remote and wanting it to mute it's optical output to the sound system-- a simple optical output on back of TV not one of the HDMI or HDMI/ ARC outputs.

Nothing in the user manuals at LG tell us that HDMI OUT (let's be clear here, that would be ARC) says the audio would mute. Time to ask LG directly. I tried to connect with the HDMI/ ARC output and cannot since I only have optical IN and NO HDMI IN on the sound system. I called LG and they were not much help except to suggest the adapter. Which is what I am now asking about here.

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How things are today.

That's all I can offer here. I hear that you want it to work a certain way but that's not how I see some thousands of sets I've helped folk setup over the years.

As to the ARC solution, this is a real hit or miss area. It's so bad that I will never commit to a call that demands ARC. If you demand I set it up with ARC, you would get a call to be sure about that. If you pressed me that it SHALL work over/with ARC, I would have to cancel the service call. It's that bad.

So I hope this leads you to the understanding that this area is very messsy. If you want to press the issues, go right ahead but the industry today is very pushy about setups with the usual receivers. If you deviate from that, you could be very upset.

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Bob is correct

At some point you need to accept the fact that it’s not necessarily reasonable to expect 25 year old gear to work with a new HDTV.

That said, I have set up hundreds of systems, many repurposing/combining older gear with newer displays/PCs/etc. You need to either start using the old remote with your older receiver to control the volume/ muting and *NOT* the HDTV remote. Skip any sort of HDMI-ARC kludge adapter. Second choice (most expensive) would be upgrading to a newer AV receiver w/HDMI. Digital optical frankly works well if you can deal with the cheapest option of using two remotes.

Another method would be to look into a Harmony universal remote.

Good luck.

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final help answers

OK, I believe I now understand.
--1) If I keep the old sound system, get used to manual adjustment, and apparently, since neither response addressed the adapter issue there must NOT be an "adapter" solution that will still allow the LG TV remote to mute/ modulate the sound system. If this is so, a simple YES in response would suffice, please.
--2) If I buy a new sound system this CAN solve the issue and allow the TV remote to modulate and mute the Sound system in addition to the TV, again, simple YES / NO will suffice.
--3) What sound system would you suggest to be good for latest software(Dolby Atmos level, etc) and still allow TV remote to "work" as I desire?


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Some of the answers are maybe. But you can make your demands known to maker and seller upfront and ask "Does this do that?"

Now if you were to add a Logitech Harmony to the mix, then it sidesteps getting devices and makers to work together.

I know this is an awful answer but the industry is pretty hit or miss when it comes to basic items like this.

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1) yes; 2) maybe; 3) maybe

There is always trial error for the whole shebang.

Universal remotes often do a good job buttoning it all up though.

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I likely do not understand all the ramifications here BUT, it sure seems to me there is a big and OBVIOUS void of product benefits and features that any TV / and / or Sound system manufacturer has not bothered to address. Imagine a TV company that advertises a fix for this apparently ubiquitous and painful problem found all most(?) TV / sound systems! How about THAT for a selling feature?! We sell a TV that incorporates universal remote programmability within OUR family of products so you don't have to get a 2nd remote? What a half butt system these companies have fallen into when they could have increased sales by filling this void.

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A history lesson would be required to answer

How this came to be and why it's such a mess. For example optical audio is decades old. Designed for a time that land forgot. It's nearly prehistoric.

ARC was from I experience a nice try. I've run into more troubles than most because folk only show me the stuff that doesn't work.

You would think that offering products that just work would result in higher sales and for that we look to Apple products. It's not a perfect example but will do for this discussion. Apple does try very hard to get it right but not everyone will buy in.

So if a new optical standard showed up with audio volume control (mute, volume, and more) there would be no receivers or sound bars that would understand what to do with the new optical audio transmissions. Another chicken and egg problem. Plus you have the dinosaurs still around to eat the chickens and eggs. (Sorry but this is my way of noting all the gear on the market and in homes today.)

Yes, all very frustrating to a person that wants to buy a TV, hook up the optical and be done with it.

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history lesson, thanks!

I get a kick out of your Apple suggestion: I have a LOT of Apple products and agree!

With all their billions in cash this "apple" is ripe for the picking. Apple has been buying into the music industry for years with iTunes and I believe they have started on the movie industry also. . . maybe just a matter of time before they buy up Dolby and Denon(or Onkyo etc) and make things work together!

Note my comment to Pepe7 however, I have been using my OLD sound system and two RCA cables to feed analog audio(mutable and modulatable) from my OLD TV using my Sharp TV remote. How hard can it be to do the same thing with HDMI or optical? They obviously already have the baseline signal and modulate and mute the internal TV speakers, a manufacturer needs only splice off a line for output identical to what goes into them?!

Would you like to expand on what ARC is and how it has failed? I have no knowledge there.

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ARC failures are on the web.

The most common is "it doesn't work at all" when two pieces of gear are connected. Other times it manifests itself as some audio encoding doesn't pass.

About the splice a line for output, the industry has been working TOO HARD (my emphasis) on plugging what they call "The Analog Hole." The industry is trying too hard to remove analog from receivers, TVs and more and here we are where only when you set it up their way does it work (notable exceptions to ARC.)

I never wrote ARC doesn't work. I write that it fails often enough that you must never commit or tell folk "Hey, just use ARC."

--> Now when you encounter a person that hasn't been on this ride and missed out on all the history this can turn into a very sour discussion. They want to know why the makers did all this to make it worse rather than allow it to work with everything.

A big part of the answer is copy protection. Removing analog holes like Component Video and Analog HD connections.

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back to solution for me

OK. My new expensive TV DOES, in fact, have an HDMI ARC port. That output appears to be my best bet and guide for a compatible sound system. Agree?

any brand name or model suggestions?

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Can't agree.

Why is on the web and my writing. You never will find me agreeing to use ARC or tell you it works.

YOU get to try it and see if it works.

All that aside, a big nod to the Logitech Harmony to bring systems together on the remotes.

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OK, I give up. Even the NEW system has limited chance of doing the job. What an industry.

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You are late to the party

This complaint is about as old as dirt Wink

Truth be told, using a $50 universal remote, such as the Harmony Logitech, works pretty well. Cheap enough to test anyway- order via Amazon then return if it does not work. No harm, no foul.

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late to party, not me, the manufacturers.

I understand your suggestion about the remote. That is apparently the ONLY viable option if I stay with the old sound system. However, I will likely spend a lot more money and just update my sound system IF I can verify it will also do this simple thing.

What is irritating is that my OLD SHARP 40" TV actually HAS ability to modulate and MUTE audio output into a pair of L/R analog RCA cables to my sound system. The new expensive TV has nothing but HDMI and this optical cable out. I WILL be looking for a receiver that has HDMI out that will mute and modulate.

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NEW DEAL. HARMONY for a steal of a price.
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Harmony deal

Thanks, but I am REALLY averse to this solution. I will buy a new sound system(if it can do what I want), wait for Apple to come out with ITS own Alexa solution, keep manual adjusting my old sound system, and only after all those routes fail go to this workaround. JUST the same, thank you!

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I knew you would say that(!)


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ask anybody . . . i am very hard headed! Happy

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