Sorry I don't have a specific answer to your question but I'm compelled to at least warn you and others about Audacity. I used to strongly recommend it but I no longer recommend the freeware sound editor called Audacity by SourceForge anymore because the website has shown to be run by scammers and here?s what happened, I had googled Audacity and the first link got hijacked and detoured to a bogus website that resembled Audacity website, however, when I notified Audacity via email plus through their forum about the hijacking situation, I only received typical criminal stupid double-talk nonsense in their routine criminal attempt to twist and change things around to protect whomever?s hijacking the links. Audacity moderators use the exact same criminal tactics SpamCop supervisors, SpamCop forum moderators and at least also including SpamCop?s immediate parent company IronPort does by ganging up and out-numbering any complainant with double-talk nonsense in order to quell all valid criminal complaints by twisting and detouring the subject at all cost to make it seem like the complainant doesn?t know what they?re talking about as well as employing the double-talk nonsense to confuse readers. I?ve cut and pasted here the Audacity's flaky criminal replies posted on their forum website and even though I clearly explained what the problem is with the hijacking you?ll notice the moderators employing typical double-talk nonsense to avoid or detour the real issue at hand. Afterwards I decided to investigate things further only to conclude to my own personal satisfaction that the concept of Audacity sound editor as a freeware was initially invented as bait for the intended purpose of scamming consumers to begin with and therefore I can no longer recommend the audacity sound editor because I?m convinced the people behind it as well as tons of their affiliates are more than likely, as in most likely, crooks who seem to rely mostly on the criminal profits that can be easily gained from today?s vulnerable current Internet situation. Their sound editor was a nice product but innocent folks need to beware of the google links being hijacked by Audacity people themselves who are most likely doing the hijacking or at least protecting the hijackers. What I?ve cut and pasted below is clear cut 100% proof evidence of their criminal psychological profiles or else they wouldn?t have replied with such typical criminal flaky responses. Only criminal mentality tries to detour and change the subject in this fashion whereas any honest professional enterprise would have thanked me for alerting them to a security breach and they would?ve fixed it pronto instead of trying to convince me to pay for some other product or to scan my machine for malware.

Case in Point: Audacity Forum Subject Title: A Google line for Audacity has been hijacked.
Postby Michael Tsark