Hi Toni,

One thing I find odd is how any doctor can claim that a few months on Atkins somehow changed Derek's metabolism forever. That seems as outlandish as the claim that Atkins is the diet for everybody.

I've always said that the quickest way to gain 50 lbs is to try to lose 10. Atkins can be as moderate a weight loss plan, and long term lifestyle, when followed properly as any other out there.

I hope Derek finds something that works for him. That is the most important thing -- not being "on" or "off" a diet and/or exercise plan, but having a healthy lifestyle that fits one's needs.

One other thought has to do with marriage and the myth of the comfort zone. Yes, that can be true too, but it is also more adapting one's lifestyle to that of a live-in spouse. My hubby and I have very different metabolisms, body clocks and eating styles. I honestly would be happy picking a little here and there and never actually eating a meal. He, OTOH, is much more a structured meal eater. It took me several years into our marriage, believe it or not, to recognize that I had subtly changed my own eating habits to conform with my hubby's and it was having it's toll on me.

Evie Happy