and, though drivers were sometimes shaky, the company stayed on top of things and got them fixed. I always purchased the "Real McCoy" and not the partner products as well. I don't game so don't care about extended features of graphics cards and don't load up on their software suites. Just give me good solid and reliable performance and I'm happy.

To add to dinosaur brands, I'm also not happy that HP has taken over 3Com. I bought their network cards from the days of 10base2 and Windows 3.1 for networks. They always worked. I do some volunteer work in a school and all the Ethernet switches are 3Com as are the wireless PoE components. Never a failure of one device yet. I've still got a box of 3Com 3C905 series boards that I use when MB Ethernet circuits fail. Most of these are USA or Ireland made. They always work. My home network, wired and wireless, is all 3Com. I just don't have problems. I'm concerned that HP will kill the the brand.