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Athlon 64, 256mb video, 2 gigs, good setup?

I am thinking about building a computer, and I thought I would ask what you think about the following setup.(are all the parts compatible? Any parts I should get that would be more worthwhile? ect)

ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce4 SLI ATX AMD Motherboard - Retail

ASPIRE X-Dreamer II ATXB4KLW-BK Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 420W Power Supply - Retail

SONY Black IDE DVD Burner Model DW-D26A BLK - OEM

Western Digital Caviar SE WD3000JD 300GB 7200 RPM Serial ATA150 Hard Drive - OEM

Logitech Elite 967234-0403 Black USB + PS/2 Wired Standard Keyboard - Retail

CORSAIR XMS 2GB (2 x 1GB) 184-Pin DDR SDRAM DDR 400 (PC 3200) Unbuffered Dual Channel Kit System Memory Model TWINX2048-3200PRO - Retail

Logitech MX510 931162-0403 Blue 8 Buttons 1x Wheel USB + PS/2 Optical Mouse - Retail

Microsoft Windows XP HOME Edition With Service Pack 2 - OEM

CREATIVE Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value SB0400 8 (7.1) Channels PCI Interface Sound Card - OEM

Logitech X-530 70 Watts 5.1 Speaker - Retail

eVGA 256-P2-N376-AX Geforce 6800GT 256MB GDDR3 PCI Express x16 Video Card - Retail

Price for above items: Some where near $1350

I cant decide which Athlon 64 (939 pin) chip I should get. Any recommendations?

I also cant decide which LCD Moniter would be good. Any you would recommend?

Also, I would like it if the total cost of the computer stayed under $2000.

And, do you think the Powersupply(420W) could support the above items.

Thank you.

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Reporting: Athlon 64, 256mb video, 2 gigs, good setup?
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Corsair 1GB should be sufficient 3200C2PT (2x512)-116
creative soulnd blaster audigy zs gamer editiom
Mitsumi USB2.0 Digital Card Reader/Writer W/FD INTERNAL, Model FA404A/404M-20
3x Antec LED80XFAN 80mm Blue LED Light Cooling Fan-24
athlon 64 3000+-146 Socket 939 Venice Core
Maybe you might want to get a better mobo top-of the line abit one costs $205
Samsung or SOny monitor that has lower than 14ms refresh rate.
PSU, if you're not going sli, than should be enough.

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(NT) (NT)all compatable, nice setup, go with an amd 3800+
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Extra Info

The reason I want SLI is so that later I can buy a 2nd 256mb video card(when the upgrade would be pratical). I thought getting 2x 1 gig rams sticks would be good because then, if I ever wanted to upgrade to 4 gigs, I could just buy 2 more, instead of having to replace any ram, and having to buy 4x 1 gig ram sticks.

Do you think that 420W will be enough to run all the stuff?

Oh, I should buy some more fans and stuff, shouldnt I?

Do you recommend getting the San Diego or the Veince chip?

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(NT) (NT)go higher in the psu, get 2GB, and get venice
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(NT) (NT) no need gb is enough but psu upgrade would be good
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I have Athlon64...

but software has yet to catch up with 64-bit processing. Unless you are configuring for the future (2-3 yrs), you aren't going to see much of an increase in speed. Microsoft has announced XP64 and if you have XP you can download the 64 free. All your drivers have to be rewritten for 64 bit. Until all this happens, everything will run as 32-bit.

BTW..I just traded my 64 for a P4C800-E (ASUS) w/3.4ghz. 800fsb, 3gb, x800pro (ATI), SATA/RAID, and it screams.

and life goes on...


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LCD Monitor

I just bought a Planar. They have a 3 year 2 day replacement policy.

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Sounds good...

I bought a new machine in April and have since upgraded with 3 of the items you've upgraded with.

1. Logitech MX510 931162-0403 Blue 8 Buttons 1x Wheel USB + PS/2 Optical Mouse - Retail

2. CREATIVE Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Value SB0400 8 (7.1) Channels PCI Interface Sound Card - OEM

3. Logitech X-530 70 Watts 5.1 Speaker - Retail

I really like all the products, but here's a few tips;

1. On the Logitech mouse, set a RESTORE POINT before installing it. It mucked with my keyboard driver and I ended up uninstalling it and then reinstalling the drivers ONLY. (Logitech has gotten into the bad habit of including advertisements and self-promotions in their software). ONLY INSTALL WHAT YOU NEED.

2. The Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 OEM - compare prices at (A) newegg (B) ChiefValue and (C) UpgradeSource. They're all 3 always running specials. I ended up buying from UpgradeSource for $45 with free FedEx. Creative also has some funky extra stuff. Also, set a restore point prior to installation. Also, remove ALL remnants of ANY previously installed sound card, including disabling onboard sound from the BIOS. Once done, the Creative Sounds Sweet and their ''Creative MediaSource'' player sounds far superior to Windows Media Player 10

3. The Logitech X-530 70 Watts 5.1 Speakers sound GREAT out of the box! The extra thick cable on the right front speaker is a little awkward as far as limiting where you can place the speaker. The cord is SO thick that it topples the speaker. I had to wrap mine around a desk support to hold it in place. Also, the rear speaker conections are short - 8 feet I think. Plan on getting some RCA extensions if you have a large room.

I picked up a 17'' LCD from SVA (Korean company) and it works fine. The refresh rate is only 75 Hz though. Just shop around and by the way, the 420W power supply should be sufficient.

Good luck and keep us posted on how it all comes together!

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my only concern

I think the power supply is suspect. I guess it would do for now, However with you wanting to go Sli in the future a better Psu would be high on my priority list, No sense in spending over a grand on a system and chance having a lower quality PSU take out some components. Frankly Aspire is not noted for making quality Psu's.

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A Larger Power Supply is a MUST...

With today's power chips, power graphics cards, power USB2.0 ports, SATA, etc..etc.. , power supplies no less than 500w should be used. The Athlon64 alone will use over 100w. You can buy now or double buy later. Up to you.

and life goes on...


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