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AT&T's U-verse HDTV & Interenet Service -User experience?

by Prandy / May 10, 2007 5:36 AM PDT

With DirecTV acting more like the cable company in outrageous pricing for HDTV, just as I was getting ready to set up the new HDTV that arrived yesterday (a week early) and cave into DTV's $299 charge to LEASE a DVR, raise rates for HD signal, and sign a two year contract, we got a flier in the mail that the U-verse service had just become available in my area (greater Kansas City). It combines DSL Internet and HDTV signal for $40 a month less than the current combined cost of my ATT/Yahoo DSL Elite plus DirecTV, a FREE HD/DVR, no contracts, more HD programs, and a free trial period.

The few reviews you find when you Google "U-verse" are mostly
positive. One said the picture was not as good.

Anyone out there tried this new service or know someone who has? I some advice pretty fast since my new HDTV is just sitting on the floor waiting to be connected. Thanks.

Thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to respond.

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I paid $50.00 for there basic hi-def system and that fee was taken off my 2 first bills FREE I then ordered there hi-def and VOOM package for only $15.00 extra per month, Then thru up a cheap outside antenna hooked it up to the hi-def box did a digital scan and walla 19 local digital channels pooped in 9 are in hi-def I have so many hi-def channels to choose that a d.v.r. is totally a waste of money also after you do a local digital scan all you local stations will go into the main menue for easy access under $60.00 per month not bad steweee

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Yes, considering DISH Network as well
by Prandy / May 10, 2007 9:18 AM PDT

DISH Network is slightly less expensive and service is comparable to DirecTV and I may go with them. They don't charge for the HD-DVR but their monthly add on for HD is $10/month more than DirecTV.

As for why the DVR - Once you are used to TIVO or other comparable DVR, you just cannnot go back. You chose when to watch what you watch and you never have to watch another commercial again. I'd give up my cell phone before I'd give up on the DVR !!

Thanks for your input.

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(NT) I'd like to give up crummy cell phones for any good reason.
by NM_Bill / May 10, 2007 2:13 PM PDT
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L & H - good for sure. Old Harold Lloyd should be
by NM_Bill / May 11, 2007 2:13 PM PDT

seen by younger people. He invented so much stuff & no stunt men. Also introduction to Chaplin should get college credit. Hey, even Three Stooges. And the 40s - Abbott & Costello.

Very educational & should be seen by many.

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Uverse has been great
by socalpaul1 / January 4, 2009 2:49 PM PST

I saw an installer outside my neighbors installing Uverse so I quizzed him on all the problems I heard about the service (freezing up, poor video, etc?) he told me that we would not have to worry about it since there is a fiber optic line just across the street but he has had these problems when the line is much farther away. I decided to try it out as I wanted at the extra features and I couldn?t be happier. I used the installer?s advise and went to used code PA1414428 then use promotional code ?EXTRAGIFT? on checkout which gave an additional $25.00 cash back ($200 already by signing up online) then before finishing online order went to ?Chat? at top of page and told them my neighbor got an additional $100.00 cash back for ordering the same day which they added at end of order so I got a total of $325.00 Cash Back for ordering online. Way better than the deals at AT&T stores or the kids coming to the door (no cash back).

Service is awesome, picture is great and don?t forget to watch mail for the cash back cards as they look like junkmail and I?m sure many people have thrown them in teh trash without opening them. I love being able to go online from work and schedule shows to record (I never miss a football game now because I?m running late or forget to record it).

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I still have my two Dish Vip 622 HD DVRs.
by jcrobso / January 6, 2009 6:10 AM PST

I looked at U-verse, I did get the u-verse high speed internet, I finial got rid of the 640k DSL.
I look at the video packages, but they weren't as good as what I'm getting from Dish. John

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Issue resolved - Staying with DirecTV
by Prandy / May 11, 2007 11:46 AM PDT

First I got the to following site that essentially said "get it"

Then from the same person who had it for four months said he was cancelling:

as follows:

"Originally Posted by Scott Greczkowski
Today I canceled AT&T UVERSE service. They are sending me boxes so I can return my receivers to them.

The reasons for canceling were many.

Over the past few weeks when I go to watch TV at night I go to UVERSE and get a message that "Television Service is Currently Unavailable, please try again later"

What kind of crap is that?

In addition the other night I went through the UVERSE Video on Demand menus and it really did not have anything to offer, and movies such as CARS were way overpriced to order. AT&T UVERSE still does not offer any real VOD programming and no subscription VOD such as WWE 24/7 and Howard TV.

But the MAJOR problem with UVERSE is their HD

The Picture quality of the HD SUCKS. Sometimes the SD version of the HD channels look better!

The fact that I can only watch HD on one TV in the house at a time also was a big factor for me. I have 5 HDTV's in the house, if my wife is watching CSI down the stairs then I can't watch MHD in the bedroom.

In addition I have yet to sit through a HD program without the picture breaking up its a ton of pixels and squeeking sound coming out of my speakers.

Cancelation was not to hard yet not too easy, they did offer to give me the HD services for free instead of charging me $10 a month HD technology fee, but that was not enough to keep me. And they kept trying to sell me local AT&T phone service durring the call to cancel. I was told that HD was the main reason people were canceling.

The included internet was also TOO SLOW AND TOO EXPENSIVE. Last week my local COX upgraded us to 20 MB/s service for $49 a month! AT&T's top speed was 6MB/s for almost the same price. Whats up with that? That is definately something that also needs to be fixed.

If I want to watch TV, I should just turn on the TV and have it there. I should never be told to try it again later.

When I first reviewed UVERSE I called UVERSE a band aid, and I still call it that today. Sure they can double the bandwith and allow 2 HD streams into your house, but whoopie, try recording one HD show while watching another. Again HDTV 2 cant watch HD. Many folks I know already have more then 1 HDTV and as we gear up for the 2009 Analog switchoff I expect the number of households with 2 or more HDTV's to increase greatly. I feel that AT&T will continue trying to play catch up with the technology. And unfortunatelly they are going to just have to keep upgrading and upgrading. They should have bit the bullet now and went fiber to the home. It would have saved them more in the long run.

AT&T UVERSE - Its not ready for primetime. (Especially when you try watching in Prime Time and are told to try again later!)"


I went ahead and paid the $299 for the HD-DVR since it allowed me to keep both TIVO (non-HD) on the other TV and the second DVR for the new HDTV. This was not as bad as I thought since both DISH Network and ATT wanted about the same for two DVR's instead of one DVR and one receiver.

Total monthly fee went up $11.00 for HD service and $1.00 for TIVO versus receiver = $12.00.

I imagine that in 2009, I will be switching out everything. At least the guy at DirecTV was very honest. Of course it took three calls to get to an honest person (in America this time). He spoke perfect English and completely understood the issues.

It is Friday night - the installation is scheduled for the first thing Monday morning.

And now ......... to get on with my life and not worry about such small things anymore.

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by mercury51 / December 7, 2009 2:25 AM PST

I can record a different HD channel while watching an HD channel on both of my HD TV?s. I can?t record two HD channels and watch two different channels on each box. It states this in the literature though. That?s not an issue just a service fact. If you want more, wait a few years.
I don?t know what service this person was talking about. Uverse offers 18Mbps. I have no problems.
No provider runs fiber optic cable right up to a home residence, a business is another story. Many providers in many locations don?t even have it run to the pole, so to speak. So if Uverse is not ready for primetime then no other provider is either.

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Do Your Research
by nikkic801 / December 22, 2009 11:15 PM PST
In reply to: Huh?

This person is definitely talking about u-verse. I am one of those customers who was dupped by AT&T. I live in Atlanta and AT&T is working hard to compete with comcast. They are working so hard that they have taken a fast and furious approach to broadening their service areas. The only problem is unlike comcast, u-verse is not the same at each location. In some locations you are limited to how many HD channels you can watch or even record at the same time. AT&T knows this but usually does not tell you up front. Instead the tech who completes the install informs you. AT&T won't even offer you a concession on your monthly bill if this happens. I never would have known if I had not moved.

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by kellyn823 / August 5, 2011 6:35 AM PDT
In reply to: Do Your Research

I had DirecTV for 12 years, and we just moved to an apartment complex that doesn't allow satellite dishes, so we were left to choose between AT&T Uverse, or Comcast. After a lot of research, we decided to go with AT&T Uverse. I called the sales agent to sign up over a week before we were scheduled to move in, and she promised everything would be ready to go on move in day. It was not. We still did not have service a week and a half after we moved in, almost 3 weeks after sign up. So we called AT&T corporate, they stated that we were not even scheduled for installation. They set it up, and the soonest date was 3 more weeks later! I had explained that my husband had a heart attack and needed to work from home. His income was our only income, and he now has had no internet/phone for over a month! Their response shocked me, they stated that we could always cancel and go with Comcast. We should have, but didn't. We waited, only to rearrange our schedules AGAIN for the new install date only to be stood up with no call. I called asked for a manager, and waited on hold for over 45 min only to be told the manager refuses to speak with me. First time in my LIFE a manager has REFUSED to even talk to me!!! Rep said manager stated she couldn't do anything to help me, and then rep transferred me to a tech support who I waited another 45 min for. He answers, I explain situation, and he states sarcastically " Well now that Ive been sitting here on the phone for like 10 whole minutes just listening to you, I think I know the whole story already". I had been on MY cell using MY min. cause God knows I had no home phone, for 2 hours, and he complains for 10 min! Unbelievable! He tells me it's a wire problem and it will be 3 more weeks until install date, and I can cancel if I don't want to wait. We really didn't want to wait, especially after that horrible customer service, but Comcast was more money,less product.So we waited, and install date comes AGAIN, and once again, we are no showed. Called to speak with manager - DENIED AGAIN! They stated no install date was in the system at all this time, so I cancelled. I called Comcast, until I can get my beloved DirecTV back. AT&T has the WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!! If they treat their NEW customers this way, I can only imagine how bad it will get later on. I think they got too big too fast. What a dissappointment!

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What doesn't suck and what does suck about ATT Uverse.
by jdmcmul / May 13, 2007 3:39 AM PDT

Doesn't suck:

2 free months of service.
12 months free HD service.
Cool Motorola set tops.
Internet scheduling of recordings. (When I am at work).
4 simultaneous SD DVR recordings

Does suck:

No whole-home DVR yet.
HD streams limited to 1.
HD quality (although 1080i) not as good as DTV or TWC.
Video on Demand movies not available in HD....only SD.
Free VoD (not much here for kids as I have a 3.5 year old.) TWC was great in this area.

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You got it right. My DirecTV picture is flawless.
by Prandy / May 13, 2007 11:25 AM PDT

DirecTV installation was fantastic. It included a new outside dish satellite receiver that is far larger in size than the old one but not intrusive and blends well with our current house color.

The picture quality is virtually perfect. The installer worked for DirecTV and was not a subcontractor. He was articulate and knowledgable about his product. After an hour or so installing the new Dish itself outside, he spent another two hours on the interior installation including moving our (heavy) 32 inch non HDTV Sony to the bedroom. He made sure our non HDTV still worked with the DirecTV TIVO and that the new HDTV (Sony Bravia)worked correctly including the software updates.

He said four hours had been scheduled to make the installation but it only took three hours because the factory settings of the new HDTV were about the first he had ever seen that could not be improved upon.

It is nice to deal with honest and competent people, even if it more expensive.

He then made sure we could operate the new DVR with the remote as adeptly as the TIVO by first showing us how to operate it then nicely "forcing" us to do it ourselves.

For once, everything relative to a retail purchase went right.

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by cvictoriac / November 20, 2007 6:04 AM PST

Do you know how to watch your regular DVD player?? I have not been able to watch a movie on DVD since I got it. I am sitting on hold with u-verse for 21 minutes now and am losing patience. HELP!!

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Using DVD with Uverse
by landrylm / November 20, 2007 6:16 AM PST
In reply to: DVD

I had trouble with this as well. Mine works as follows
- Make sure you set your TV to channel 3 using your original TV remote.
- Turn on the Uverse and make sure the system is working.
- Use your old TV remote (NOT the Uverse remote) to switch from TV to DVD mode
- Use your DVD remote (NOT the Uverse remote) to operate the DVD.
- Return the TV to "TV" mode afterwards.

If you can't get the Uverse to work with the Uverse remote, you've got a problem with your Uverse controller and need to disconnect it to use your DVD.

After four our five Uverse telephone trouble calls, and three house calls, we have finally had explained to us how to "boot" Uverse. When we've had problems, the reboot function seems to work. Don't know why they waited so long to explain it to us.

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DVD Player
by cvictoriac / December 2, 2007 11:58 PM PST
In reply to: Using DVD with Uverse

I called and they sent a tech support person out ... they hooked up the DVD player and now it works fine!! They had wires in the wrong places I guess.

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More things that are not good with AT&T Uverse
by edolen / July 28, 2008 1:58 AM PDT

Recently I switched from Comcast to Uverse. The main reason was the price. 254 USD with Comcast and 182 USD with Uverse per month.

I read a lot of bad reviews about Uverse and woul like to a list a few of my own:

1 - The biggest issue is the technology behind Uverse. The converters are like Personal Computers. They are called Home PNA's and have IP adresses as well as Micorsoft CE operating system. Now think about the last time you re-booted your PC. How long did it take? I've never seen a PC that rebooted in sub second... If you live in an older subdivision, where power outages, even if it is for a second is common, you will miss at least 5 minutes of TV as soon as the power comes back on. Of course 5 minutes may not be important, unless you are watching the Summer Olympics and the power goes off right before 400 meter starts.
2 - The second biggest issue is the line coming into your house. It is copper. The line going into the AT&T box is fiber, but the distibution is done using copper. You can logon to your Home Gateway using the following link and look at Detailed Statistics (password required is in the bottom of the Gateway). In my subdivision, I see a lot of Uncorrectable Blocks - meaning dirty reads due to copper coming into the house. I also see 1491 of DSL unavailable seconds since the last time I reset my statistics (2 days ago). This is a lot of downtime considering it is now year 2008.
3 - Finally, I find the picture quality of Uverse better then Comcast. Particularly CNN Headline. Robin Meade and Kristi Paul look so much better with a better definition on the TV. However, with Comcast set-tops, I was also seeing the time of the day. ATT set-tops does not have a clock and have the annoying bright blue light which wakes me up the nights when I forget to power-off the set-top. Considering I have 6 of these set-tops, it means 6 less clocks around my house...

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this gets old quick
by notyou79 / January 10, 2009 12:49 PM PST

Im not tryin to put you down buddy but this stuff gets old quick!!!! This is why time warner and direct tv wont let you access your signal. Customers have no clue what there talking about.
#1...every company that has a cable box and the power to the house goes out is going to have to reboot..if it lost power it will have to reboot you have a clue how much it would cost to have fiber run to each house??If your in a new development then it may be zoned for fiber so if your rich in a nice neighborhood then you get it..if not you dont(talk to the city not at&t).also uverse can only run so many feet from the cross box over cooper. they let it go no more then 3000 feet because you wont be affected with all fiber except the last 3000 feet.Also instead of your link just type in http://home. much easier and not everyone gets a motorola box.
#3...the picture quality...on sd tvs with good lines it blows everyone else out of the water by far.on hd tvs without hd well...ok,its only has 1080i right now i think direct tv is the only one out with true 1080p(for now).most people dont see a difference but its for sure there.also it seems it its different from tv to tv when you have the hd service from at&t.some great some ok and some not so good.also people need to realize if your running hd cables from the box to your tv with the box trying to produce hd, regular channels will not look that great.i usually try to use hd cables and also hook up coax.just change the video source if you dont plan on watching any hd programs and you will see a world of difference.

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U-verse better than Charter Cable, but BEWARE.
by joswearingen / October 23, 2007 3:19 AM PDT

Home networking:

If you have a home network and share a printer using an existing router, BE SURE THAT THE PRINTER WORKS! BEFORE the installation technician leaves.

OTHERWISE, you'll have to threaten to cancel your service to get free technical support. WHY PAY FOR SOMETHING THEY SCREWED UP? Their literature states you can share a printer, but their website does not have ANY information on HOW to do it. They want you to pay for that service. This is a dumb oversight.

Ask for a Tier 2 technician--they are the experienced group. The 2Wire "home gateway router" has firewall settings that must be changed to enable a shared printer. (Ask them to enable a second router, that worked for me.)

The firewall settings cannot be changed by the user, but must be changed by AT&T. As it is, I can't print directly from my laptop, but have to turn on my desktop and 'share' the printer. Nuisance.

TV service:

Sometimes the box is slow to respond to the remote. If you press too many buttons, the unit will freak out and blink for several minutes. The service sometimes does freeze for several minutes. This was true with digital cable too. There is less pixilation or distortion with U-verse.

The picture is better than my previous digital cable, so is the sound. My internet connection is the best I've seen, but speeds are dependent on how far your home is from their 'node'. The service is fiberoptic to the node, then copper to your home.

The smart remotes work well with our TV's, including on/off and volume control. Haven't been able to program the remote to operate our home theater system. :-(.

You can only watch 1 HD show at a time. Further, if you program your DVR to record 4 shows overlapping the same time slot (or 1 HD show), your OTHER TV's won't work. We're limited to 1 HD plus 1 standard show recorded/viewed concurrently, or up to 4 standard shows recorded/viewed. In other words, if you have 5 or more TV's that are frequently on at the same time, only 4 will work. That's WITHOUT recording anything.

I've found that recording non-hd versions of my shows, off primetime, solves my bandwidth problems.

They are working on adding more 'tuner' functions (up to 8)simultaneously, plus being able to access DVR from other sets. Don't count on these features to be ready soon, or to work as sold.

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Update on U-verse, 1 month later......
by joswearingen / December 2, 2007 11:02 PM PST


Bought an additional laptop (Vista Premium). It connected to the U-verse router just fine, older XP laptop can't even find the network since I set up the Vista unit. This problem alone will probably cause me to move to DirectTV and back to DSL. Haven't had the patience to call tech support yet.


HD picture isn't as good as cable's was, 1080i vs. 1080p. Hubby likes his football crisp and clear.

DVR isn't reliable. Some recorded hows won't play; they just freeze after 20 seconds, and are hard to erase.

You have to have patience with the remote, it is often very slow to respond.

Where did The Weather Channel Weather on the 8's go? No local weather available.

Would be nice to have "Movies" "Music" "Kids" as menu options instead of having to scroll through the guide. Also would be nice to have an option that allows you to see what's starting at a certain time.

Overall, this service doesn't seem to be adequately supported, marketed, or maintained. This doesn't bode well for the long term. Next stop, DirectTV.

AT&T should survey its U-Verse users to find out how to keep them!

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U-verse Experience
by landrylm / November 5, 2007 1:53 AM PST

Good news and Bad news. Good news is that it does indeed work, the picture is (most of the time) clear and mostly easy to use, and I can get a serviceperson out to the house when telephone support doesn't work (about once a month, so far).
Bad news:
- local installers aren't as proficient as they should be
- system is VERY picky. Unplugging the power cord requires the system to be "rebooted", which can take up to an hour, and doesn't always work the first time. Need to make sure power cord is on a surge protector!
- commercials are louder in volume than the shows
- telephone support is spotty, and not always correct. Often have had to call several times before I got a corrective action that worked
- image degrades and hangs up for 20-30 seconds, often several times an hour
- system will turn itself on unexpectedly
- installer promised that new remote controller would control DVD player as well as TV, which it did not. Telephone support wasted several hours trying to "reprogram" the remote. I now need three remotes to play DVDs.

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tech support for uverse
by Bruce Wayne 026 / July 27, 2008 6:53 PM PDT
In reply to: U-verse Experience

the thing i dont like about it is i cant record hd programs while watching another and i've heard that att's going to send their tech support to the philippines! i've got some information that att is going to outsource it in the philippines with sutherland global services. aw man, we're gonna soon run out work here.

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You people dont HAVE uverse at all!
by themtb2007 / October 30, 2008 6:15 AM PDT
In reply to: U-verse Experience

ok comcast, stop trying to flood message boards. not only do i have uverse, i install it. there is no way a person has a dvr that "rarely" works, has a slow internet speed that he said as being "really slow", and being on the phone with tech support for an hour? thats true. they are horrible about time on the phone. BUT reprogramming the remote is a simple thing, the likelihood was, you coulnt do what they were asking of you to do. they cannot reprogram a remote from the office. so you made that up.
unplugging the boxes...First, why are you unplugging boxes? anyway, the boxes clearly dont take an hour to come back up. not even with the recent update for all room dvr.. does it take an hour for a tv to come back on... so that too is a flat out lie. its more like 5 minutes if you unplug a box from the power (again, why?)

even the rg doesnt take that long to reset itself.
the only way it takes an HOUR is if you did a complete RECOVERY which is MORE than simply unplugging a box. You have to set your mind to doing one and do the steps. THAT takes about 30 minutes.

But to say that The dvr only sometimes works, it stupid. That is not possible. it cannot Work sometimes and not others. that is like saying your Hard drive in your computer will let you right click and save a picture sometimes and others it wont!!

And if your speed is "really slow" on the net.. its not uverse because thats physically impossible for it to be slower than anyone else (but verison). The reason is, either you have 256k memory or (and this is more likely) YOU HAVE ADWARE, and it bombed your computer when you changed providers. CLEAN YOUR COMPUTER... and stop using your computer like an aol user, and learn how the thing works!

And for you picture quality people with high def... I CAN BET you that you are feeding your tv with an hdmi cable, or even worse a Coax or rca's between the tv and the box, Another thing is, the att box is set to 4:3 and not 720 or 1080. We, like all other people dont push 1080 anyhow, its 720.

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at&t U-Verse experience... this technology sucks
by thx4nuthn / December 1, 2007 9:37 AM PST

I have had U-Verse for the past 5 months and it's the absolute worst picture quality ever. Unfortunately for me it's the only option in our building we live in (Valencia, CA) so I am stuck with this crap! After numerous calls and visits from techs, these people can't seem to figure out what the problem is. The internet is so slow, the DVR never really works, the picture freezes, etc... I would give anything to go back to Dish Network.. at least their picture quality for both SD and HD was great compared to U-Verse.

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that seems to be the consensus
by jd_payne737 / March 26, 2008 4:30 AM PDT

I was doing a little research on U-verse as well, came across a ton of reviews, good and bad on and then this site which slams uverse there are posts about a lot of the same things you are talking about.

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seeing is believing - U-verse
by thegreek62 / December 2, 2007 10:22 AM PST

I finally got ATT u-verse in my neighborhood and could NOT wait to switch from Chart Communications. I was tired of being held hostage and over-paying for cable and internet. AT&T as you noted is definitely lesss money for both TV and internet. The picture quality for HD is fine, and I could notice the difference in 100% digital signal both from a visual and audio perspective. It has a much more user friendly, easy-to view channel system (guide, info, switching channel to channel).

Plus you get HD channels free for a year when you sign up plus up to 6 boxes for other TVs (including the DVR). AT&T (although never really a big proponent of them) put out a pretty good package at a better price than cable companies.

Good luck, and F the cable company monopolies.

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switch from charter to uverse?
by kevredwood / January 15, 2008 4:47 AM PST

I received the offer from AT&T and am thinking about switching from Charter in the Riverside area (which up til now has been my only cable option at my apt.) Are you still with Uverse? Are you happy you switched from Charter?

We may be getting dish network at our apts soon so I am trying to decide if I should wait until that is finalized or if I should make the switch.

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I liked Dish better
by cvictoriac / January 15, 2008 4:56 AM PST

ONLY because I could watch the DVR from any room that had the TV box ... one box worked 2 TVs so I could tape a show and watch it from the family room or my room. Now, they only have one DVR per house and I cant watch from my room ... inconvienced with this.

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"Savings" are a myth,
by joswearingen / January 15, 2008 7:26 AM PST

I switched from Charter to Uverse a couple of months ago. Don't expect to see any savings, I didn't.


- HD fans, the picture is NOT as good as Charter's HD. They use different 'flavors' of HD. Charter uses the latest, 1080P.

- You'll miss your cable menu, where you can search "Movies", etc.. Uverse menu is very rudimentary.

- Don't change to Uverse if you regularly use more than 3 TV's at once, or if you have more than 1 HD TV.

- Much longer time lag in response to remote control (10 to 30 seconds sometimes, which is an eternity!) Real nuisance when searching through the Guide.

- The DVR isn't always reliable. Sometimes it records "blank" shows. Sometimes playback has distorted audio. "Fast forward" doesn't always work. That makes zipping through ads harder.

- Box sometimes shuts down without warning. This frequently happens if you don't wait for it to respond to a button on the remote. PATIENCE is MANDATORY.

- No Weather Channel local "weather on the 8's".

- If you have more than one home computer, DON'T switch. Their wireless router is poorly supported.


It DOES change channels from HD to regular TV faster. The DVR does hold more hours of programming.

After reading this, I can't believe I haven't switched to DirectTV yet.

There is a LOT more video on demand. If you have Netflix, this might not matter to you.

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Charter does not use 1080p
by joedelco / February 7, 2008 7:53 AM PST
In reply to: "Savings" are a myth,

Nobody uses 1080p for transmitting HD television, the highest quality HD television is transmitted in 1080i. The best quality HD TV transmission is Over-the-Air broadcasts and it is still only broadcast in 1080i.

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