asus model G51IJ

Apr 1, 2018 5:51PM PDT

problem when starting..When i try to start my laptop in the morning , i have to press the power button over 20 times before it finally starts...If i shut it off in the daytime then restart it ,,no problems..only when i start it after laptop sits over night...I took out the battery and unplugged it but made no difference....any help would be appreciated.

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Reporting: asus model G51IJ
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Try the cheapest thing it could be.
Apr 1, 2018 6:27PM PDT

Replace the CMOS battery. If this can't be done, get repair estimates.

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Apr 1, 2018 6:33PM PDT

cmos battery was changed 3 months ago

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Given how cheap it is
Apr 1, 2018 6:55PM PDT

And how some are not so new out of the box, we try this because what's next is costly.

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cmos battery
Apr 1, 2018 8:28PM PDT

i will change the battery tomorrow and let you know if problem fixed

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Remember I did not write this will fix it.
Apr 1, 2018 9:21PM PDT

It's just so cheap that we must try it since you already did the battery out reset. Which was, power off, remove charger and battery, press and hold the power button for 60 seconds, release, slip is big battery, apply power and test.

Keep in mind any other clues are always helpful. One poor soul didn't mention the big battery was defective and we went over the usual which does not apply to such a situation.

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cmos battery
Apr 2, 2018 6:21AM PDT

If i shut down and restart once laptop nice and warm it will start on first try..Only when sitting idle for hours [Cool will i have problems restarting

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cmos battery
Apr 2, 2018 6:48AM PDT

On my laptop and all documents that i have tell me my model is G51IJ but in my system info it says G60JX..should i stick with the G60JX for cmos battery?

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cmos battery
Apr 2, 2018 7:16AM PDT

sorry its a G51JX not IJ

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So the battery didn't help.
Apr 2, 2018 9:30AM PDT

Then the news is grim. You didn't tell more story like "my main battery is bad" so it's time to call up the maker to get repair estimates. Likely to be a motherboard and if your battery is worn they'll add that to the repair too.

Sorry the cheapest thing it could be didn't help.

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cmos battery
Apr 2, 2018 9:35AM PDT

Did not try to change battery yet..My system info says that i have a asus G60JX but all paperwork and info written on laptop says G51JX...Should i use cmos battery for G60JX or G51JX...have to order cmos battery on line, will take around a week or two to get it

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Since you wrote you changed it
Apr 2, 2018 9:51AM PDT
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Apr 2, 2018 9:55AM PDT

Unless you have some odd battery it's just a small coin shaped thing.

Most likely a cr2032.

Pull the thing out and read the back.

Surely you have some local merchant that sells batteries.

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Apr 2, 2018 10:00AM PDT

Or it's the CR2032 soldered to wires and plug then some shrink wrap.

I've lost count of how many times I soldered on a new CR2032 to those wires. It only takes a few minutes but saves time and money.

That said, I find many of today's consumers scared to do such minor work or even change a battery. Just last month our niece freaked out over me changing my car battery. Telling me my car would blow up.

Sorry folk, I think someone is being told falsehoods to line the pockets of shops here.

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cmos battery
Apr 2, 2018 10:01AM PDT

battery comes with wired end 2 pin

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That's what I saw.
Apr 2, 2018 10:16AM PDT
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cmos battery
Apr 2, 2018 10:21AM PDT

Is it just regular solder or anything special

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We use both PB and PB free solder.
Apr 2, 2018 10:28AM PDT

For wires and board work I worry when folk ask. I know folk are sometimes just learning but for board and wire work in consumer gear, the solder you get at Fry's is fine.

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cmos battery
Apr 2, 2018 10:36AM PDT

Thank you .i shall try that out as soon as i get new battery.

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Apr 2, 2018 11:49AM PDT

If your battery has leads on it and you have a soldering pencil and some solder then it's a simple DIY job to swap the leads to a new battery.

If you have to go buy those things for a one time job it's not worth the effort.

Take the old battery to your local pc shop.

They will move the wires from the old battery to a new battery and your done.

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cmos battery
Apr 2, 2018 12:22PM PDT

Thank you will do

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