ASUS GTX750Ti-OC-2GD5 graphics card will not run?

Feb 28, 2014 7:15PM PST

MY GTX 750Ti graphics card has been received by courier and unpacked looking undamaged.
But when placed in my PC the two fans rotate round and a red LED comes straight on before I actually turn on the main start up button on my computer?

My monitor says straight away no input when the pc is booted up on both HDM1 sockets. Also my ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe motherboard comes up with an audio message of System Failed DVA test. The card does have the 6 pin power connecter socket but as I use my pc for normal and not gaming use it should still run ok on the PCI socket for power?

Have placed back my ASUS GeForce 6600GT graphics board all is well again. No problems at all running for the last 6-7 years with the ASUS motherboard. As this is a new board straight out of production there is nothing on the forums to see what problems are occurring with this graphics card let alone the ASUS website.

I am an electronics service engineer so the computer had been earthed and an electrostatic discharge wrist band bonded to earth. The power supply is 550 watts made by Corsair (no cheap PSU in this pc) before the graphics card was installed the old NVIDIA drivers and software was uninstalled first.

Spent hours checking the BIOS which again runs my old card and the same PCI slot was being used that the 6600GT runs on. The little booklet that came with the card is just about useless with no technical information at all. I have just about reached the end of trying to find the problem with this new graphics card and wished I had purchased an early model like the GTX660 that has been around for some time and plenty of information out there.

Any help on sorting this problem out would be gratefully received having been through the night until 2.30 am in the morning trying to see why I have a dud card and starting to pull what little hair is left out of my head. This is the first time I have installed a piece of hardware that has not run correctly from new. Used to service MAC units.

For Ref:
ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe Motherboard.
ASUS GeForce 6600GT working graphics card.
AMD 64 3200+ processor which was to be upgraded to an Opteron 180 dual-core.
Windows 7 Home Edition.
Corsair TX550TM 550 watt psu.

This set up has been stable and before that running on Windows XP with no problems with my older graphics card.

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Reporting: ASUS GTX750Ti-OC-2GD5 graphics card will not run?
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Maybe an assumption is causing this problem
Feb 28, 2014 8:21PM PST

In reading your post, I think the assumption "The card does have the 6 pin power connecter socket but as I use my pc for normal and not gaming use it should still run ok on the PCI socket for power?" is what is causing the problem.
I did find one of that type card without the 6pin additional connection, but since the one in question does have it, I think a connection may be required.

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asus 750 ti
Feb 28, 2014 11:39PM PST
You can read the whole thing but here's the part that fits.

The card requires a single 6-pin PCI-Express power connector. This power configuration can provide up to 150W of power. You can not use the card without the power connector (I tried). I've also been wondering about the odd placement of the power connector, which I find difficult to use, especially in smaller cases. ASUS tells me this has been done to optimize power delivery - the voltage regulation circuitry is nearby the connector.
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ASUS GTX750Ti connection of 6 way PCI power supply
Mar 1, 2014 2:57AM PST

Thanks Bob for the information on the card.

From some of the reviews I assumed that you could run the card on just the PCI power as it uses under the 75 watts from the motherboard. As it was not for gaming and some of the websites said it was designed to be used for older motherboards and PSU's that don't have the 6 pin power connectors.

From this I got the idea that you do not have to connect the extra 6 pin connector to the board for it to run? Just plug and play. Also the silly little basic manual just says under the "NOTE" If your graphics card has an auxiliary power connector. Connect the appropriate power plug from the system power supply to the graphics card.

Nothing about you have to have this extra connection just a if you have one? So one assumed yet again it would boot up with enough power from the PCI slot. Will have to go out and purchase a new 6 pin cable to plug into the side of my Corsair PSU and find out. Many people could fall into the same trap I have. (don't read the manual) comes to mind.

Thanks again Bob for the information and the cracking review. Will get back to you when I have a new cable.


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ASUS GTX750Ti connection of 6 way PCI express power supply
Mar 1, 2014 9:44PM PST

Went out and purchased a PCI express cable to plug into the graphics board and the red LED went straight over to the green LED on the board. Job done you were spot on bob and lacsr.
Thank you for saving the day for me, much appreciated and one happy customer having sorted out the problem.

What is very worrying as there are two GTX750Ti main cards on sale is that the one with the single fan should be a plug and play unit for old OEM PC's but the twin fan GTX750Ti has to be connected to get the 12 volts into the board via the 6 pin PCI express plug with a newer PSU?

A lot of customers will be confused over this as the small booklet does not point this problem out let alone tell you that if the red LED is alight then you MUST have a separate cable connected. Not all OEM PSU's have the extra 8 pin to 6 pin connection for this brand new card being sold. Will be interesting to see how many other users who might get burnt fingers with this little ditty.
My fault for reading the booklet first and sticking to it.

Kind regards


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Just a side note
Mar 2, 2014 12:28AM PST

I have the GTX EVGA GeForce GTX 750Ti Superclock 2GB without the extra power plug and it works great with Win 8.1 in the PCIe x16 slot. It only draws 60 watts.


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May 28, 2016 9:24PM PDT

For me theres no power connector whats so ever
Please Help

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You should start a new thread
May 29, 2016 8:58AM PDT

And please be sure to include all your system info, including operating system, model number, and any other specifics related to the problem.

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