You will notice the Acer lists the cpu has a 715 Pentium M which is the lowest Dothan chip (705 is not a Dothan). The specs confirm this by stating you have 2MB L2 system cache which is what the Dothan has.

The Toshiba states it has a 1.6 Pentium M but it does not state it is a 725 Dothan and the specs state you have only 1mb L2 System cache (therefore it is an older Banias Pentium M and has 1/2 the L2 cache size of the Acer above and all other notebooks with the new Dothan Pentium M cpus (715 and above).

You need to confirm this as I have mostly only seen the 705 chip being sold (1.5) but they must be selling old stockpiles of Banias 1.6 cpus in Canada.

The Toshiba has the Trubrite LCD screen so look at that at Best Buy, etc and if you like it consider the Toshiba.

Otherwise, the Acer is a better price and has the upgraded Dothan cpu and even a better video card (64mb dedicated ATI 9700 -- too bad it does not have the 128mb video some Acers with the ATI 9700 have).