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AS Burns - Why I'm not a liberal any more...

"I hate to admit it but I have to. I can?t take Liberals anymore. I tried to be open minded. I tried to realize there are many points of view. But even the Liberals I know that I never used to consider radical have made me crazy. I don?t get them. And I can?t respect them. It?s just gone too far. It?s all in their answers:

Ask a Liberal of the two events that occurred roughly at the same time, which one did they scream about: The Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse or the beheading of Nick Berg. They?ll say Abu Ghraib.

Ask a Liberal what their biggest priority is and they will say ?the children?. Ask them if NAMBLA should be outlawed and they will say ?No?.

Ask a Liberal if Bill O?Reilly is biased and they say, ?Yes?. Ask them if Dan Rather is and they say ?No?.

Ask a Liberal if the possible firing of Ward Churchill is censorship and they say ?Yes?. Ask them if urging the FCC to squelch Fox News is and they say ?No?.
Ask a Liberal if the degradation of women by men is bad and they say, ?Yes?.
Ask them if Rap music is bad and they say ?No.?

Ask a Liberal if they protested the Iraq War and they say ?Yes?. Ask them if they protested the bombing of ?Bosnia? and they say ?what??"

Interesting and far too close to the realities viewed here daily. AS Burns isn't a forum member but (s)he sure is seeing the same elsewhere besides the media.

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That one really got me

We must have seen at least two solid weeks of US bashing posts from the left here about Abu Ghraib, yet when Nick Berg was mentioned there was hardly anything to be heard from that corner. More like a perfunctory sentence or two, followed by a "BUT, look what WE did...." and a continuation of the US bashing. Sheesh!

Oh well, they still don't know it but they work for me, lol.


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they live by a double standard

god could walk up to bush and say you were right they would say gods a liar

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One more time

Look at this thread:


You'll see that "yes, BUT" and "well yeah, they cut off his head, but ABU GHRAIB! ABU GHRAIB!" apologist / aid and comfort puke from the leftists.


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(NT) (NT) they live in a bubble.
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(NT) (NT) I agree, There's too much double standard in USA
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The top 10 things that bother me the most are

1) Liberals seem to vote the same way our enemy does/would. (Consistently)

2) The type and character of people that comprise the group. NAMBA, Criminals, anti-Christians, etc.

3) The people that vote for MORE of everything, often don't pay for anything. (non-Taxpayers, welfare recipients, abortion on demand users)

4) The anti-Christian poison they spew has to invade my life, my TV, my radio, my schools, my news and my magazines and workplace. Like the Clinton Surgeon General telling this county that masturbation is a good way to prevent AIDS, etc. (Joshlin Elders)

5) Racist organizations agenda is to get more for them, not all of us.

6) ACLU, UN and other potentually harmful organizations are loved by Liberals while a couple of punk kids somewhere in the world messing with some (assumed) Gay ladies dog treats hanging on the fence is a major deal.

7) They lost and can't get over it. Like Al Gore losing to George W. I am still hearing that some unfair Republican Governor from Texas came in here and stole the presidency from a whining, sitting insider. His running mate (The President) wouldn't even stump for him, think about it, he was a poor President and knew it and thought Gore would be better off it he shut up. And, they stole it in front of hundreds of Liberal Lawyers counting the vote themselves by hand as per the request of a Liberal that invented the Internet.

Cool Because they lost and can't get over it, they choose to attempt to destroy the sitting President, his party and the country if need be, rather than cleaning up they own party and coming back stronger in four years.

9)Sen. Edward Kennedy, Michael Moore, Sen. Hillary Clinton, and all the people that disappear or die suddenly, like Vince Foster, Marylyn Monroe, Martha Mitchell, and on and on and on.

10) Abortions on demand, soon to become partial birth abortions on demand of little innocent people created by them, while they fight for the life of fairly convicted violent criminals, drug kingpins, child molesters, multiple murderer, etc.

I'm sorry if this hurts someone?s feelings, but if we can't talk about it, you can't understand, we can't go forward.

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(NT) (NT) Who's trying to poison "anti-christians"??
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Your own double standards never bother you.

We are all sinners in that regard. You don't care about the egregious abuses of the people you think are on your side, and I don't (well, you think I don't) care about the abuses of people on my side. You think Clinton was the anti-Christ (well you did when he was in office) and that any charge, no matter how false and scurrilous is justified. I think George Bush is a despicable hypocrite and a con man in the White House. The only difference seems to be that Liberals have second thoughts and change their minds eventually and Conservatives don't.

Well, that's just how it looks from the outside.

Rob Boyter

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Liberals have a change of mind? When?

They voted for more with Gore, and the pollsters said Clinton would have won a third term by an enormous landslide iof possible, and then voted for Mrs. Clinton for Senator instead.

Now Bill is being heralded as President of the UN and Hillary as President of the United States.

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come forth from Wonderland...

your reality isn't.

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(NT) (NT) maybe to much pixie dust
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(NT) (NT) I'm allergic to dust, Mark.
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(NT) (NT) was a joke as to tinker bell in wonderland:)
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(NT) (NT) So was mine.
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(NT) (NT) Wasn't Allice in Wonderland and Tinkerbell in Neverland
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Conservatives didn't think Clinton was the anti-Christ,

but liberals seem to think George Bush comes mighty close. Let's hope, as you say, that you all will have second thoughts and change your minds eventually.

Conservatives thought Clinton was lying, and it was proven that he did. As a matter of fact, he was fined and his law license rovoked/suspended for committing perjury.

Liberals have second thoughts because they think there is no truth, and are usually wrong. Republicans don't because they are usually right. Wink

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Conservatives didn't think Clinton was an anti-Christ?

Let me see, married man having sex out of wedlock, Cigar perversions and who knows what else, pardoning criminals, Lying to Congress and everyone else, what church did you go to?

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Just because...

Just because a person feels that perjury is wrong, that does not automatically mean that that view is based on religion. Many athiests feel that perjury is wrong.

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So the Athiests and the Conservatives

both feel that Clinton was a lousy roll model for the United States and a embarrassment throughout the world?

I believe that when you are breaking the vows of a sacrament (Married man boinking a girl other than his wife in the oval office) you are in the devil's control. You are certainly not honoring your God, your vows or laws. He knew that, that is why he lied so often to cover it up.

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and when was the last time you thought a woman other

than your wife was 'hot'? How about loving your enemy? Jesus said sin comes from the heart. It consists of desires, and is not limited to what you actually do.

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More to the point, what church do you go to? I'ld like to

know what church thinks Clinton is the anti-Christ. Such a church is not very serious about Christianity.

To answer your question, I go to a conservative Baptist church that doesn't throw labels like anti-Christ around just because a man is a sinner. If you haven't noticed, the anti-Christ will be a world ruler who proclaims himself to be god. He is a man of great evil who sets himself up in opposition to the authority of God the Son. Doesn't sound very much like Clinton does it? He won't be recognized by sexual deviations.

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RE: "I don?t get them."

That's alright. They just don't get it.

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