The ''mind set'' at the very top of the pile has to change and adapt. In Congress; the civilian leadership of the military; and the train loads of Generals and Admirals in the military. You cannot grow quality vegetables in a field of weeds. The deadwood has to go.

The armchair ''experts'' on all of the news channels need to be put out to pasture. They are of the old mind set, and unfortunately, create the wrong picture in the minds of the public.

After the fall of the ''Wall'' and the breakup of the USSR, too many ''western'' countries put their intelligence capabilities out to pasture.

Too often, policy makers in the US depended upon the counsel of ''exiles'' whose real intention was to return to power in their home country, and who essentially duped anyone who would listen to them.

If there is a military job to be done, it cannot be micro-managed from Washington DC, nor should commanders in the field be burdened with visitors from Wash DC.

Create all of the ''field manuals'' the tech-writers and english language editors care to produce, but in the end it becomes the job of the ''ditch diggers'' in the field to execute simple orders:

''How deep; How wide; and Which direction''.

Outfit them with the proper shovels and picks, ''before'' they arrive on-site, then get out of the way.

Warfare has never, and will never, be a gentle undertaking. Political correctness and laws governing common street crime have no place in combat.