You can use the shape and position window only to change one item at a time, not to shrink or expand the whole diagram. Si I'm afraid you have been given a rather impossible task using only Visio.

But there is a workaround, more or less.

On a sheet, do ctrl-A, ctrl-C to copy the diagram to the clipboard.
Then go into Word and paste (ctrl-V). You can now select the figure and resize it and move it around on the page, if you like. So you can make a page with all 5 diagrams to print.
You can even copy/paste back from Word to a new Visio-sheet. It won't be an editable Visio-diagram then, but one figure, that you can resize and move around in the new Visio sheet. But as I said, you can't edit it any more. It has become just a figure, not a Visio-diagram.

So you can't make a new Visio-drawing as you state your requirement. But you can make a document that LOOKS the same, but it's not a Visio-drawing, but just a normal drawing. If the requirements are flexible enough (and that's certainly missing info) they can be done.
If they aren't flexible, all you can do is manually re-enter everything.

Hope this helps.