Since my IPod has been stolen, I have been looking to see what else is out there. Now the one thing I found was that there are alot of players out there that pretty much do all that I want. There are some compromizes but all in all the same.

The killer is the applications to aggragate the podcasts. I do have to take my hat off to Apple, they do have great intregration and is pretty clean. So far I have not found anything worth the while.

I just don't like how they lock everything down.

Also, because I removed Microsoft from my laptop and run Linux, the pickings are even more slim. If something comes along I am on it and may reinstall XP.

So now I wait. Microsoft has the Zune, Apple rumours are getting stronger on the new IPods, Creative Zen is catching up. But it is all about the integration!! That will be the turning point for me and what I buy next.