Ok people so i bought the mustek pvr-h140 last septemper. At first when i bought the player it would play video for about 3 hours which i was happy with. The player worked perfectly. NOW 5 months later if im lucky video might get to aprox 1 hour 50 min thats if straight after i charge it i dont waste time thinking what movie to watch whilst its on. The battery in this player is VERY VERY BAD. Also what makes it even worse whilst im playing music/video etc the player is starting to heat up. Yes thats right HEAT UP. not just the back of the player where the battery is positioned but the whole player heats up. Also the inbuilt speaker DO NOT PLAY AUDIO/VIDEO sounds through it on full blast which is not very loud. WHY THAT IS the speaker becomes to make crumbly sounds. Also if you are thinking of putting movies off your computer on it FORGET ABOUT IT. WHY? becasue u have to put all videos on it through the conversion program. I have a pritty fast computer and when this was converting 1mb every 10 min i thought this was rediculous. Yes the feature that you can record dvds,videos,tv is a nice feature but then again you cant just plug the thing up to the tv while a dvd is playing. WHY? because of the battery it wont last so whilst ur recording ur dvd etc the battery is about to die and the player is as hot as an oven. people before i bought this player i read all the great features it has yes they are great features but most of them will not work properly in the long run. I do not recommend you buy this player i mean PLEASE DONT BUY THIS PLAYER. pay more for quality. I was extremly happy the first 3 months after that its all downhill. my original score was 10 now i will give it a 3