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Arab leader reverses view of Iraq war

The leader of the Lebanese opposition, a sharp critic of Washington foreign policy, says he's changed his view of the U.S. war in Iraq, seeing it now as a catalyst for democratic change across the Arab world.

Walid Jumblatt

Druze Muslim leader Walid Jumblatt, who is calling for an uprising against Lebanon's Syrian occupiers, is almost sounding like a neoconservative, says Washington Post columnist David Ignatius, who interviewed him in Beirut Monday.

"It's strange for me to say it, but this process of change has started because of the American invasion of Iraq," Jumblatt told the Post columnist

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Reporting: Arab leader reverses view of Iraq war
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Oh no! Does that mean ...

Bush was RIGHT? Maybe? Ya think?

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well maybe but but

the naysayers will say it was there plan Opps i sounded like kerry Grin

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No, but it is a potentially good outcome which I am pleased

to see. If I see two or three more of these pronouncements plus some actual movement then I'll say I was wrong and Bush was right. Hand me the mouthwash just in case anybody.

Rob Boyter

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If course Bush was right

and you were wrong. Again. And again. You need something stronger than mouthwash.

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gee just think what would happen if bush

new what he was doing GrinGrinGrinGrinGrinGrin

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(NT) (NT) hehehehe:)
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democratic change across the Arab world.

Changed position on Iraq War

it was the start of a new Arab world

but still pointing the finger at other countries in the Mid East

Jumblatt blamed the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri on Lebanese security officials backed by Syria.

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(NT) (NT) but they voted to do that:)
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And I'm sure the timing of this revelation...

has NOTHING to do with last week's assassination of Harriri, right, Mark?

-- Dave K, Speakeasy Moderator
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and do not necessarily reflect those of CNET!

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beats me

but then again i allways said bush was right.

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Druze Muslim? Oh! Excuse me...

...Druze are Druze. They are not Muslims -- absolutely NOT.

To call a Druze a Muslim, they'd be offended. They prefer to be called Druze.

Learn the differences.

1. The Druze

2. The Druze Community in Israel

3. The Israeli Druze community is the only major non-Jewish group in the state whose sons are required to serve in the IDF.

4. The Druze are well known for serving in the Zionist Occupation Force. and they dress like Muslims. Some of their women, although similarly wearing the headscarf, the difference can be distinguished by having the Star of David tattoed on their forehead.

5. The Druze in Israel is recognized as a separate religion.

6. Druze women

7. Understanding some of the MAJOR SECTS in ISLAM

that should do it

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thats the prob there

you cant tell the players without a score card maybe tattos on there head gear would help


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The problems only lies when...

...a person is ignorant of the subject. Wink

Knowledge is power. Little knowledge is dangerous. Lack of knowledge and speaking about it quickly is insanity. People get institutionalized for that. It's called, "The University of Wasted Minds".

As far as tattoo, well...there yah go with the permanent Forehead Advertising. Wink In any case, the tattoing on the forehead is a cultural/geographical issue according to the druze family I met few years ago when I was invited in one of their picnic gatherings. It has nothing to do with their religion per se.

Seems like a nice group of people. And I like cool people.


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Now, if Kerry could

only decide if he is for it, against it, or just wants to send more troops after he voted to not fund them.

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