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Approaching my 2nd anniversary(7/08) of being a survivor....

of prostate cancer.My psa count is still .01,two yrs post op!

I was very fortunate to be caught in stage 1 and went from diagnosis to robotic surgery in 35 days,I was caught during a routine blood test!!

I've become good friends with my Urologist,Dr. Rome who calls me his star patient.

Every time I have an appointment with him I wear my F*ck Cancer T/shirt and it breaks him up.It saddens me to see guys ten yrs my junior,dying from this disease.If you're over 50,please get a blood test for it.!!!!

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Reporting: Approaching my 2nd anniversary(7/08) of being a survivor....
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(NT) Good for you !!!!!!!!!!!
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That's great....I get checked yearly

Watching re-run of The Sopranos...Tonys shrink mentioned that he should be taking care of himself and getting an exam.

His response was

I don't even let people wave their fingers in my face.

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Congrats. As one who goes to the doctor annually

for that same difficulty, and has been through a number of less than pleasant procedures, you are an inspiration.


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Surviving is good. There is some controversy about the blood test, but I'm glad it worked well for you.

You might suggest that your surgeon get an editor to re-do that web page. They misspelled the military hospital where he was an attending physician (Wilford Hall, not Wilford Hole) and the way it is written it sounds like that's where he did his residency.

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(NT) Been there ;)
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Indeed it is good Doc,I've got an appt Mon and I'll ...

mention that about the page.

I believe you read the wrong bio though,Dr Rome was the one below that.

I did like the fact that my urologist was also my surgeon and not a faceless third party entity.I also had a secondary problem of microscopic urinary blood which concerned Dr Rome.He scoped my bladder and did a lower abdominal CT Scan which showed negative,he did inform me I have a benign kidney cyst which should be fine for the next 100 yrs or so.As it turned out,my prostate was the source of the blood.

All in all,the Institute impressed me,they left nothing to chance from what I remember.It takes two surgeons on The Davinci and it put me at ease to see that Dr Rome's partner was the Institute's Kidney/Adrenal specialist,Dr. Ilbeigi.

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I did read the wrong bio ...

I just read the bio at the top of the page and noticed the typo. It didn't occur to me to check the name of the surgeon. I guess we all miss things when we read.

I hope the report stays good.

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I get the blood test annually too. Even though my urologist tells me I am not in any danger, he wants me to get a biopsy one of these days just to make 100% sure. Not looking forward to that.

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Thanks Ed!!!!

Just some advice,

Yearly is good but I had absolutely no symptoms!!!!

My first hint was a slightly elevated psa level,then I underwent the dreaded DRE test(finger),which showed I was slightly enlarged.I did ask Dr Rome if he was going to send me flowers after that and he almost lost it...lmao!!!

From that I went to a biopsy which would make Iron Man wince."This will feel ike a rubber band snapping"which it did.After enduring 6 rubber band snaps,he tells me,"now the other side".I endured 6 more!!

I consider that discomfort a small price to pay considering I would now be a walking dead man if PC was not discovered then.

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(NT) Thanks.
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I just remembered a conversation I had with Dr.Rome on my last visit.I asked him about a Nam buddy at work(Green Beret)in his late 50's whose father died of PC 2 yrs ago.

"Any time there's a family history of PC,I classify my patient as high risk and treat aggressively,I'd rather be safe than sorry." "By aggressively,I mean PSA and a DRE tests every 6mos instead of yearly."

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Very good.

Cancer's killed too many friends, glad to hear when someone gets one up on it.

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(NT) Excellent. Good to hear.
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And kudos to Dr. Rome!

Looking forward to future anniversaries with good reprts.

(Like your t-shirt.) Happy


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