Apple Airport Express

My internet service provider offers limited device access to the internet so I have connected my main PC through Airport Express with the wires and internet works ok, but not WiFi as 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency WiFi have a different MAC address from Ethernet MAC address.
Is it some solution how I could get the Wifi internet at this stage

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Reporting: Apple Airport Express
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Clarification Request
The thing is

Ethernet, WiFi 2.4 and 5GHz would indeed have other addresses. There's nothing wrong with that.

Your post has not enough detail about your ISP and more that I'll just write there is nothing wrong with 6 MAC addresses given the story.

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My ISP have a limitation for 1 PC (1 mac address) so after I connected my AE router to computer I called them and they fixed MAC address andI got the access to the internet on my PC, but when I am checking connection on device connected to the WiFi, I am getting ISP homepage that I have to register and buy license for additional computer (another mac address). ISP said that they have heard about Apple problems at this stage before, but never with other router users. Anyway I don't want to change a different company router and try to connect the same.
Maybe I have wrong router mode on settings. Witch mode I should to use at this stage?

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That's 7 MAC addresses and counting.

There's a 7th MAC address on the router's WAN port. ALL routers I know allow you to change the router's WAN MAC ADDRESS for ISPs that lock down to a single MAC (address.)

I know it's asking a lot but I can't find your ISP details so I can't tell what the next step is.

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I would like to give some ISP details as possible, but not sure witch details you mean?

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Anything will do.

Cable, DSL, what modem they supplied, etc. As it stands now it sounds like a new networker issue and an unhelpful ISP. NO ISP TO DATE charges per PC behind the router.

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Getting past the MAC address thing.

I wonder if you are new to how things work. ISPs supply ONE internet IP and connection so to share this among many machines we get a router. There are a few folk very new to all this and may stumble around a few times to get it all setup and some ISPs do not help you along.

So the router's WAN port is set to the MAC address if need be.

But for many ISPs all I've ever needed to do to switch from the PC to the router is to power off the Cable or DSL Modem, wire in the router WAN port then power up the Cable/DSL modem then the router. The ISP locks onto the new MAC address of the router and shares the internet to the clients.

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This company provide internet without any DSL/Cable modem, it happens first time like this so it makes all configuration things more unfamiliar to me.
I tried before all the same with an old Edimax router and everything was ok also with the Wifi, so something is different exactly with the AE config I guess.

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While there are more details.

If you can, set your AE's WAN port MAC address to the one latched onto by the ISP.

Remember that the Airport Expess is not just one model but as we see over 10 years ago it didn't then.

This is a lot of posts with missing detail. I'll respect that folk want to keep stuff secret such as which ISP, etc.

Note:Edited for typo.

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I am using 2nd generation AE,
My ISP is in Europe (RIGA) and calls Pronet, not sure it could be very valuable info. Anyway I am very appreciate for all this info. Thank you very much. I will try to effect all these recommendations.

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Is it these folk?

I see dial up and DSL. There are new networkers that call DSL ethernet for reasons of new to this stuff. Yes the cable may look the same but it goes to a DSL modem and such.
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Internet provider
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Then look into changing the MAC address of

Whichever router you plan to use. Clone your PC's MAC address and that should work. Remember I don't know which AE you have, some didn't allow this.

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I use Airport Express 2nd generation (802.11n) router. But got info that on apple routers cloning is not possible. Tried to find on youtube and no info how to do that.

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Then we're done.

You need a router that can change it's WAN MAC address. It took many posts to figure out yours doesn't do this. I don't mind but I can imagine some will be very frustrated over this.

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The problem is solved now and I got connected the same for AE router also with the WIFI. ISP master finally came and during 15 minutes and partly contacting ISP service centre were done, so it was anyway to complicated to do for my self, so I am sorry for this inexpedient posts. And thank's a lot for trying to help.

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