I was having the same problem as you. I don't know if you installed Tomcat on Windows or not using the .exe file.

I used the .exe file to install the Tomcat and had the same problems as you. I saw on some other forum that they uninstalled Tomcat and used the .zip file from apache.org instead and everything worked. So I uninstalled Tomcat and used the zip file instead. Everything worked like it suppose to.

I still wanted Tomcat to start up as a service. So I deleted the Tomcat directory and reinstalled Tomcat again using the windows .exe install from apache.org. I still got the Fail - Application... /jsp-examples.

So since Tomcat worked when I just used the .zip instead of using the .exe file. I decided to copy all the files in the bin directory from the .zip file that I download to the current bin folder in the Tomcat directory. I made sure that I clicked ''NO'' when it asked me did I want to replaced the files that were already in the directory!!!

After that I deleted the webapps directory, but you need to be sure that Tomcat isn't running when you delete this folder. Stop the service if it is running and right click on the apache icon in the status bar and select exit.

After you have deleted the webapps folder. Copy the webapps folder from the .zip file and put it in the same directory that you deleted the other webapps folder from.

After this I started the Tomcat service back up to see if it work and it did. So I restarted my computer to see if Tomcat would automatically startup and work correctly.

Hope this works for as it did for me. Sorry for the wordy explanation. If you have any question just ask.