If you were satisfied with the Panasonic FX01 I would assume you would buy another.

So, I have to assume you were not satisfied.

The A710 would be about equal to the FX01 with the exception that the A710 does not have a wide-angle lens (the FX01 does).

You might look at the Canon SD800IS which does have a wide-angle lens.

The one think you wrote, makes me wonder:

"I just need a camera that I can use for both parties and to document my school projects."

The word "party" catches my eye.

Many people expect a digital camera to take photos in low light situations (such as parties, clubs, events). Some want to take low light photos without using flash.

If either of those apply to you.....then neither Canon camera mentioned above will satisfy your needs.

For low light situations you should consider the
Fujifilm F30, F20, F31fd, F40fd cameras.

These cameras have a very strong flash which can illuminate a small room.
They are also the best selection for taking photos in low light without a flash. Not to say that they are great for that purpose, but they do it better than other small cameras.