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THERE were 5 to 7 different formats. Doomed from the start.
RCA had one too; (something ??-4)
can't remember the others..........

This makes the super DVD wars seem like a lot more petty (LOL.)

Today it's all about COPYRIGHTS, not the CONSUMER!!!


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What a joke. I think Warners and RCA had something called CD-4. Whatever that meant.

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Remembering Quad stereo

I listened to a Pioneer quad setup at a Pacific Stereo store back then. Didn't buy into it though. You had to buy records that were recorded in quad for the best sound. Quad sound went nowhere and the record store sold all their quad records cheap. Picked up Santana Abraxas and Jeff Beck Group. Played in stereo they had a real open sound. Like in DSP mode hall or pavilion. Unique if nothing else.

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The greatful dead did a concert live in San Francisco You watched the show on one t.v.. channel and they broadcasted the audio over two f.m. radio stations, So we hooked up two nice stereo systems and tuned two the proper stereo stations , And yess discrete 4 channel stereo and it sounded awsome. To bad you young puppies werent around then ha ha have a nice weekend stewart

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QUAD Sound

I still own the sony Qaud. Tuner and speakers with turntable.

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Yep, remember it

Back then my friend had a Quad-4 receiver. I don't remember the brand, but it was something like Sansui. I remember it had some sort of digital light display on the front that showed the balance and the sound output for each corner. It was a simple "Wowee" factor that did nothing. I think I owned a Marantz 2270 receiver that weighed about 50 pounds. It didn't have Quad sound, but the specs on the Marantz were a zillion times better than my friend's Quad receiver. Man I loved those blue displays of the Marantz receivers!

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Sadly enough I am old enough to remember the war. I bought a cheap Quad Stereo. It sound great for its time.

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Is DVD audio just a new Quad Stereo?

If you have a 5.1 receiver with all the associated speakers, buy a DVD audio disc that was mixed properly for 5.1 audio. It will blow your mind! But as good as this format is, no one has taken to it, so I wonder if it's just a new "Quad Stereo" for today?

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re: Is DVD audio just a new Quad Stereo?

A friend has been promoting DVD-Audio to me for the past year. I decided to upgrade my DVD Player and made sure I got one that supported DVD-Audio so I could join the club. I purchased the OPPO player which does. I have the 5.1 channel support in the receiver, so I am ready to check it out. I just purchased "Hotel California' (Eagles) and hopefully can give a listen to tonight.

If it is a good as everyone says, I hope it gains some support momentum.

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"Hotel California"

I haven't heard this DVD on my home system, but a friend just bought an Acura TL that has a DVD audio player and he played this DVD for me. The sound was spectacular! As I understand it, these audio DVD discs need to be expertly mixed, otherwise we end up with a standard-sounding audio disc that plays on a DVD player.

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I was there too

Lucy for me, by the time they started to sort it out and roped us in on it, it was gone. From the ones I heard, it was really no improvement over my sterio setup.

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(NT) (NT) HTHMAN, More Info About Lucy Please!!!
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I mean..

Lucky for me.. Can we get a spell checer on this site?

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MORE INFO AT ''''..................

TYPE in 'QUADRAPHONIC' it's pretty interesting. I still have some SQ discs on COMULBIA. Short of ''Antique Roadshow,'' think they're worth anything?
S&G's ''Bridge over....''
Joplin's ''Pearl''
"Company" broadway soundtrack
Santana's ''ABRAXAS''(sp?) and about eight others.


(hell, I was just a kid then.)

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Yep I was there!!!!! Did that!!!!!

The best system was the Dolby (suprised??) it evolved into the Dolby surrond system.
Most of them were useless just four speakers.
I did hook up a system though,,ended up using a Pro sound
DSP effects processor, and add some delay and a little reverb,, created a nice ambinance. John

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Great surround sound idea

With lack of consensus on standards it bombed quickly which did provide lots of half price opportunities. Ya put the speakers at four corners and ya sure were in the middle of sound. What's superior about todays "horsepower race" of 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, or etc.,etc? Some amps/receivers are advertised with 16 channels. How redundant can surround sound get?

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I'M a 5.1 person, as I only have TWO ears.
Can't wait for the new 8.2's and 11.3's, now that would drive Stewart nuts (only kidding.) Good shopping.


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That would mean you would have 2 more channels in the ceiling and floor, and two more up your you know what. got my check book with me ha ha ha, But they do have moving couches for sale cant wait

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Just bought The Beetles YELLOW SUBMARINE on d.v.d.. I know the origional music was done on 3/4 tape running at 15 i.p.s. and I believe it sounded just as good as a digital soundtrack mabey better because the sound was so smooooth I find that digital sound is fantistac but way to dynimac

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Well if one channel goes out then,,,

you will have reduant, reduantcy just in case of channel falure,,,and some complain about wireing for 5.1,, just think about 11 channels??? Yuk. john

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