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Anyone recognize these files?

I just installed win98se and am tweaking my system via video card,motherboard cd, modem cd's. Upon the completion of the installation and rebooting, I get the following messages in regard to:PCI Management system Bus, PCI video multimedia device. I make windows search and it can't find them. I call on my win98 cd and I just don't know what they are referring to. Could someone tell me where I could get windows to acknowledge these items? Thanks

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win98se HAS recognized your devices and...

In reply to: Anyone recognize these files?

is reporting that it did not have the drivers.
Don't know what you exactly mean by "tweaking my system via video card, mobo CD, modemCD.
What did you "complete installation" of, with these tweaks-CD's??
PCi management system bus refers to the mobo drivers that run the PCi bus, that then recognizes all PCi devices; which would then include your onboard or PCi video card.This would be about the 1 or 2 coprocessors, called Northbridge-Southbridge.
You need to research the mobo manufacturer, or the chipset maker (Intel or VIA), and download-load the drivers, which may be on the mobo CD. You may have chosen the wrong installation file on the mobo CD. We can't tell because you've said nothing about the mobo-processor-ram-video card, etc.
If the modem is a PCi type (instead if ISA), it also won't show as installed. W98SE has generic drivers that will boot your PC, but not all the way, as it doesn't have drivers past 1999 or so.

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win98 and devices

In reply to: win98se HAS recognized your devices and...

Sorry, by not being clearer. I did as you mentioned and installed the mobo cd with the chipset. I omitted the first time, cause I may install xp in the future, and have both OS's, so I didn't know if I would cause a conflict. My modem is on another cd with fax. That is fine. Now, the only thing that appears upon booting up is the PCI multimedia video bus message. Windows cannot find it, so i entered my win98 cd, mobo cd again, and a tuner cd that I'm trying to install. I suspect that message is somehow connected to this tuner...but it does not install it when I put that cd I have no idea what or where it is...would you have any idea? Is it part of windows? Also, by tweaking I meant upgrading video adapter and sound. BTW, I notice that in Device Man. under display, my video driver is not shown...just an icon. Is that a problem? I don't seem to have any problems with the display.

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that's better...

In reply to: win98 and devices

Again, you did not identify-report about the mobo-chipset type, processor, ram, and now the Hdd size.
W98SE loads in under 1gb, after updates and extras. XP loads in about 2.5gb, after SP2 and other updates/add ons. The point being that you'd need a 10gb Hdd for a dual OS: 3gb for w98se;5gb for XP and about 1gb for a storage partition. If you have installed w98se and have just 1 whole partition, XP may be tricky to install, making its own partition?
Dem dere Guru boys know more 'bout dis here.
The point being to catch you before you get a lot of time invested, if you have to redo the Hdd. OR you can obtain Partition Magic (Pro).
Having the mobo drivers loaded will not cause a conflict with XP on the same or other partition. On the same partition, it will upgrade W98SE, not offering it as a boot option (dual OS).
Your Tuner PCI card is most definetly the "PCI Multimedia Video Device" but there is no video bus, just the PCI one.
Open the Tuner CD to see if it has an "install.exe" or other such, especially a separate folder for W98SE.
Also investigate the "minimum system requirements" for the Tuner card as you may be lacking. XP is just a lot more automatic or "user friendly" than W98SE, which I've already said does not contain a multitude of drivers, nor for anything newer than 1999.
"under driver...". Device Manager shows Devices, not drivers until you hit Properties...drivers..
Does the "icon" correctly identify your upgraded video adapter? If not, you may need those drivers, as well as disable the onboard video, in "setup" if you have such, or it may automatically be disabled when the PCI video card is inventoried at boot.
The video device icon should have a name, after you left click on the little plus sign. You may show 2 video adapters under the little plu sign, showing the onboard video and the added video card.
Device manager shows 2 options of showing inventory, by device and by connection, choose by device (default).
We all wish things would go in easily, smoothly, but such is not the case.

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Thats better

In reply to: that's better...

Again sorry...just frustrated with that pci multimedia message that keeps popping up. My system is P4 2.8 mhz 1024mb RAM hd 40gig, also have another hd, not connected...80gig. intel 848P MCH Intel ICH5 is my chipset My video card is a agp UNIT, not pci card. It has 128mb ram. I do have partition magic, but its a 6.0 version. Yes, the tuner does have an Install button..but I already installed it according to the manual. This is an ATI tv tuner external unit with usb...its requirements are definitely "covered".

Does the "icon" correctly identify your upgraded video adapter? If not, you may need those drivers, as well as disable the onboard video, in "setup" if you have such, or it may automatically be disabled when the PCI video card is inventoried at boot.>>>

Yes, I know about the + sign in device manager, and no it does not show the name of my video adapter and yet its shown in control panel/settings/change adapter area and seems to be working far. I know in the past, Video adapters are usually shown..and while we are it with DM, I noticed that my chipset is duplicated...If I remove both of them and reboot, it should automatically install itself...correct? Again its not a PCI video card..its agp card. Certainly appreciate your inputs.:)

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Control Panel-Display-Settings-Advanced-Adapter...

In reply to: Thats better

We assume you meant. Still, I don't understand why it isn't shown in DM. No problem. Yes, Windows will replace the chipset item(s), if deleted, but Windows usually has a reason for duplicating the entry, and does not duplicate unnecessay entries, even after unnecessary reinstall.
W98SE oughta run like lightning on your 2.8GHZ (not mhz), 1.024 mb ram, 40gb.
PM 6.0 should work OK on your system, currently.
Your USB (onboard) should be 2.0 and W98SE has a problem with that, maybe. Your mobo CD should have seen W98SE and installed that "patch", maybe not.
Does the external USB ATI tuner unit have it's own power pack? May or may not need one as USB supplies 5v but not 12v, but low current.
You betcha all your system requirements are covered. Thanks for the info.
Be sure USB is "enabled" in "Setup" (BIOS).
You're 90% along the right tracks..

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That's better....

In reply to: Control Panel-Display-Settings-Advanced-Adapter...

HI, yes I suppose win98se would run fast, if I can only get pass that PCI Multimedia Video still pops up upon rebooting. I had deleted the tv maybe its not related to that program. I did notice that the video adapter is now being shown in DM, after reinstalling the video adapter. I did download the USB 2.0 version along with what win98's usb controllers. Maybe I should delete you think? I see no yellow markers in DM, despite that PCI tries to get installed. Wish I knew where it lies. I used the mobo, video card,win98 and etc...for luck. This time i going to reinstall the ati tv tuner, this time by ignoring the manual and just click on install.

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Re: Device popping up.

In reply to: That's better....

If you don't know what device it is, and you don't have a driver for it, and everything you know of works, it's quite easy: go into Device Manager and check the 'disable in this hardware profile' checkbox for this device. That's the way to tell Windows to ignore it. And if it's ignored, there's no message popping up about missing drivers or whatever the reason is now. Worth a try.


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you won't see the yellow marker nor the

In reply to: That's better....

multimedia video device (with the yellow marker) until
you let the Hardware Wizard finish during Windows boot.
Just click NEXT until you reach the search window to checkmark where to search for drivers, floppy-CDrom-Other, and uncheck all and click next to get the last message that drivers could not be found and ?device will be listed.
Then it will be shown in DM(yellow) and not pop up again at Windows boot. Only then could you disable it, as Kees suggests, but it won't be necessary.

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That's better....

In reply to: you won't see the yellow marker nor the

I did manage to disable it and the message does not appear upon booting up....BUT, its still listed with the yellow mark in DM, despite the fact that I finally had success with my tv apparently, PCI multimedia does not seem to be related to my tuner. I have nothing else extra installed. Now, I am planning to want to install XP...but am reluctant at the moment afte all I've gone through with Win98 installation. I have 2 choices to install on the same hd with another partition or on another hd. I wouldn't want it to screw up my weeks of getting win98 finally installed...any ideas? Another partition, same hd, or on a second HD? Thanks for your consistency and all the others.:)

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that's (maybe) better...

In reply to: Anyone recognize these files?

Choices by lowest risk, best results, Understanding that once you use your XP Product Key and get registered at Microsoft, you can't drastically change your hardware and such:
1. load XP on a separate hard drive and replace it with the W98SE hard drive when wanted. (requires opening the PC case every time.
2. load XP on a separate hard drive, hoping it will see the other hard drive and add it to a boot menu.
3. Now that you have W98SE on C: drive, the 1st partition of your Hdd, use Partition Magic to merge your other partitions (or delete them and redo them)so you only have 3 partitions, maybe all FAT 32. Try installing XP to see if it will make a boot menu with your 2 choices W98SE and XP.
40 gb is more than sufficient to be useful because you can add your other Hdd if you need storage for movies or big-space-takers.

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Too Good to be true

In reply to: that's (maybe) better...

I knew this would happen. All was fine yesterday with win98se and my tv tuner. I even shut it down last night and rebooted to see if all was was. Today, upon booting, my tv tuner is not working anymore...unbelievable. I personally installed win98se for this progam to work...XP with its latest drivers for this program gave a hell of a time installing it. Does anyone know if i can use scanreg /restore on this OS, or is it too early? I typed at a dos prompt C:\scanreg /restore and it always comes back as bad filename and etc. I even typed it at the A prompt, with my startup disk.

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In reply to: Too Good to be true

1. scanregw must be checkmarked, to get a registry backup every 1st boot/day.
2. Windows\sysbckup should have files "". is a failed boot and can be deleted.
3.You have typed correctly with boot floppy, if there is a space between scangreg and the right slash. Another is scanreg /fix. To get a list of options, type scanreg /? ...
4. You can manually check registry and create a backup at START-RUN-SCANREGW (enter).
5. If you have no "" files (up to, then scanregw is not checkmarked (scanregistry).
6. I don't know if a registry restore would work. After boot, of a particular day, you may have done something to force Windows to accept and initialize the TV tuner card. Upon next day boot, Windows may have had a minor registry glitch, such as in Device Manager, and reassigned some stuff to knock the card out; even tho your same day reboot was okay.
There could be an ongoing conflict between this card and your souped up video card. The "pci video multimedia" yellow mark is still a mystery.
7. If the tv tuner mfg has a forum, perhaps the answer is there. Perhaps an email to their Support will yield a clue. Note: if you move the tv tuner card to a different pci slot, it will have to reinstall the drivers; a trick I sometimes use. Updating drivers from that website (if availible) may not help unless it specifies that it fixed some OS problems, as most updates nowadays are about XP.
8. Then again, there are some new components sold that just don't cut the mustard, whereas a different brand of tv tuner card will.

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Too good to be true...

In reply to: under MSCONFIG...STARTUP...

HI, I don't know what version of windows your talkng about, but in mine, startup, there is no scanregw or anything remotely identified with such titles in my msconfig. I decided to do one last shot by using partition magic, format, reinstall win98se and then the tuner. its a matter of principal for me. its an excellent tuner, expensive at its time, and proved that its not the hardware at fault, but ati's lax of getting the software installed correctly. As far as that multimedia yellow, I forgot to mention with all this going on, unbeknownst to me, my wife had her nephew install another cheaper tuner and it is a pci that explains that pci multimedia conflict. I disabled it, so it doesn't appear anymore...sorry about that, I didn't even noticed the card in the desktop until she told me...ugh!

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In reply to: Too good to be true...

By default, there is an entry "ScanRegistry"..."C:\windows\scanregw.exe / autorun"...
Or as I said you can manually run it. Did you look for files?
The PCI multimedia device should have disappeared if it is not physically in the PC, unless there is an uninstall in Add/Remove Programs. As you said, it is gone now and you're doing a fresh install.
Hopefully that will fix you up...

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Too good to be true..

In reply to: W98SE...

No, I don't have that cab file on a search. Could it be on my CD? I would have to check that out. If i do have it what am I suppose to do with it? Also, this unit of tv tuner was bought about 3 years ago from ati and they are notorously known for their sloppy support system and forget about support if its pass the warranty period. The fact that I had that one glimmering of hope the other day proves that their is nothing wrong with the hardware..its their frustrating installation...a confirmation I've received from other ati users. Never will i buy another product from them.

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I'll explain again...

In reply to: Too good to be true..

1. the and succeeding files, up to are registry backups created by SCANREGW.EXE, every separate day you boot. The earliest one is replaced by the newest one. By default, in your MSCONFIG-STARTUP tab, "scanregistry" refers to scanregw in Windows folder.
2. You can manually run this at START-RUN-SCANREGW.
3. if it doesn't run, you have NO registry backup to RESTORE from.
4.Therefore it is not, is not a file on the cd, and the absence is why you didn't have a registry backup to use, and I wonder what else is missing or got changed, or if we are on the same page?

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I'll explain later

In reply to: I'll explain again...

Well i did the manually way via run/scanregw and all i get is a message that system registry has backuped already today. would you like to back it up again? How do i find if I could go back a few days ago when it was working fine? Did I tell you that I lost the benefit of my cd rom now? What next?

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I'll explain AGAIN...

In reply to: I'll explain later

Scanregw IS in your msconfig-startup, or you wouldn't have Registry already backed up.
Windows\sysbckup\ and again look for the files (WHERE X IS AN INTEGER FROM 0 TO 5). Right click on each of these and check Properties for the date created, which will be the date shown availible in scanreg /restore.
When I finish with a fresh install and all other installations, I run scanregw, to have the latest backup, and delete the other files as they were before I was done.
Your loss of CDrom drive is a new problem, which may be about loose cables, ribbon cable on wrong way, or again mobo drivers; unless you mean somethingh else by "lost the BENEFIT..."

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In reply to: Anyone recognize these files?

Windows 98 is a fixed resource program. There is no "tweaking"............
Why are you still using Windows 98? After all, upgrades are affordable.
Errors are an inherent problem with that program.

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If YOU would read ALL THE this string..


1. NO ONE is tweaking W98SE, although Tweakui133 is a good free program.
2. Boothbay is AWARE of XP and had a REASON for trying W98SE.
3. Your opinion does NOT help W98SE problem solving.
4. Responding to the most recent posts in the Cnet 95/98 forum list, is good IF you can spend a little time researching the whole string, and get in step.
5. W98se will be around for awhile.
6. Many errors can be fixed-avoided with Norton Utilities (2002)...WinDoctor..

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IF YOU would read all the posts....

In reply to: If YOU would read ALL THE this string..

Thanks, reefurbb, don't you just love those people who don't read the entire thread, and yet make a suggestion? I got back my cd rom, only because I reinstalled win98se again...that is the easiest part. I do not have those files you keep mentioning, other than the scanregw. One thing I don't understand with a complete installation of win98 and after upgrading my sound and video resolution, i try to install this tv tuner program. During the process, I get a few messages informing me that a file that the program is asking for is older than the copy that exists in my system..than I'm asked to keep it or not. How can there be files of this program already in my system if I'm installing it on a virgin win98se?

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some explanations...

In reply to: IF YOU would read all the posts....

1. your installs and updates of hardware adds newer files.
2. some files get newer dates because of use, not 1999 origin.
3. the rest is W98 quirkiness. Always keep newer file.
4. We haven't even begun on System File Checker yet. It CAN be a help sometimes but is a nuisance getting there.
5. I don't understand the absence of and any others. Run scanregw after you successfully install stuff. That way you'll have registry backups. "already backed up today, back up again?" YES.

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