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Anyone love cats?

Here is an image of a Bengal cat, Mystique.

I found the image on an internet site for the MA Prevention to Cruelty to Animals last year.
Who would have expected this site to be on MSPCA from MA.
This cat is so beautiful, I cannot believe it. Just amazing to read about this breed on their website.

I would love to have one of these beauties. They like to climb.
Would be at home in my house.

The last cat we had was a Blue Point Siamese. Named KABUKI. She always loved to perch on top of the beams in our home. We have cathedral ceilings and exposed beams.
I used to be greeted with a strange sound somewhere over my head. Had to find out where she was perched.
Used to scare the heck out of some of our house guests!

The original Siamese cats were also bred in Egypt to protect their thrones such as Queen Cleopatra?s palace. They would perch on the doorways entrance and leap on any unsuspecting uninvited guest.
Cleopatra was only four foot high as well as generally all the population of Egypt I read somewhere.
Those Siamese cats were terrors in that time period. Sharp teeth and claws.

Anyone have any interesting stories and photos to share concerning the Bengal Cat, Siamese or your own cat?
Good cats or terror cats?
When I was staying at a small guest hotel in Istanbul about a block away from the Hagia Sophia, there was a calico wild street cat that was adopted by the owner. The Hotel owner called him STINKY at the tine. Wonderful cat.
There are hundreds of wild cats outside at Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosqe courtyards. Some are very loving and others just look at you and run away to safety.
Many of the restaurant owners throughout Turkey try to feed the stray cats after their restaurants close at night.
Kind of nice, don?t you think?


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(NT) wow
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Those Bengal cats are so incredible. So beautiful. Beyond belief!
Mark, Those were my words also viewing this Bengal cat for the first time last year?WOW! Oh my God! Never knew about them at all in my life.
Website is great also.

Now, where did the snakes go? :

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We have 3, all from the humane society.

The oldest cat is a standoffish, sometimes mean one. The two newer ones are brothers and very friendly.

Patches the older one

The newer brothers haven't made it to webshots yet. And my wife left two in Texas with her son, who had 3 belonging to him and his wife. Now 5 in a house is a bit much.


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cute little thing.
Roger, Thanks for the link to webshots.


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I am not much into cats, we have had one cat in all the years we have been married and he was part siamese, A terrorHappy

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Glenda, wait until you see a full blooded Siamese in action.
Ours used to terrorize my neighbors dog by jumping on its back and sinking her claws into the dogs back and sinking her teeth into his neck.
The dog was so afraid of my Siamese cat that the dog never crossed the street ever again! I watched it in real time. True story.


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My Fuzzy

used to attack the neighbor kids! He would jump on their butts dig his claws into diapers or their pants and ride them around the yard! They all knew when he was going to get them as his ears went back and the tail started whipping back and forth!! He used to chase our 2nd oldest from the back yard to the front door with her screaming all the way! She never managed to get in without that cat biting her toes!
The fights I had with him resulted in him taking flying lessons as he would dig his claws into my chairs and then I would get the stare and the look telling me he could rip it to shreds IF he wanted too!
He also had his own chair and plate at the dinner table, he had to have everything we had and after he stood up, looked over what was there then he would eat! He was spoiled rotten! And also the only cat I have ever seen that could not climb a tree! Dad didn't believe it until he saw it with his own eyes! My Dad was a great cat loverHappy

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Flying lessons?
My cat flew into a pine tree once on a winters night:
After returning from a ski weekend, my wife and I saw what the crazy cat had done to our bed: defficated and urinated on it about a dozen times.
My wife thought the cat did it out of rage and that we were not there that weekend. The cat was deliberately doing it.
That's when the cat learned flying lessons with out bed coverings going out the door into the snow drifts at the same time.

My wife always places our oriental rugs on new snow to clean them.
The snow draws out any dirt from them, Turn them over once and select a new snow area. It works!

My cat cleaned her butt off also in the snow!


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