really, tested it, i had found that it did provide adequate pop up blocking but if you already have spyware, adware, malware on your system, any pop up blocking software in a sense is useless. another bad thing about STOPzilla is that after paying for it, they send you a link to try the ''ZILLAbar'' which is just as dirty, imo, as anything. so if you are using that, you should rid your system of it. another problem is with a .dll for startup called is3core.dll that windows doesn't really like end resulting in constant closing of IE and Explorer in general. It only works with IE, and not firefox and/or opera. my advice is two part. If you are just using the trial of it, it is really not in my opinion worth spending the money as you will have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling it because of the infamous is3core.dll. i would rid the system of it, same goes for purchase only if you can get your money refunded or just take the loss. but if you want to keep it, first of all, scan your system to make sure it is free of parasites and scumware. use firefox to do most general browsing, it has an excellent pop up blocker built right in and no ActiveX, hense no hijacks. if you are trying to rid your system of it, one way to totally rid of it is to copy the command below and paste it into start--run(quotes and all)

''C:\Program Files\STOPzilla!\SZUninstall.exe'' /clean

reboot after cleaned and that should do it.