anyone familiar with the turtle beach px3 wireless headset?

Basically i just bought a turtle beach headset for my ps3, it works great and everything but im having trouble charging it. When i go to charge the headset the red light stays on (letting me now that it is in fact charging) but then after as little as a minute or two the light completely shuts off, theres no ways it finished charging only after two minutes since it was completely dead, im not sure if even though the light is off, its still actually charging or could this be a technical problem, any ideas? thanks for any help

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Reporting: anyone familiar with the turtle beach px3 wireless headset?
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I've not heard of this issue

If you take it off and put it back on the charger after the light goes off, does it come back on? I tried looking online a bit and didn't see any references to this problem either. Perhaps contacting the support line for the site/company and see what they say?

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yes it does actually

if i unplug it from the charger and put it back in, it does start to charge again but then the light goes away like usual, i think ill take ur advice and contact the support line, thanks for the reply

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You're welcome :)

And if you do find out what's causing it and perhaps a way to fix it, please feel free to post it here so people of future reference may be able to find it Happy

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PX3 Charging Light

Hi i have exact same question...
I "think" that when it is charged the red light just goes OFF... not Green like manual says ?
I'm not 100% sure but this is how I think it works...
So it is red while charging but goes off when fully charged... it NEVER goes green.
Let me know if you agree with this or figure it out... thanks....

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Answer... found on TBeach KBase

<span style="font-size: larger;"><span style="font-family: Verdana;"><font size="2">Read below from TBeach KB, light goes OFF when 75%+ charged... so you plug it in, it flashes red a bit, realizes it is 75%+ charged and light just goes off... so when light is OFF it is good to go... although they say to fully charge... NO way I see to know it is 100% ?</font>
<span style="font-size: larger;"><span style="font-family: Verdana;"><font size="2"></font>
<span style="font-size: larger;"><span style="font-family: Verdana;"><font size="2">How to properly charge and re-charge the PX3 internal battery</font><span style="font-size: larger;"><span style="font-family: Verdana;">

<font size="2"> The PX3 features a lithium polymer ("Li-Po") battery, which is more reliable and should last longer than the older lithium-ion batteries. It's best to charge up your PX3 headset all the way before first use.

- Turn OFF the headset. (The LED is steady on when the headset is powered OFF. The LED will flash on/off when the headset is powered ON.)

- Plug the headset into the base/transmitter to charge for a minimum of 6 hours. You can charge it for up to about 12 hours.

- You can ignore the LED on the transmitter. The LED will go out when the headset is charged up to 75% of its capacity. Although at this point you could disconnect it and use it, the headset won't be charged up all the way. We recommend that you charge it up all the way and then use it. </font>

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charging issue

yes but the headset is not 75% charged in less than an hour it starts beeping and died. returned and got a new one same problem right out of the box.

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Charging Issue

Hey dpmpv - did you get a resolution to this?

I just bought a pair myself and am experiencing this exact thing.

Light goes red for sometimes less than 10 seconds and only appears again once you unplug and replug it.

They say the headphones are meant to be able to function on low charge when plugged in, but mine will still shut off after a minute or so still so I'm pretty sure it's an issue of some sort

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Turtle Beach PX3 Charging Problems

June 25, 2012. I was having the same problem with the Turtle Beach PX3, which I just purchased yesterday! Along with a couple of other problems which will be addressed here. (At first, I wasn't aware about the charging issue until searching for answers to other downloadable preset issues.) I downloaded presets to the transmitter but this unpaired it from the headset, and there were no audible tones in the headset to indicate switching any of the presets nor the main preset. I reflashed the headsets and transmitter to default with the PX3 Preset Manager. The devices paired themselves, and it has, so far, cleared up the charging light issue as well. Hope it helps.

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Turtle beach px3 Troubleshooting

I, have a unique problem, my turtle beaches never started up correctly, i would press power and wait until tone and the mike would work for a secon or two before it muted it's self. I have resoveled this problem by holding the power button until there are no more tones, then repress the power putton and it would work, but just recently i have come across a new CHARGING problem. My turtle beaches are currently charged but act like they are not paired with the wireless transmitter. they will turn on but NOTHING will work, the mike is muted the presets dont changed and I am getting desperate, for i paied $150 for these and frankly pisses off. i haved tried to plug them in to the wireless tranmitter and NO RED LIGHT, I have however discovered how to get the RED LIGHT to turn on but only for a second at most. Also the LED on the wireless transmitter is very DULL and acts like it is very old when i havent even had them for a year. please if anyone could help please reply!

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uf you are still having trouble CHECK AND SEE IF THE USB IS PLUGGED IN THE RIGHT WAY!!!!!!!!

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basically when the red light goes off it means the headset is 75% charged. if it goes off for you, then just ignore it and let it charge ive tried this and its worked for my px3. hope it goes well for you lot aswell. GOOD LUCK Happy

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PX3. Not Charging


So I've gone through all the forums I can and have come to the conclusion, no one reads the original problem LOL.

Yes the manual and the online support have us jumping through hoops with no end, ie. boot strapping or whatever the headset, power cycling, repairing, etc. I've done all of this, and even pressed the little reset button that's inside a teeny tiny hole on the right earpiece.

For some reaosn the headset is not charging. When I turn them on, it blips red intermittently indicating low power along with that annoying beep. I've had it plugged in with the pc power on for 24 hours so I thought maybe the light was being stubborn and ignoring that it was supposed to be solid red while charging, however, after that time, it is still being annoying and not charging.

I've tried alternate usb cables but that isn't it, because the light still does not come on. The light turn green when I first power up, as it should, and the red blipping occurs so the light itself works.

Does anyone have a real solution? Is the internal battery just dead? Weird that it just happened. I've had these less than a year, so.....

Anyone, anyone?

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Most use a 300 cycle battery

So in the years since this post came out you are well past the expected life span of a battery from 2011.

This thread is more than 686 days old which is over 18 months, so did you try a new battery?

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You cant change the battery.

The battery is internal, unless you have changed it somehow and it worked?

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Is that a challenge or a statement or you telling me I can't

Sorry but I'm a programmer and electronics designer. Changing a battery is well inside my skill and comfort zone.

I can understand if most don't change such things.

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do you know if I get a new charger, will it work?

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