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Anynet+ switches HT-C6600 to Digital in when TV is turned on

by stargazer424 / September 28, 2010 1:04 PM PDT

I have a Samsung UN40C6300 TV and just bought a Samsung HT-C6600 blu-ray/home theater system. My system is set up as such: Cable box into the HDMI 1 of the HT. HDMI Out of HT into HDMI 2 of the TV.

The Anynet feature is a bit confusing. I like that when I turn off my TV the HT turns off. However I have the following problems.

1. It doesn't work the other way around. Turning the HT off does NOT turn off the TV. Also, turning TV or HT on does not turn on the other. I'm assuming it should.

2. When I turn the TV on the HT automatically switches to Digital In(D. IN). I assume this is the optical cable, but I don't have, nor need an optical cable b/c I am using HDMI. If I had the HT set to HDMI 1 when I shut it off, it will display correctly for a second (I'll see my cables reception) and then it switches to D. IN. Why wouldn't it just stay on HDMI 1?

3. Sometimes turning off the HT automatically switches the TV to "Air" and shows static. I don't have anything hooked up the coax cable as everything is HDMI.

Please let me know if you have any insight as to why it would do any of these things, and how to fix it, if possible

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Anynet+ switches HT-C6600 to Digital in when TV is turned on
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / October 5, 2010 3:50 PM PDT


Sorry for the delay in response. I had to go test this a little and speak to a few people to re-create this.

(Insert "how many geeks does it take..." joke here)

The design of Anynet+ is that it allows the devices to communicate when certain commands are sent.

1. For instance, let's say you turn on the Blu-Ray system. It's logical that the TV would need to be powered on, so it would do that. However, just because you turn off the Blu-Ray or HT system, that doesn't mean you're necessarily not going to watch TV. So it's based on a bit of a logical structure.

Blu-Ray requires the TV to be on - it powers on the TV and switches to that input.
The TV doesn't require the Blu-Ray player, so it waits for your command.
(However, if you do power it on, the TV will go to that input)

Likewise, just because you're done using the Blu-Ray player doesn't mean the TV watching is finished, so it won't turn off the TV. But if you turn off the TV, you won't be using the Blu-Ray player, so Anynet+ will turn off the Blu-Ray player also.

We can substitute Blu-Ray player for HT systems as well, since they're both devices on the Anynet+ network, but I wanted to give you the perspective from one device to the other.

2. The default input for the HT system is When you turn on the HTS, the HDMI-1 cable image displays briefly before defaulting to The cable box doesn't support Anynet+, so the HT System can't communicate with it, and as a result, defaults to optical.

The recommended setup for using the Anynet+ CEC functionality is to connect the cable box with HDMI to the TV for the video, and then the optical from the TV to the HT system. This will also allow you to control the HT system with your other remote.

3. "AIR", or the tuner, is an "always on" connection, as is "PC". Since more people would be apt to have an antenna hooked up to the television (rather than a computer, at least for most people!), the tuner is the default input if a signal drops out. You can avoid this by switching to a different input first before powering down something attached to the HDMI inputs, but if the signal is lost, Anynet+ will default to the "always on" connection.

You're not the first person to ask this, but unfortunately, I don't have a better explanation or a solution that would change that functionality.


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That just doesn't make sense...
by RedAndSmart / December 6, 2010 2:25 AM PST

I'm sorry, but this seems backwards to me, and it's inconsistent with how the prior year's model operated under AnyNet+.

My HTIB (HT-C6730W, which Samsung provided as a replacement to a defective HT-BD3252) has a "dual" function in that it provides both surround sound for audio INPUT and also has a BluRay player that produces audio/video OUTPUT. It makes logical sense that the HDMI out from my cable box (carrying both audio and video) would be connected as input to the HTIB, and that the HTIB would then provide video output (via HDMI) to my Samsung television (and send audio output to its own speakers). The solution you describe, wherein the HDMI out from the cable box would be connected directly to the television and then use optical cabling for audio OUTPUT from television INPUT to the HTIB presents a problem - how then does one view BluRay/DVD? How does one use the included iPod cradle? For these to work you'd now require an additional HDMI cable providing video output from the HTIB to the television. That seems foolish.

The HT-BD3252 which preceded this unit, while it had MANY problems, did not have this problem of failing to recognize that it has a perfectly good input signal at power-up and therefore no reason to switch away from HDMI1 to D.IN.

For what's its worth, there are at least two other very annoying firmware related problems with the HT-C6730W. First, it always (loudly) plays its power-on chime when it's been shut off BD mode (after playing a movie for example). Second, it frequently ignores signals from the remote control (or any remote control, I've tried several) which it's clear are being received by its kindred Samsung television (since the television has a red light which flashes when IR signals are received). I've also noted, as has another writer, that the on-screen display for volume level inconsistently appears.

I absolutely love my Samsung television (LN46B750). At this point I'm advising everyone who asks to steer clear of Samsung for BluRay/DVD components. In two separate model years the firmware has been a mess and problems appear to perpetuate.

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by RedAndSmart / April 13, 2011 6:27 AM PDT

After a year of fighting with Samsung Executive Customer Support I finally received a full refund for my original purchase price and have now dispensed with this product and it's issues. I did have another comment, however.

"Samsung_HD_Tech" recommends running directly HDMI to the television from your video sources and then running optical audio out to the HTIB. What he fails to mention, however, is that if you do this, you don't get 5.1 surround sound, you only get stereo (at least on a 7 series LCD, and presumably earlier models, don't know about the new X000 series units). The owners manual for my LN46B750, on page 11 (English) says the following:

"When the source is a digital component such as a DVD / Blu-ray player / Cable Box / Satellite receiver (Set-Top Box) and is connected to the TV via HDMI, ****only 2 channel sound will be heard from the Home Theater receiver****. If you want to hear 5.1 channel audio, connect the digital audio out jack on DVD / Blu-ray player / Cable Box / Satellite receiver (Set-Top Box) directly to an Amplifier or Home Theater, not the TV."

So, buyer beware!

P.S. I recall that a firmware update did fix the problem with the power-on chime playing when it wasn't supposed to do so. I think that the issues with the OSD for the volume appearing inconsistently had to do with whether, when in AnyNet+ mode, you were sending signals to the TV to adjust the volume, or to the HTIB to adjust the volume. One would produce the OSD and one would not. So, it was a consistent result, just not the same result.

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Input Switching to D.In
by ageorgiev / April 14, 2011 2:52 AM PDT

I have a 9000 series TV and Home Theatre HT-C6600 and was having the same issue with the input on the HT switching to D.In after the TV powered on. Anyway, I did as suggested and connected the cable box with HDMI to the TV for the video, and then the optical from the TV to the HT system. This did the trick, thank you so very much! The input on the HT now stays on HDMI-1 and there is peace in my house once again.


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Anynet switches HT C 5200 to Digital with Tv connected to Sk
by rmarsili / February 14, 2012 6:00 PM PST

I have a similar problem and I have tried to follow your suggestion to connect the cable box with HDMI to the TV for the video, and then the optical from the TV to the HT system, but it did not work. I still get the system switching to Digital.
My equipment is entirely Samsung: TV LE40C630, HT C 5200 and the Sky Box is a Samsung 9E0E04 and I find it strange that I cannot make the pieces work together!
Since it is some time that you have posted the solution above, may be you have found a different way to fix the problem and I would appreciate your help.
Many thanks

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Anynet+ switches HT-C6600 to Digital in when TV is turned on
by corig1 / October 6, 2010 12:01 AM PDT


Thanks for the description of the Anynet functionality. The problem is that it does not always revert back to a good input. Mine switches even though the input is active (cable box is on before the HTiB and TV) and I have to switch it back from each time. This is the problem.

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Anynet+ switches HT-C6600 to Digital in when TV is turned on
by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff / October 6, 2010 8:10 AM PDT


It will do that because Anynet+ is enabled and is looking for the optical cable.

If you don't want that, you can turn off Anynet+, but then you'll lose the CEC (consumer electronics control) functionality in the process.

Some people prefer it that way.


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Same problem with ht-c5200
by anonymus_user / October 19, 2010 2:23 AM PDT


I've the same issue with the HT-C5200 and a Samsung LED TV. It is really annoying being forced to use workarounds because of some software deficits.

Why does Samsung not allow to set a default source for TVs and HTs? I'am really thinking about returning the HT...

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HT-C6900W Annoyance
by emarducks / December 13, 2010 6:44 AM PST

If I understand the reply correctly, turning off Anynet+ will prevent the HTS from defaulting back to "D.IN"?

Does this also work on the HT-C6900W? How does this affect the "BD-Wise" functions when connected to The C8000 Series LED/LCD 3D Televisions? (My understanding is that BD-Wise provides some optimization of the picture quality between the disc player and the television.)

This is my situation:

I recently purchased a HT-C6900W along with a Samsung C8000 series 3D/LED/LCD television. I connected my cable set top box to the HT's HDMI Input 1 and the television HDMI Input 1 to the HT's HDMI Out. (As described on page 24 of the user manual).

When I turn on all three components (with my set top box programmable remote) the television remembers that input 1 was last selected however the HT-C6900W resets back to "D-In" after briefly displaying "HDMI.IN1". I must then grab the HT remote and select the correct source "HDMI.IN1" to view content from my set top box.

I don't believe that connecting an extra cable (Digital) between the set top box and the HT-C6900W and using 2 inputs on the television (one for the HT, one for the set top box) is a preferred solution.

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Disable Anynet+ with Cable TV
by emarducks / December 13, 2010 9:43 PM PST

I recently purchased a HT-C6900W along with a Samsung C8000 series 3D/LED/LCD television. I connected my cable set top box to the HT's HDMI Input 1 and the television HDMI Input 1 to the HT's HDMI Out. (As described on page 24 of the user manual).

When I turn on all three components (with my set top box programmable remote) the television remembers that input 1 was last selected however the HT-C6900W resets back to "D-In" after briefly displaying "HDMI.IN1". I must then grab the HT remote and select the correct source "HDMI.IN1" to view content from my set top box.

After a couple of days of frustration, then searching through the Internet as well my wife contacting Samsung tech support, I read this thread and played around with disabling the Anynet+ feature of the Home Theater.

The result is that I can now use the set top box remote to turn-on all three components and HT will default to the last used input.

In my opinion Anynet+ and CEC features in general have significant shortcomings, I can't blame the manufacturers too much, but the manuals and other tech data should have a bit more more detail regarding the operation.

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Anynet+ switches HT-C6600 to Digital in when TV is turned on
by wr_mar_jan / February 28, 2011 3:45 PM PST

Problem same as described above.

Samsung, please offer a firmware update to solve this problem.

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ht-c6930w powering on to D in input
by mrabadia / March 20, 2011 11:09 AM PDT

I have the ht-c6930w and have the same problem (switches to D in on power on) makes no sense. its bee that way since I bought it 8 months ago! I've lived with this for long hoping for a firmware update fix. A company as powerful and respected like Samsung need to fix this problem immediately. I'm already too pissed off and would think twice before buying another Samsung device or for that matter recommending it to anyone. I have looked at many forums and no one with any solution.
Shame on Samung! have the guts to fix the problem you created!

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HT-C6730W powering on to D input
by dirky_e / April 13, 2011 4:35 AM PDT

Last week I bought an 3D LED Samsung and 7.1 HT-c6930w and fell into the same trap. my wife is unhappy with this situation of playing with the remotes changing the source input until it works everytime we switch off the tv. is there a way to make this work without buying an audio digital cable or turning off the anynet stuff? Help!

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Latest products have the same problem!
by Firepig58 / March 2, 2012 7:29 PM PST

I have a new D8000 TV and HT-D6500 HT home theatre. I have the same maddening problem - the HT switches to Digital input a few seconds after switch-on. Configuration is as recommended: Sky box HDMI to HT HDMI1 input, HT HDMI to TV HDMI2 input, Anynet+ and CEC enabled. As this is the default configuration for anyone with a satellite or cable source it must affect millions of users. Is there really no solution? Surely there should be a setting to lock to source to the default? the only answers seem to be to turn off Anynet+ (the main reason for buyng compatible Samsung products) or degrading to stereo sound by routing via the TV (not much point in having a home theatre then).

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Same exact problem with Denon
by cadmium48 / April 14, 2011 5:10 AM PDT

I came here to post this exact problem with my Denon. When I have Anynet+ enabled for ARC (Audio Return Channel) it automatically switches the Denon to the "TV"/ARC input when the tv is switched on, and a variety of other circumstances mentioned before.

I haven't made my way through the entire thread, but it seems the consensus is that we're out of luck? And that the solution is to not use the "feature" and run an additional optical wire (defeating the purpose of ARC)?

Seems like ARC should be separated from CEC, or at least have an option to control it.

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I forgot to mention this is with a 2011 PNxxD8000
by cadmium48 / April 15, 2011 2:27 AM PDT

<span id="INSERTION_MARKER"> <span id="INSERTION_MARKER"> I forgot to mention I have a 2011 mode PNxxD8000. It's never too late for a firmware update to improve the feature Happy

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Is the order of turning on/off equipment a factor?
by dan-gogh / March 2, 2012 10:59 PM PST

This has been happening with a friend's Samsung TV, Yamaha receiver, and cablebox for three years. But looking back at Samsung HD tech's post number two, could it be avoided by making signals available to HDMI-CEC equipment by turning on the cablebox first and turning it off last. Or some other order. Could you guys try it and let us know?

You guys are right tons of folks must be having the same problem. It's too bad for ARC users if HDMI-CEC needs to be on for it to work.

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Order of switch-on makes no difference
by Firepig58 / March 3, 2012 5:22 AM PST

No, I've tried all permutations of switch-on order, even leaving long pauses, and it makes no difference. The change in source happens about 10 sec after the HT is switched on or, if later, after the TV is switched on. It makes no diffenerce whether the Sky box (which of course is not Anynet+ compatible) is on or off. The problem seems to arise from the "handshake" between HT and TV. The HT changes source even if it has a perfectly good active signal on the source it is already on. And even though the inevitable result is taht there is no picture on the TV at all - only the blue input screen generated by the HT.

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So you think it's the Anynet handshake?
by dan-gogh / March 5, 2012 7:26 AM PST

I just read your original post, and I'm assuming your tests of turning on and off equipment were with Anynet on. Last year I helped 2 other friends get Harmony 650s running. Both have Samsung TVs and HT-C6600s and, since Anynet burned me in 2009, changing my TV input default to the TV tuner when I shut down a then new Samsung blu ray player, I'm pretty sure I told them both to turn off Anynet in both devices.

One of them followed instructions and his Harmony worked beautifully with no default switching. The other friend, however, had tried so many things that I simply added a Harmony command to switch back to HDMI1 just before getting out of the Watch DVD activity so it would be ready to go for watching TV later. (I should have reset his Harmony before starting, but didn't.) This worked for him:

I thought by now someone would have solved the problem, or, failing that, that the majority of the equipment owners were stumbling unknowingly onto a solution with a different order of turning stuff on or off.

The crazy thing is the ARC function requires HDMI-CEC to be on, so those folks seem to be screwed if it is indeed the cause of the source default.

So, back to my question: Your on/off tests are with Anynet on, correct? Or does it still does it still switch back it you have it off and change the order of turning on/off equipment? I'd really like to know so I can write to someone and try to get to the bottom of this.

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Just my experience.
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / March 5, 2012 7:31 AM PST

ARC has failed so often that I've learned to send out the tech with optical cables on such calls.

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Optical cables
by dan-gogh / March 5, 2012 8:58 AM PST
In reply to: Just my experience.

Don't optical cables transmit just stereo back to the receiver and not 5.1 like ARC is supposed to send?

I tried to help out a new owner on an AVS Forum get around ARC vs. incorrect source switching caused by HDMI-CEC, and we tried a few things then he gave up. This seems to be the case with HDMI-CEC issues... everyone just gives up. Or are several million other owners just lucking out?

I don't think this is brand specific, since many combinations of TV, receiver, and HT systems seem to have the same problem.

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Sorry but I get 5.1 on OTA so
by R. Proffitt Forum moderator / March 6, 2012 12:24 AM PST
In reply to: Optical cables

That must be untrue. However, due to the rules of HDCP and more, any audio and video that is passed through a device that can render audio shall be degraded to Stereo or SD with a fine exception for OTA.

It's not brand specific either. It would not matter if the pass was over ARC or Optical.

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Yes, Anynet was on
by Firepig58 / March 5, 2012 5:07 PM PST

Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) was on throughout these tests. It took me a long time to get Anynet+ working on my setup (it turned out to be an incompatible cable) so I know I didn't have this problem with Anynet+ disabled, but I really don't want to turn Anynet+ off - the family just can't cope with having to find a different remote to adjust the volume.

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Thanks for clarifying
by dan-gogh / March 6, 2012 12:04 AM PST
In reply to: Yes, Anynet was on

Thanks for clarifying, I haven't thought about this for a few years and can't believe it's still not resolved. Like I mentioned, I've been suggesting turning off HDMI-CEC for 3 years. I thought that ARC would be the lever to get manufacturers to set aside a register or one memory location to save a startup input before shutting down.

Your equipment is similar to my two friends' with Samsung TVs, Comcast cableboxes, and HT-C6600s. A Harmony 650 remote (that can control 5 devices) solved the problem. I've seen it as low as $50. Both have Anynet turned off in the TV and HT. One friend took the remote out of the box, carefully followed instructions and set up Watch TV and Watch Movie activities. His works perfectly.

The other screwed around with his 650, couldn't get it to work (see my link referenced above) and, while I should have just reset his 650, I was drawn in and forgot about that, but managed to add a command in Watch Movie before it shuts down to change the input back to HDMI1 for his cablebox when he powers back up .

So I suggest trying a Harmony capable of handling the number of devices you have, reading instructions, and carefully setting it up. Good luck.

Also, does anyone know if newer models of Samsung HTs have resolved this issue, possibly with firmware updates?

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My equipment is current generation
by Firepig58 / March 6, 2012 2:12 AM PST
In reply to: Thanks for clarifying

My equipment is current generation - D8000 TV and HT-D6500 home theatre (someone else had a C6600). So no, the problem isn't fixed.
I may well try a Harmony remote. Can it cope with changing the HT inputs? So far as I can see they are only selectable by scrolling down a menu or repeated presses of the input key - so you have to know where you are to get to where you want to be, and there is no single keypress that can be emulated. "Switch on, wait ten seconds then send four presses of the Source key" doesn't sound very reliable. Harmony remotes look pretty sophisticated, though.

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Harmony software does it all for you
by dan-gogh / March 6, 2012 8:37 AM PST

You are already doing too much thinking. Harmony has software on the web, and a downloadable version (which are incompatible, stick to one or re-do everything if you switch) that asks you some simple hardware questions. Plug it into your computer USB port and start.

It's "Activity" based. One activity for which there is a physical button is "Watch TV". You enter the model number of your display, your HT system, and your cable/sat box, and how they are connected, e.g. HDMI1, etc. It will ask how you change inputs on each, repeatedly press a button, select from a menu, etc. What box selects channels, etc. Then the software sets up a profile for "Watch TV" from a large database of equipment specs and downloads it to the remote.

Another Activity physical button is "Watch DVD" (or movie, or bluray). Enter display model number and HT model number and specify BD (I believe) for its bluray disc. Enter connections and how inputs are selected... sequentially pressing a button, etc. It downloads the profile for Watch DVD.

You can create several other activities and use the small LCD on the remote to activate them, such as listen to CD, play game console, etc. You can also enter AV receivers, etc. and how they are connected. The software does it all.

My brother did this using Harmony web software and his Samsung TV and HT C6600 and Comcast cablebox worked perfectly with the Harmony 650 right off the bat.

My brother in law didn't read instructions, tried a bunch of stuff and had problems. I walked into the trap thinking I had to change timing, etc.none of which worked until I stumbled on to adding a command to switch input back to HDMI1 before leaving Watch DVD so he'd be set up to "Watch TV" the next time (instead of D in, the original problem).

I then picked up a Harmony 650 and entered my Samsung TV, Denon receiver, Samsung blu ray, and Comcast cablebox and set up Watch TV (with the receiver/surround system) and Watch DVD (with the bluray, and Denon/surrounds). Simple questions, simple answers and it works perfectly.

Most importantly, turn off Anynet.

My brother used the web software and I used the downloadable sw. I think the downloadable has one extra command or something, but it wasn't needed. Check out Logitech's Harmony website. There used to be a tutorial, etc., and a way to find out if your equipment is supported. There was only a simple user manual, however it was enough to allow my brother to program it with me on the phone helping... The website was a mess a few years ago, with additional information scattered throughout dozens of FAQ's. But, if you don't think too much, you shouldn't need additional info.

Each Activity includes common functions on the Harmony's physical buttons or accessible as soft buttons on the remote's display screen from the diverse devices. e.g., Watch TV changes volume on the TV or receiver and changes channels on the cablebox. However, each device can be accessed in the remote for esoteric commands which are rarely used. You could bring those commands forward to the Activity's screen if needed.

Your family will have to be patient and wait for all equipment to turn on/off before pointing the remote away. Good luck.

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by Cinescal / November 1, 2012 11:02 PM PDT

There was a solution that I came across in YouTube that did the trick for me without the extra cable and Anynet enabled.

Connection --> HTS connected to TV via HDMI (ARC), Cable/Satellite Box connected to the TV via HDMI.

Instead of connecting the cable/satelite box to the HTS, connect it to the TV. No additional cables are needed as the HDMI already connected to the HTS uses ARC and will send the audio signal of your cable/satellite box to the HTS/receiver. Also, for those who use apps from your smart TV, the HDMI ARC will also send that audio to the HTS/receiver.

Works as expected for me - without disabling Anynet or having an extra cable. I'm happy. =)

Hope this helps.

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Not really a solution
by jlhrstv / January 6, 2013 1:21 PM PST
In reply to: Solution

If you use ARC to pass your audio from your Cable/Satellite Box connected to the TV via HDMI then you will loose your surround sound. It will down sample anything passed through to 2 channel to comply with HDCP.

You will need a TV with a real HDMI output that repeats HDCP to pass-through 5.1 channel. BENQ seems to make one, but can't find it in the US.

From the HDCP page on the DCP site:

"<font size="2">HDCP receivers may render the HDCP content in audio and visual form for human consumption. HDCP receivers may be HDCP repeaters that serve as downstream HDCP transmitters emitting the HDCP content further downstream to one or more additional HDCP receivers."</font>

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kind of a workaround
by babush7 / January 28, 2013 9:26 AM PST
In reply to: Not really a solution

I have all the same problems as the OP and seeing as its been more than 2 years since the OP posted and there's been no fix from Samsung yet tells me how much their customer service sucks Angry

there's a workaround for one of the problems where it switches to Digital In automatically which is to turn on the devices in a particular order
I turn on the TV first and then wait about 5-10 seconds (till it displays the source on the telly) before turning on the HT that seems to make the HT stick to the last input that it had before it was turned off
I've tested it a few times and its worked for me atleast

like I said this is nothing much than a workaround since there's still a delay required before turning on the HT. untill Samsung does an actual fix for all these glaring problems I'm telling all my friends to steer clear of their HTs. Kind of sad tho cause its only their software which is bad Plain . And this is not even a complicated bugfix. My friend owns a Panasonic and his Viera link works just like its supposed to

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Very frustrating problem - an easy fix for samsung
by AlbieTheCat / February 14, 2013 1:02 AM PST
In reply to: kind of a workaround

Just allow to choose a default input... Very frustrating. Samsung are 10/10 until you have a problem. Samsung Support 0.5/10

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