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Any voters in the coal states??

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Reporting: Any voters in the coal states??
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Boy, if I lived in a coal state and voted early for Obama..

and THEN saw that, I'd feel really stupid.

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Any regular SE visitors ...

that would vote for Obama and live in the coal states? I doubt it.


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On what do you base that?

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actually, I considered it, and I live in a coal state...

you see, I stated long ago that I could not vote for McCain so Obama was amongst my available choices. Now, a lot of other SE members said the same thing this past spring, but they seemingly have been able to rationalize their way around their previous belly aching to become full blown McCain fanatics.

I ended up not voting for McCain, nor Obama, since I think Obama will be a spendthrift president.

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I knew it!
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(NT) Cynthia McKinney?? You don't need to say. (-:
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My candidate was an un-official write in...

Since the Powers That Be switched over to electronic voting from paper ballots... and my man had no "official" slot on the ticket... I was forced to use a SHARPIE? permanent marker to write his name on the voting screen.

For some reason... this did not go over big with the poll workers.


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You don't feel bad about

wasting your vote?

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You don't feel bad about...

wasting yours? I mean, you are gonna vote for McCain, right? So if he loses...

I really think you need to go back and take some remedial classes about civics and democracy, Matthew. Of course... if it is your temperament, instead of your lack of knowledge that makes you say the things you do, then no amount of classes will clear the fog from your mind.


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That's just plain stupid

Your vote is waisted.
You may have as well voted for a cartoon character.

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last election, less than 60% of the US population voted.

That, my frustrated friend... is not democracy. I doubt you understand the significance of this, in the light of your other comments.

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And that is bad because?

Should people who are apathetic or uninformed be voting anyway? The Founding Fathers sought to limit the franchise to those who have the biggest stake in the nation. They would undoubtedly be appalled at "Rock the Vote" and other such efforts to bring in every warm body possible.

It waters down and cheapens the vote of the serious citizen.

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(NT) and how long have you been an elitist intellectual ?
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(NT) That made no sense at all...
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BTW, The Founding Fathers had a dim view of Democracy.

They founded a Republic. The democratic process, highly modified, was put in place, to elect officials only.

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Speaking of needing civics lessens,

Do we live under a democracy?

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Your college didn't require a course that covered the

US government? The United States is not a democracy. It is a Republic and has a Republican form of government. That, BTW, is not a reference to a political party.

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Yes, KP... we all know that we actually live in...

... a representational republic and not a true democracy. Hints about that little fact are given in first grade when one learns the pledge of allegiance. "the Republic, for which it stands..."

If busting me on the difference between a true democracy and a representational republic is the best gambit you folks can come up with... then I am ROTFLMAO.


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And what do you know about the coal states ?

Probably as much as Obama does...

However, if you were to listen to your own link, he states that the carbon emissions are what will be tracked... not the use of coal itself. That means if power companies want to produce energy without producing large amounts of carbon, then they can go full throttle with their projects. More emissions means more penalties = bankruptcy... what is so hard to understand about that ?

I have stated for several years on this forum, that the US should be working on clean energy technologies, that could be exported to the rest of the developing world. Why shouldn't we be the the world's leaders in selling clean energy production methods? If you build a better mouse trap, the world will come knocking at your door. Unfortunately, our energy industry spends most of it's advertising and lobbying dollars arguing that they should not be bound by emissions regulations.

The last major energy bill provided tax breaks to the energy industry through 2014. Those breaks were designed to encourage capital investment in infrastructure. It would be nice to see the energy industry actually use the tax breaks they were given for the original purposes, rather than just to pad their annual dividends.

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I think that...

I think that if Obama classifies carbon as a "dangerous pollutant" under current clean air laws, it may have greater than expected effect on coal production in West Virginia and elsewhere.

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Yep. Got coal, got nuke and a little bit oil... but also

got flint to make fire when we can't use the other stuff.

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Not too many folk know how to use a flint and steel.

Don't forget you need a tinder box. I used to cook char cloth from old ripped up jeans in an old Sucrets can. Use that char cloth to catch the spark... and tuck it in to your tinder to get a flame.

woops... hope there ain't no pyromaniacs reading this... Grin

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I learned the hi tech way

and can whoop you at fire making any day. I had 6" glass magnifying lens that would set your jeans on fire in seconds. Grin

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LOL... not in the dark, it won't !

Course... the rain is another story ! Grin

For a rainy day... steel wool could be used.

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break down and buy a Bic

give it a flic

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this year I found one...

...that I'd put away in 1986 when I quit smoking. It was in a top drawer, in the back. It still had liquid in it, so I decided to check it out and gave the wheel a couple spins. It lit on about the fifth try, probably had to clear a bit of corrosion off the wheel first. Worked just fine after 22 years.

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Yep and both WV and Virgina are expected to vote for

Democratic Senators this go around. Seems even those in coal know the bad course we're on.

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Why am I not surprised...

Why am I not surprised in the case of West Virginia, it's been about 50 years since that state had a Republican Senator.

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Well, a-workin in a coal mine, coal mine ...

Until it got locked.

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I always liked 16 Tons

another day older and deeper in debt Happy

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