But I don't see it as being that practical to run with a PVP on an armband. First, trying to find a decent armband for it seems impossible, at least for the Archos. (But you'll find plenty of options for iPods) Then there is the weight. The Archos 404 is nearly 2 ounces heavier than the 30GB iPod. I own the 30 GB iPod, and from time to time I run with it, but I much rather use my Nano or Shuffle because they're much ligher and flash based - I don't worry as much about dropping them as I would with the Video. And do I really need to carry around that much music when running? And do I really need video?

I like the Archos for its ability to act as a dvr, with the optional accessories. And I am considering getting one, unless Apple comes up with something that I want. And no, I'm not trying to steer you toward Apple products.

If you have the money to do so, get the PVP (I'm sure someone will weigh in on their top picks) and get a smaller, flash drive player for your runs. Or use your old player for your runs. Wait until after CES and see what comes up.