Checkout some of ASUS's new laptops. I think I'll be picking up an ASUS G2P tomorrow. I have always bought Dell for Laptops/Desktops or OverdrivePC for Desktops. I think though I will switch from Dell to ASUS for laptops. I like the warranties they are offering now & the price for what one gets looks pretty good. I like the G2P model, though it is labeled as a gaming laptop and which I would not classify it as, as the GPU is only a X1700, good for movies etc...though. It also comes with 2 gigs of 667mhz, 17inch LCD,(the ole eye sight isn't getting any better with age, hence the larger screen), bluetooth, X1700 with 512mb vram, 160 gig HDD (5400rpm), built in 1.3 meg camera & microphone and a whole bunch of other goodies. Anyway thats my two cents, good luck : ) and I hope the above information helps