No is the short answer. The somewhat longer answer is that if they were based in the US you could file a small claims court case against them, but you'd probably never see a penny of any award ordered by the court. Of course the fact that we're talking like 4-5 years ago, the statute of limitations has almost certainly long since expired meaning you're essentially screwed. Trying to find some kind of legal loophole you could exploit would likely require hiring a lawyer or freelance paralegal at an hourly rate that's probably more than you were scammed for to begin with. So you'd have to really be committed to the principle of making this company pay and willing to spend hundreds, even thousands, of times the amount you lost on legal expenses.

This all assumes the company has some kind of assets in the US that a US court could go after. Odds are they're based in some largely lawless country like Somalia or Nigeria where any government that might exist is unlikely to cooperate with US officials.

So, for several reasons, the long and short of it is that you're screwed six ways from Sunday on this one. Sorry.