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Anthony Scaramucci

If he did actually use the language he was reported to have used, he needs to be removed, IMO. I've given Trump a pass for many of his own antics as I don't believe many of his own tactics are anything new. I've also given him a pass in many regards because, also IMO, he's faced the worst antagonism I've even seen a president face but. It's been coming at him at all angles from the media, his opposition party and, (of all things) the entertainment industry. Never have I seen so much hate from people who are calling for a stop to hate. The man has been attacked so viciously that it's an embarrassment to our country and the objectives of those who sought a better life when they immigrated here from Europe hundreds of years ago. This can't be what they wanted but neither can the profane language Mr. Anthony Scaramucci has been reported to have used in his criticism of another government official. The Donald should either shame him and ask for a public apology with the promise to clean up his mouth or let him go. Just my opinion.

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Reporting: Anthony Scaramucci
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RE: he's faced the worst antagonism
he's faced the worst antagonism, The man has been attacked so viciously AND you've "given Trump a pass for many of his own antics"

You give him a pass for "rocking the boat"....When others join in rocking the boat...but instead of rocking TheRumps way...they return volley and then you have a problem?

At what point does he bring it on himself.?.....Author of his own misfortune?

The Donald should either shame him and ask for a public apology with the promise to clean up his mouth or let him go.

You don't think TheRUMP would love to use the same language? He is the appointed Communications director.....selected/annointed by TheRUMP, NO ONE ELSE but TheRUMP chose him...

Like that's gonna happen....I think it almost killed him to say IF he knew how Sessions would recluse himself from the investigation.....2 admissions of "mis-steps"?.....he'll hide in the bushes/twitterverse and snipe, that's how he rolls....snipe "The Mooch"?...maybe in couple months after some other brown stuff hits the fan....
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Tony knows very well that if you want to keep your job you better be a trump-er.

That little outburst probably got him some brownie points with trump.

Trump may chide him about the language but I doubt it will go much further.

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Re: Anthony Scaramucci

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Comedy you say? Here you go.

"Don't you worry about blank, I'll worry about blank."

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It's also quite scary that this guy who can't go in the same direction for more than 30 mins and he has his finger on the nuclear trigger.

I wonder if the folks that bought into his campaign tripe are having second thoughts.

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This one is amazing. Where did he get his finger guns?
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Yeah i feel bad for him. Well this doesn't mean i like him but just think about it all the pressure and stress he is getting. would you able to be handle that if you were in that position??

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Are you asking about being a POTUS or the mooch?

No one I know will survive where the mooch was. POTUS? I fear I would upset many when I think you might be a better POTUS.

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