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Another Stupid Obama Program. Blame Michelle.

Are these kids now disallowed from bringing their own stuff for lunch to school in addition to being held hostage to a reduced calorie lunch of food they don't even want to eat? Whatever happened to the concept of a "growing child" in regards to extra food needs? When I was in high school there was a Steak & Shake right across the road you could go to at lunch if you wanted something different. Yeah, there's some kids who are porkers, but if you are going to restrict what the school serves, you should still let them bring bagged lunch from home instead. Now even banned food items are contraband at school? Get writ up for it? Have it affect one's grades or some other part of their school record? Nasty notes home to parents? So far I've not heard anything about it here, but I guess it's in force already here too? Sometimes mine takes a sandwich, sometimes buys her lunch, I'll have to ask her later what she knows of this. Her usual trick is to come home from school open a 500 calorie can of chili with beans, add a few hundred calories of cheddar cheese on top and then crumble about 150 calories of saltines on it. Now I think I know why she comes home hungry! She's not a porker either, she's 13, weighs about 115-120 and is 5'5" already.

Starve your own kids Michelle if you must, but leave our kids alone! Also tell your husband to get his nose out of our doctor's business too!! Go back to the ghetto and organize something there instead, maybe they'll appreciate it more.

What the hell's the matter with these Obama's? Their arrogance seems to know no bounds!!

" The new restrictions were mandated by
the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, signed into law during the
lame-duck period of the last Congress in December 2010.

Now that the rules have come
into effect for the new school year, many are concerned that some
adolescents are being denied the quantities of food they need. Student
athletes can burn through as many as 5,000 calories a day - but they
are still entitled to no more than 850 calories for their lunch. Because many children refuse to eat
the fruit and veg they are required to accept, some are eating
significantly less than the mandated 850 calories for high-schoolers,
which goes to 650 for those in elementary school. One middle-schooler in South Dakota told KELOland: 'I know a lot of my friends who are just drinking a jug of milk for their lunch. And they are not getting a proper meal.'A
school principal estimated that his cafeteria 'threw away four boxes of
peaches' at the beginning of the year after seeing most students refuse
to eat the fruit even when it was placed on their trays."

Peaches tossed? I'd have eaten the peach when I was in school, but after sprinkling sugar over it, or dipping in sugar between bites.

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Reporting: Another Stupid Obama Program. Blame Michelle.
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BOO good eating habits. BOOOO!!!!!

You do get that good nutrition leads to good health and proper weight, and reduces medical costs for everyone, and that childhood is the best time to get people on the right track, right?

Of all the nonsensical things people insult this president and his wife about, this one (pardon the expression) takes the cake.

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A couple days ago James posted a healthy menu.

and counted all the calories.

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Send this to Michelle
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Very enjoyable

Even in the '50s there were tips on how the get chicks. Happy

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You do realize one size doesn't fit all?

Just like some kids need smaller clothes, some need bigger clothes, each growing child based on size, activity, needs a differing amount of calories. A child of 120-140 pounds needs at least 1500 calories if he does nothing but sit all day long. If he's very active such as band practice, some sport, walks to and from school, then even more is needed. I wonder how many children leave to school with the barest of a breakfast if any at all. I just asked my youngest what she has for breakfast and she said "usually a half glass of milk" which is 75 calories. It's not like there isn't plenty of quick stuff here she could eat in the morning, including boxes of cereal, hot pockets, oatmeal, etc. She'd rather grab extra sleep instead of getting up earlier to eat. I suspect that's true for a lot of school children. When she gets home she has about 1000 calories in the first hour, or before 4pm. Between 6-8pm she eats supper and will add another 500-1000 depending on what she's willing to consume from that meal. We try to make sure she eats at least 2000 per day.

Next year she'll start sports, and she'll need extra calories, probably at least 3000 per day. She already runs 1.5 miles twice a week with her older sister. I just don't see limiting school lunches to 850 calories as being practical, and then adding items that most kids might reject instead of having them choose what they want at the line makes it worse. What might help more is if they just put a calorie count by each item with a sugar and fat calorie content included, then let the older ones (middle and high school) keep track of what they've eaten and adjust accordingly. No sense in trying to push girls toward anorexia nervosa, which might result from making them too concerned about what they are eating.

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RE: A child of 120-140 pounds

A child of 120-140 pounds needs at least 1500 calories


A mid-day meal. 850 calories

They eat before they leave the house in the morning, they eat when they get home. Most sit on their asses all day in the classroom...burning NO calories.

so they have to get 650 calories in breakfast and dinner/supper/snacks.

That doesn't sound too difficult.

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RE: Are these kids now disallowed

Are these kids now disallowed from bringing their own stuff for lunch to school?


I think you knew that anyways, but I'll confirm your suspicions.

Looking at the photos...bringing their own food doesn't seem to be a problem.

Don't shed too many many tears for the little fat kids.

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The article

made it sound like they were being restricted from bringing certain food items into the cafeteria. If not, then why are they having to "sneak" extra food in?

I asked my daughter if she was restricted from taking in food at school and she said no restrictions. So, is this just in what one can buy from the lunchroom? Can a child buy two lunches? I know on days I was really hungry, I'd go through twice, or back for seconds on something I'd liked.

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RE:The article made it sound like they were being restricted

made it sound like they were being restricted from bringing certain food items into the cafeteria.

That makes your question work...but show me what lead you to that assumption.

I know on days I was really hungry, I'd go through twice, or back for seconds on something I'd liked.

Where were YOUR parents...James comes home from school starving to death....

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Seems you are wrong. Again.

Parents who might want to send extra food with their students are, in some schools, being prevented from doing so. In one Chicago school, parents who attempted to send snacks with their children were told they could not because those foods were unhealthy.

In past weeks, students in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and St.
Mark's school near Colwich have organized brown-bag protests, packing
their own lunches instead of buying school meals.

School districts that once financed bigger lunches could continue to
offer extra food and comply with the calorie restrictions by
establishing an afternoon snack program, Johnson said.Parents of
athletes and other active children should make sure they have a healthy
snack between school and practice, Johnson said.

Letter from a 10 year old.

The changes are hard to swallow for students like Blohm. On Monday, 70%
of the 830 Mukwonago High students who normally buy lunch boycotted
cafeteria food
to protest what they see as an unfair "one size fits all
thing." Middle schoolers in the district also boycotted their school
lunches, with counts down nearly half Monday. They're not alone in their
frustration; schools across the country are reporting students who are
unhappy with the lunch offerings. .

In a clothing store bag the size of a backpack, Blohm lugged his
homemade, linebacker-size lunch including a bag of raw carrots, two ham
sandwiches on wheat bread, two granola bars, an apple and three
applesauce cups - an estimated total of 1,347 calories.

How long will the students keep boycotting the lunch program?

"I've already told my mom we might be packing my lunch for the rest of the year," Blohm said

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RE: Seems you are wrong. Again

bringing certain food items into the cafeteria.

You're right, they are being restricted from bringing certain foods (junk food) into the cafeteria. In ONE school.

I notice you used a different article than before...You couldn't find the restriction in the original article?

No restrictions on bringing junk food to school...just can't bring it into the cafeteria.

AAWWW!!!That's too bad.

They can't sit across the table from the other kids with a bucket of chips and a 1/2 gallon of cola.

in some schools = ONE Chicago school?

ONE = A school, not "some" schools

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It ISN'T just Chicago schoolSSSSS.

What's the matter with you? Just because you hear of one school you automatically assume that's the ONLY school doing this?! Facts are not what you WANT them to be, but they are what they are. Learn to accept that.

It's happening in other places too. Here's another place, another example, in Robeson County, North Carolina. This is happening in many places now all over the US. To make it even worse, they didn't allow her to eat her lunch from home, gave her cafeteria food, and were supposed to send a bill home for the meal with the child.This was a "preschooler" sent voluntarily to school at 4 to get a head start, she didn't even have to be in school yet.

"a Jan. 30 incident at West Hoke Elementary
School, which serves as a site for a prekindergarten program (previously
known as More at Four, it is now called North Carolina Pre-K). After
talking to the preschooler's mother, the principal of the school, and a
representative of the North Carolina Division of Child Development,
Burrows wrote the following lede:

"A preschooler at West Hoke Elementary School ate three chicken nuggets
for lunch Jan. 30 because a state employee told her the lunch her mother
packed was not nutritious.

"The girl's turkey and cheese sandwich, banana, potato chips, and apple
juice did not meet U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, according
to the interpretation of the agent who was inspecting all lunch boxes in
her More at Four classroom that day."

The rest of the story went on to recount the fact that the child had
been given a cafeteria lunch, of which she only ate the chicken nuggets,
and that the mother had received a note from the school informing her
that her packed lunch had been deemed nutritionally incomplete and that
she could end up paying $1.25 for the cafeteria food."

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Whoa!!!!Hold on James
Now that the rules have come into effect for the new school year,

New school year Sept 2012- june 2013?

The rules weren't in effect last January when you newest story took place?


The state regulation reads:

It was a state regulation?
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state regulations were changed to comply.

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ref story above
Nobody will even acknowledge who and who is responsible for the cafeteria Nazi. I guess she just wandered into the school one day???

"RALEIGH — Three days after a Carolina Journal
report on the plight of a 4-year-old preschooler and her lunch made
national headlines, the identity of the person who determined that the
youngster's homemade lunch was not nutritious remains unknown.

Of the several government agencies who have been named in the
controversy — the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Division of Child
Development and Early Education at the N.C. Department of Health and
Human Services, Hoke County schools, and the FPG Child Development
Institute at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill — none will
admit that it was responsible for employing or contracting with the
person who was inspecting preschoolers' lunches at West Hoke Elementary
School in late January."
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RE: who is responsible for the cafeteria Nazi.

It wouldn't have been the Anti-James would it?

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Add fingerprinting children to this entire mess

supposedly they don't keep the fingerprint information. Remember, we should always trust the govt is telling us the truth. Always trust govt....always trust govt....always trust govt....alw.........
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Fingerprinting for food in the cafeteria.
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DHHS "Fedzi" reply

Let's not call them Nazis, but what they really are, a bunchy of "Fedzis". That's my new term for overbearing and interfering govt officials; FEDZI'S.

Here's the reply about this from DHHS where they say they will continue sticking their hands into home lunches and forcing children to accept food they may not want, in spite of parents objections, even forcing milk on lactose intolerant children (as many blacks are), since the "requirements must be met".

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forgot link above.
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They need health club memberships and personal trainers

They'll go to school to learn about good diet and exercise while eating healthy meals tailored to their needs. They'll get diversity and sensitivity training so they won't become racists and bullies. They'll get help with pregnancy avoidance...or termination if they cannot understand the meaning of "avoid". There will be other sexuality training regarding alternate lifestyles...maybe a little role playing too so as to understand how the other side feels. Sorry...but there's no time for math science and history. You can get that on the web in your spare time or when your treachers are on the picket line.

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Dysfunctional parents.........

carry a HUGE amount of blame for over weight kid. At the grocery today (and most visits) I noticed how much junk food items fill the carts and it's no wonder so many kids and parents have weight issues. Of course where I shop many have two buggies, one with beer and wine which they pay cash for and the other they pay for with the wonderful EBT card.

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That's what some congress people have also pointed to.

The problem isn't eating too much at school, but lack of exercise and too much junk food at home. Exercise can be adjusted as one Iowa congressman noted by simply bringing back a recess period for all students. Have something fun but energetic for them to do for 45 minutes, or even just walking laps around the school grounds. Anyone involved in sports can be exempt from that recess period if desired, since they already are getting the exercise.

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Parents share the blame, no question

But I still fail to see why school lunches should contribute to the problem rather than try to work to solve it. A lot of kids who eat school lunches in NYC are kids from poor families who can't afford to box a lunch for them every day. The school meals are free or heavily discounted. In some cases it may be the only decent meal the kid gets all day. It should be healthy and not a plate of fried crap.

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You might be interested in this article
It's long and involved. The upshot of the study on children's choice of foods showed that forcing them to eat foods they didn't like resulted in them eating less, affecting their physical development negatively, and when able to obtain the "palatable food" they desired they'd binge out on it. Running the experiment backwards then where they were offered both foods, the "palatable" and the "healthy", with no pressure to eat mostly the healthy, they included BOTH into their diet.

Anyone who has studied child development realize they need more calories, and more fat, in their diets while growing and the brain is developing, than adults.

Do you realize that "mother's milk" would fail the current food requirements in schools? It contains 4 times as much fat as protein, and 7 times as much carbohydrate as protein, and most of that carbohydrate is a sugar (lactose). Children's needs are different from an adult's, just as baby requirements are different than older children's requirements. I believe there is something very wrong with this "healthy" food program forced by Federal authority upon our Local school systems.
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composition of mother's milk

composition of human mother's milk

53% fat
41% sugar
6% protein

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You do know you're asking for it, don't you?...

that young nursing moms could make a little extra money by showing up at the middle and high schools to offer a more natural nutrition solution. Happy

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James is not a fan of the Government teat....However

the other teat....

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And do YOU realize.....

.....that mother's milk is for babies and not school-age children, whose nutritional needs are very different?

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and obesity has been labeled a national security treat

Seems too many 18 year olds are too obese to qualify for military service. It is now considered a threat to the future of our military strength, so said a general on the morning news.

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