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Another person that needs a prompter?

Romney: Nearly half 'believe they are victims'

WASHINGTON (AP) - Already scrambling to steady a struggling campaign, Republican Mitt Romney confronted a new headache Monday after a video surfaced showing him telling wealthy donors that almost half of all Americans "believe they are victims" entitled to extensive government support. He added that as a candidate for the White House, "my job is not to worry about those people."

At a hastily called news conference late in the day, Romney conceded the comments weren't "elegantly stated" and that they were spoken "off the cuff."
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Reporting: Another person that needs a prompter?
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Too bad he backed down from it

because the OTHER half of all Americans believe it and are sick of supporting the other entitlement-believing half.

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Here's a comment from one of those lazy 47%

(From an Obama re-election Facebook page)

"That Romney quote about people in the 47 percent not taking responsibility for their lives made me so angry I almost cried. I'm in that 47 percent. My household hasn't paid income taxes in ten years - not since my husband became seriously disabled and could no longer work. How dare Romney tell me I'm not taking responsibility. I've been nothing but responsible - responsible for raising three children and caring for my husband for five years until he died, through some very tough times. I worked part-time through much of this, but SSDI and private disability insurance made it possible for my family to survive financially. My two sons received federal loans for college. One is now a public school teacher, and a darn good one - a worthwhile investment, I'd say. The other is still in college. My third child is disabled and continues to receive SSDI, and I'm still responsible for her. I work full-time, pay payroll taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, gas taxes. But I work for a not-for-profit and don't receive the kind of salary people of my abilities earn in investment banking.

"The stuff that happened to me - a spouse who died prematurely, a child with a genetically-based disability - these things can happen to anyone. Anyone."

— A member of the 47%

You, Romney and everyone else who believes nearly half the country are lazy good-for-nothings who want the government to support them can go stuff yourselves.

Romney is done.

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The other side of that coin

She claims to work for a 'not for profit' and doesn't make the kind of money people with her ABILITIES can earn in investment banking. Was that HER choice to work at the not for profit, or was it the mentality thinking of 'if I make X amount of dollars, then the government help reduces or is cut off'? When the government itself makes it easy to make the decision to NOT move forward with your life because goodies will disappear (giving so much per month that paying for gas and a babysitter/caregiver makes it not worth the effort to pay for those things yourself), THAT is the entitlement mentality that has been garnered by liberals for decades, Josh. The government gives you X amount of dollars and freebies to stay locked into your home or a crappy paying job because just a few dollars more that are actually earned in a paycheck is enough to lose the's the treadmill of life for these people that leads them nowhere, thanks to government.

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thanks to government.

BOTH sides?

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If her story is even remotely truthful.........

and I am not saying that it is not. But, for the sake of arguement there are some pretty tough situations and most all of us know of one, or two personally. We also know that Romney and just about any other human would be supportive of a family facing dire straits. However, for every truely needy situation there must be ten other cases of shear abuse, plain out moochers and abusers of the system. On any given day, I could point out what appears to be a few hundred of them if I were to take the time to do it.

Romney only said what conservatives, liberals and independents are already thinking. The conservatives and independents will admit to it, but the liberals will not. And Obama supporters not facing the reality of his failed policies is exactly why the USA boat is caught up in it's own dire straits and the boat is sinking slowly.

Say it again, Romney!

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I hope he says it again too

That lazy 47%, by the way, also includes veterans returning from war as well as most seniors.

What's going to hurt him the most was the part of the comment where he says he's not concerned about that (nearly) half of the country. Way to go, candidate.

Get the fork ready.

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Just like BO said

The private sector is doing just fine.......I don't have to worry about them (either). He's made other comments that are similar, but liberals just can't admit to the fact that even BO, the second coming, doesn't give a crap about them....He just wants them dependent upon him so he can get their votes. That's pretty pathetic.......but unfortunately, it works.

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Again, where did he use the word "lazy"?

quit lying.

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Please find where he used the word "lazy".

I get so tired of Liberal Lies.

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RE: I get so tired of Liberal Lies.

But you'll never stop reading them or commenting on them.

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He didn't back down from it

Only said he'd prefered a more nuanced presentation of it. Hey, the Truth hurts sometimes and when it does there's no better way really to tell it, so better to do so strongly instead of weakly. It's like does one pull the bandaid off quickly, or very slowly. Either way it hurts. He needs to stand strong, because all the opposition can do is attack the Truth, and the more they attack it, the more the Truth will be apparent and win.

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