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Another Obama accomplishment

"President Obama listed his accomplishments in office on Urban Radio Tuesday. No one gives him enough credit. Barack Obama took something that was in terrible shape and brought it back from the brink of disaster, and that something was the Republican Party." --comedian Argus Hamilton

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One thing I've noticed

the standup comedians don't make very many jokes about Obama.

Not as much fodder for jokes as Bush and Clinton.

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If you haven't noticed ...

you haven't been paying attention (although admittedly most of the "jokes" are actually that truth that is stranger than fiction).

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actually, the news touched on that last night

I forget which news agency did the analysis last night, but they broke down an analysis of the current Big 4 TV comedians... Leno, Fallon, Letterman, and Stewart. Over 800 jokes (I forget in what time period this was measured - I think it was in the last 4 months) were told about Obama. Only a little over 100 were told about Palin.

They also reported that Stewart and Letterman tell more jokes favoring Obama... and Leno / Fallon told more jokes at Obama's expense.

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(NT) I'm LOLing out loud.
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Ok...then just like Obama

we should give the Republicans no more than 2 years to produce a near miracle. They get two years or they hit the trail. Fair is fair. Happy

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Let's see now ...

they (Democrits) had all three branches and now the Republicans have one and you think the same amount of time is fair - are you by chance a Democrat?

Also, and this is rather important but not often mentioned, it was more than two years the Democrats had as they had both the House and the Senate while Bush was in Office his second term. The main problem there was that Bush wanted to be liked by liberals so he didn't familiarize himself with the VETO which would have reduced if not entirely eliminated the housing problem caused by Democrats easing the loan process so EVERYONE could buy a home whether they could afford one or not.

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Oh come on Edward

Bush had carte blanche from both parties to do what ever he wanted for 4 years after 9/11. It wasn't until after Katrina that the Democrats victories in 2006 were even conceivable. During his 2004 election victory speech, Bush BRAGGED about how much political capital he had... and how he was going to spend it.

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Not what I mean at all

My cursory remark is meant to suggest that the American people expect too much to happen in too short of a time and are too quick to blame others for what they've done to themselves. Both parties have overstate their abilities with each upcoming election. Bush got the same treatment from his political opposition as has returned to Obama since he was elected. Both parties are, IMO, on a wrong track as far as being able to deliver the cargo they claim to carry.

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Additionally. I don't see this as any sort of

preference for Republican party control of congress. Rather, I see it more as a referendum regarding the performance of the president and congress as a whole. The same was true in the 2010 elections, IMO. The American people heard from the Democrats, "Give us a chance at the wheel", they were given it for 2 years. No miracle happened. No come the Republicans clamoring for their turn. Now they have it. Such was the reason for my comment. The Democrats already have that 2 year precedent as a fairly strong weapon to use in 2012. They aren't going to help the Republicans maintain any new agenda just as the Republicans place hurdles when the Democrats are in office. Get ready for two more years of fighting.

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Fighting is good...

I'd agree with you, but it may not be that the Dems didn't accomplish miracles in two years so much as the damage they did and the clear path that they were following. So, maybe the vote wasn't pro-Republican as much as it was anti driving the bus over a cliff.

Also, they've had four years since taking over Congress. Only two years of Obama steering the bus.

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Excuses already?

Nothing like preparing in advance.


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I'd give Tea Party more credit for that

It gave GOP something Obama stole from the Democrats and pawned. Hope.

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(NT) well said, James

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