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another Biden-ism! LOL

"This is deadly earnest, man. This is deadly earnest," said Biden.

"How they can justify, how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that has been buried the last four years? How in lord's name can they justify raising their taxes with these tax cuts," he added

From a Friend in Face Book! LOL

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You're gonna' need a link
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Thank you Steven,

I was waiting for my friend to post the link! This was so funny I couldn't wait to post itHappy

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(NT) "Joe Biden, the intellect of the Democrat Party." Clint E.
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I wonder how long he rehearsed to make it sound spontaneous.

Like a spontaneous zinger.

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Did you see the crowd behind him?

They weren't even listening. He could have been reading from Dr Seuss and they'd have agreed with him.

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They probably realize

You need both sides to agree to raise or lower taxes.

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Unless you're BO, then

you can do it through regulations and Obamacare........

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RE: regulations

If Obama can do something using regulations...What's wrong with the Republicans?...Slow learners? They should get with the program.

I've heard stories of Republicans stopping something from being done by using regulations...they haven't figured out how to get something done by using regulations?

OH well, they probably won't need that skill for a few years anyways.

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It was a campaign rally

It stands to reason he was "preaching to the choir."

Look at the bright side; at least he didn't say "this is f*****g earnest." He's getting better.


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Another bright side

There was talk going around on the networks a month or so back that BO should dump Biden and put Hilliary in as VP........with such a bang up job Hilliary has done as Secretary of State (left eye is twitching here over that one), can you just imagine how Biden would have done had they switched jobs? There are some here who actually believe he was chosen as VP because of his 'experience in foreign affairs'.......I've never seen any of that in all the years he's been hanging around DC. He's a sell-out when it comes to whatever BO wants, including his own religion.

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Those rumors went around in 1992 also....

.....that Bush I was going to dump Dan Quayle (which would have been a good idea). In '04 supposedly W was going to dump Cheney in favor of a human being. Rumors like that happen all the time. Barring a medical situation or something similar in gravity, no incumbent would do it.

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So you agree

that Biden would be even worse on foreign affairs than even Hilliary has been?

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Nice try

No, I just said that those rumors go around almost every time an incumbent runs for a second term, and they're usually started by either the opposition trying to cause trouble, or by people who wish the stories were true. There's never anything to them. The only running mate switch I can think of in our lifetimes was when McGovern had to drop Eagleton after it came out that he had undergone treatment for depression.

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(NT) Eagleton was not a sitting VP
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No, he wasn't

I don't know of any sitting VP who got replaced for the second run. I haven't looked it up though.

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they are your average Democratic voter.

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And this differs from any crowd at these events how?

Sorry, but those setting in camera view are carefully chosen for the rah rah section by any candidates staff.

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(NT) I didn't see any "rah rah". Photoshopping?

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