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Annoying message (missing dll file) appearing at start-up

Hi all, I have this annoying message that keeps popping up every time I switch on my spare PC. The message is as follows:
"C\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\YHVJIMOT.DLL is missing" and I cannot get rid of it from the start-up menu. You can click on it, and it goes away, but the next time you switch the computer on, it is there again. I have also noticed that I can no longer run de-frag. I click on the icon, but it just says, "cannot run defrag" ????
The computer is an Advent 3111 running XP Home Edition. The computer has 1gb ram memory, 40gb hard drive, 2.53gz processor. Any help or advice would be very greatful. Bill.

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Reporting: Annoying message (missing dll file) appearing at start-up
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(NT) Tried Google? JIMOT.DLL
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Have tried that, but the file is nowhere to be found. Someone did say that It must be an old software/hardware file that I removed and I may have removed more files than required.????

The problem is that not having a copy of Windows XP, only a recovery disc, does not help in any way.


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This is often a result of having ...

either removed a program or having some malware eliminated at some point.

On the assumption that it is malware that is incompletely removed you would be well advised to download and install and run both MalwareBytes and Super Anti-Spyware.

If they don't find anything and the message box persists you can likely eliminate the message box either through a quick Registry Edit and removal of inappropriate values in the HKCU\Run or HKLM\Run keys. You can also accomplish this by downloading Mike Lin'd Startup Control Panel - - and I would suggest the 34 Kb Standalone EXE Version which you can unzip onto your desktop for use.

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Another possibility

Assuming Edward is right that this is either software incompletely removed or malware deleted, then another possibility to check is the Startup tab of the System Configuration Editor, (MSCONFIG).

Goto Start > Run, type in msconfig , and click OK. In he new window click the Startup tab, and scroll down the list looking for any unusual entries. Drag the column headers apart if necessary to see the full path/details.

If you find anything for YHVJIMOT.DLL, remove the tick.

By amending the System Configuration Editor you are changing what is loaded at Startup. You will see an information/warning window when you click Apply, and then the next time you reboot the system, an information window will display telling you you have chosen Selective Startup. That window can be suppressed from within the window itself.


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DLL file

That has done the trick, many thanks for your help and advice. Bill

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Mark, Mike Lin's Startup Control Panel also shows ...

tabs for User Startup, Common Startup, and Run once entries which covers anything in the MSCONFIG which makes it handy and easy to use.

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Ahh, didn't know that.

I know of Mike Lin. I use his Startup Monitor. It's only about 60Kb, and it just sits in memory scanning the Run etc keys of the registry, and if anything ever attempts to add a run command this monitor pops up and asks if I want to allow it.

It's saved me problems many times. Happy

I have other startup monitors as well, ZoneAlarm and Windows Defender, but this one always manages to pop up first.

I wonder if 3 monitors is a little over the top? <g>

I see that the problem is solved now with all our help, so that's great.


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Dll file

Not to clever when it comes to regedit and then trying to locate the file, UNLESS someone can guide me through it. I have downloded the file you mentioned and will then have to open it in my spare PC and see what happens. Give me about an hour or so and if I still get a problem, I will let you know. Thanks.

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New problem, cannot run defrag?

Thank you guys for all your help with the annoying message about the missing dll file. All sorted out on that front. Now, my next problem is that I cannot run defrag. When I click on the defrag file, it says "Defrag not available"??

What I would like to know is there any way that I can copy the defrag program off my laptop, and then place it on my pc? Would that do the job, or do I have to obtain a copy of Windows XP as I only have a rescue disc for my Dell laptop, an not my old Advent 3111.
Thanks again. Bill.

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Is that the full error message?

When I Googled "XP Defrag not available", I didn't see any relevant hits.

It may be that there has been virus damage to the system. It isn't clear what caused that .dll startup error message in the first place, either software uninstalled or the remnants of malware,

Let us know if that is the full error message, or if not, what the full one is.


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defrag not working?

Hi there Mark and Kees, yes, the computer had the antivirus 2009 nasty in it, and it took me a few days to sort it out.
I have taken all, but the operating system off it and now starting to find a few little problems along the way. I click on start, programs, accessories, system tools and then defrag and then the program comes on asking me which drive I want to defrag. I click on C and then the enter key, only to get the message "cannot run defrag". I did get another essage last night saying "defrag not available" but whatever message I get, it will not run. Had I got a XP system disc. I would have run that in the computer to see if I could repair it, failing that, remove XP and then re-install it. However, I only have a rescue disc from my Dell laptop and that does nothing when I put it into the pc. It is a shame because this morning I have tried to copy a disc from my dvd drive onto my cd drive and I now get a message saying "cannot write to cd" so I seem to be getting more error messages each time I try something different. ANYWAY, its the defrag that I need to sort out at present, so I will try your suggestions and get back to you later. Bill.

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That Antivirus2009 is bad news
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That Antivirus2009 is bad news

The computer belonged to a friend who paid for the upgrade on the antivirus 2009, and then wondered why he was getting nowhere fast. He tried in vain to contact the website via e-mails and then got a telephone number from his credit card company, four days later. Too late for a refund, so he decided to chuck it away. I then brought it home and looked up information about the 2009 virus and through one of the guys, managed to remove it (I hope) and then started to delete the friends information from his hard drive. I have tried he defrag again using the start, run, dfrg.msg which then opens up the defrag screen asking ou to select which drive. I select C and then enter, but then I get the following message: "disc defrager could not start"
So it would seem that I have no way of running defrag. I have also checked out my cd and dvd drives and can play music on both, and rip a cd onto Windows Media player, but cannot burn a cd?
I think I need to beg,borrow,or steal a copy of XP. Bill.

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The malware may have run deep

and although you feel you have removed all of the Antivirus2009 infection, you may not have done.

I would follow the guidance given in the link I gave you previously, and in particular, download, install, and update Malwarebytes, (MBAM), from

Then, boot the computer into Safe Mode, and run MalwareBytes from there to perform a full scan.

If the infection prevents you from installing MBAM on this computer, have a look at Grif Thomas' post in that thread in the link I gave, as he provides a workaround to fool any preventative action.


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Malware software & Antivirus 2009

Pulled down the malware software, installed it in my laptop and was amazed at what it found. I then copied it on to my pc and tried to open it, but no go? I then shut down the pc, opened in safe mode and tried to open it again, but no joy. For some unknown reason, it will not open up on my pc, okay with my other laptops though. So I think that I now need to beg, steal or borrow a copy of XP, or even find a hard drive that has it on and swop it over. We have a thing called Freecycle here in Worcester, so I might put a posting on there. Regards. Bill.

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Re: Try this
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Renaming file.

Renamed the file to bills.exe and tried to run it, but no joy. It comes up with the message "cannot run program, MSVBVM60.DLL is missing. Try re-installing. So I tried re-installing three time, and then re-naming the MBAM file, but still no joy. I have also heard today that unless I have the correct XP software and licence number, Windows will not let me register it on-line.?? Bill.

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Re: dll missing
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The "Try re-installing ..." part does not mean ...

reinstalling MalwareBytes but the Visual Basic runtime library because it was written in VB. XP comes with the library but apparently during your exorcism of AV 2009 you either eliminated the runtimes or corrupted them.

Kees gave you the link to the VB runtimes -

Now, on to the DEFRAG problem.

First, DEFRAG needs plenty of free space on the drive so if your drive is almost full uninstall or delete what you don't need or move it to other media.

Second, Defrag will often fail to run if there is a disk problem so first run CHKDSK /r /f from the command prompt (even better if you can boot to the Recovery Console and run it from there) then try defrag again.

If it still fails to run try the following:

Go to the Run box on the Start Menu and type in: sfc /scannow (sfc if not reconized, and please note that there is a space between sfc and /scannow)

This command will immediately initiate the Windows File Protection service to scan all protected files and verify their integrity, replacing any files with which it finds a problem. In all likelihood you will be prompted to insert the Windows XP CD.

Now again try defrag after SFC has completed.

You might also make use of CONTIG which is designed as a file defragmenter but will work on a whole drive with "wildcards".

The command for defragging the whole drive would be contig -s c:\*.* and it is relatively fast depending on size of drive.

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"If I click on the defrag file".

- What exactly do you click on?
- What happens if you go to the command prompt and type defrag c: (+ enter). Mine starts running.
- What happens if you type dfrg.msc in the Start>Run window (+ OK)? Mine starts running.


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RE: DLL missing.

Kees, Yes, it is a legal copy of XP on the computer, it has the licence plate label on the back of the tower. Problem as I have said before, is that you do not get the full disc anymore, only a recovery disc, and that is a waste of time. I have tried re-installing the malware several times and changed the name. My windows update tells me that everything is updated and running fine! But it is not, so, back to the drawing board I think. Bill.

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